VP&S Faculty and Researchers' Industry Relationships Related to Education and Clinical Care

The faculty and researchers of the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S) have responsibilities for research, education, clinical care, administration and other professional duties. For students and trainees, VP&S faculty and researchers not only provide training but also serve as models of professional conduct. In carrying out their responsibilities, our faculty and researchers are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional integrity. VP&S faculty and researchers are required to comply with Columbia University policies on conflict of interest, and in addition, to comply with the VP&S policy on conflict of interest specific to education, clinical care, and administration.

Pharmaceutical, device, biotechnology and medical education companies frequently collaborate with our faculty and researchers in work that promotes improved patient care and scientific advances. While these relationships are synergistic in the development and application of medical and scientific discoveries, these activities must not infringe upon our mission or the integrity of our faculty and researchers.

To assure transparency in industry relationships, as well as to manage potential conflicts of interest in education and patient care which might arise from industry relationships, all VP&S faculty and researchers, whether full time, part time, salaried or voluntary, are required annually to report outside activities and financial interests in the preceding 12 months that relate to education and clinical care. Annual disclosures are reviewed and overseen by the College of VP&S, by the VP&S Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, and by the VP&S Faculty COI Review Committee.

In the interest of transparency with regard to relationships with industry that are relevant to education and clinical care, beginning in April 2012 VP&S has made the information available on this website, which is managed solely by Columbia University. If patients have questions regarding their physician, they may search this website by the physician's name. Please note that information posted on this website reflects that contained in the most recent complete annual disclosures filed by faculty and researchers.

Please note: information posted here may differ from that posted on other public websites, including the CMS "Open Payments" website. Differences between websites may result from different reporting periods and inclusion criteria.

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