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Frequently Asked Questions: Animal Care (IACUC)

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What does the Rascal Animal Care module do? It provides web based submission, review, and approval for animal care protocols. It allows for online collaborative pre-approval review by safety officers and administrators and, when formally submitted, electronically routes protocols for approval to the appropriate safety officers, veterinarians and review committee. Click to contact IACUC.
Who can use Animal Care? Anyone with a Columbia University ID (UNI)
I don't think I have a Columbia ID (UNI) If you are employed by Columbia, you can look up your UNI -> Blue Arrow Button
My password doesn't work

UNIs and passwords are managed by Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT).


If you don't think you have ever used your UNI you can create your account and password here -> Blue Arrow Button
If you have forgotten your password, you can call the CUIT help line at 854-1919 or visit
I don't have a Columbia ID (UNI) but I need access to RASCAL If you are an affiliate of Columbia who needs access you can request a UNI from the Department Administrator of the department you are working with.
What happens when I "release" my protocol for viewing? Your protocol automatically appears in the work queues of the IACUC administrative office and the respective safety officers. In this special form of "pre-approval" it allows you to collaborate online with those advisors if you have questions or need assistance in completing your protocol. You can revoke this status at any time.
How will I know when my protocol is being reviewed at a committee meeting? You will receive an email message from Rascal notifying you of the date. Rascal has an extensive email notification system which will apprise you of the status of your protocol. You can also access your protocol at any time via Rascal and note (in the upper left corner) the current status.
How do I create a modification to my existing protocol? Once your original protocol has been approved you will see a link (in the left frame) which will allow you to create a modification. Information from your initial protocol will be "boiler plated" into your modification (plus additional questions) which will assist you in completing and submitting your modification for review.

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