Release History

Version Date Description
5.0.0 2012-03-31  
5.1.0 2012-05-11  
5.2.0 2012-06-10  
5.3.0 2012-07-23  
5.4.0 2012-08-26  
5.5.0 2012-10-14  
5.6.0 2012-12-03  
5.7.0 2013-01-28  
5.8.0 2013-04-24  
5.9.0 2013-05-15  
5.10.0 2013-06-12  
5.10.1 2013-07-01  
5.10.2 2013-07-08  
5.10.3 2013-07-10  
5.10.4 2013-07-16  
5.11.0 2013-07-31  
5.11.1 2013-08-05  
5.12.0 2013-09-09  
5.12.1 2013-09-19  
5.12.2 2013-09-26  
5.13.0 2013-10-27  
5.13.1 2013-10-28  
5.13.2 2013-10-29  
5.13.3 2013-11-01  
5.13.4 2013-11-20  
5.14.0 2013-12-11  
5.14.1 2013-12-20  
5.15.0 2014-02-02  
5.15.1 2014-02-03  
5.15.2 2014-02-19  
5.15.3 2014-02-28  
5.16.0 2014-03-16  
5.16.1 2014-03-17  
5.16.2 2014-03-19  
5.16.3 2014-03-20  
5.17.0 2014-05-04  
6.0.0 2014-05-18  
6.0.1 2014-05-19  
6.0.2 2014-05-21  
6.0.3 2014-05-22  
6.0.4 2014-05-27  
6.0.5 2014-05-31  
6.0.6 2014-06-08  
6.0.7 2014-06-12  
6.1.0 2014-07-06  
6.1.1 2014-07-10  
6.1.2 2014-07-16  
6.1.3 2014-07-22  
6.2.0 2014-07-25  
6.2.1 2014-08-06  
6.2.2 2014-08-07  
6.2.3 2014-08-14  
6.3.0 2014-08-31  
6.3.1 2014-08-31  
6.3.2 2014-09-02  
6.3.3 2014-09-05  
6.3.4 2014-09-08  
6.3.5 2014-09-25  
6.4.0 2014-09-28  
6.4.1 2014-09-29  
6.4.2 2014-09-30  
6.4.3 2014-10-01  
6.4.4 2014-10-05  
6.4.5 2014-10-06  
6.4.6 2014-10-14  
6.5.0 2014-10-26  
6.5.1 2014-10-27  
6.5.2 2014-10-29  
6.6.0 2014-11-23  
6.6.1 2014-12-02  
6.6.2 2014-12-16  
6.6.3 2014-12-17  
6.6.4 2014-12-24  
6.7.0 2015-01-04  
6.7.1 2015-01-14  
6.8.0 2015-01-16  
6.8.1 2015-02-09  
6.8.2 2015-02-10  
6.8.3 2015-02-11  
6.9.0 2015-03-01  
6.10.0 2015-03-13  
6.10.1 2015-04-01  
6.10.2 2015-04-06  
6.10.3 2015-05-17  
7.0.0 2015-05-31  
7.0.1 2015-06-01  
7.0.2 2015-06-02  
7.0.3 2015-06-03  
7.0.4 2015-06-04  
7.0.5 2015-06-07  
7.0.6 2015-06-10  
7.0.7 2015-06-11  
7.0.8 2015-06-14  
7.0.9 2015-06-16  
7.0.10 2015-06-23  
8.0.0 2015-07-04  
8.0.1 2015-07-06  
8.0.2 2015-07-07  
8.0.3 2015-07-08  
8.0.4 2015-07-09  
8.0.5 2015-07-15  
8.0.6 2015-07-16  
8.0.7 2015-07-20  
8.0.8 2015-07-21  
8.0.9 2015-07-27  
8.0.10 2015-07-28  
8.0.11 2015-08-02  
8.1.0 2015-08-09  
8.1.1 2015-08-10  
8.1.2 2015-08-10  
8.1.3 2015-08-11  
8.2.0 2015-08-21  
8.2.1 2015-09-08  
8.2.2 2015-09-16  
8.3.0 2015-10-05  
8.3.1 2015-10-09  
8.4.0 2015-11-09  
8.4.1 2015-11-24  
8.4.2 2015-12-02  
8.4.3 2015-12-08  
8.4.4 2015-12-15  
8.4.5 2015-12-17  
8.4.6 2016-01-05  
8.5.0 2016-01-22  

Release 5.0.0 – 2012-03-31

Type Changes By
Fix COI_RASCAL should grant COI_CAN_* authorities Fixes 25703. yy229
Fix Reasons for clearance on old forms Fixes 28055. at2582
Fix suspicious stack trace. Fixes 28217. es3139
Fix Claim Research Disclosure Link appears/disappears Fixes 27018. rj2343
Fix Business Interest popup not working in IE Fixes 24262. cpm2127
Fix upgrade activiti to 5.9 Fixes 27623. at2582
Fix Assigned students? Fixes 23279. rj2343
Fix Ensure COI data migration takes into account the new cleared reason tables/data Fixes 26599. cpm2127
Fix Error message on Interested Business page Fixes 24943. rj2343
Fix Replace bare strings with values from CoiConstants where possible Fixes 26047. cpm2127
Fix Administrative section can't be completed if you say yes to quesiton 1 Fixes 27312. cpm2127
Fix Revision to report in new module: "Cleared Disclosure Search" Fixes 26230. cpm2127
Fix italics? Fixes 27187. cpm2127
Fix Migrate existing clearances into activitii Fixes 24802. rj2343
Fix Help text junk is showing up in the business interest section. Fixes 24276. rj2343
Fix disclosure detail by uni report updates Fixes 27690. es3139
Fix migration testing: discrepant addresses Fixes 26977. cpm2127
Fix add 3 policy links to left hand navigation when the user is filing a disclosure Fixes 24273. cpm2127
Fix COI Disclosure # Fixes 28113. es3139
Fix COI - Department Report link doesn't show up for some COI admins Fixes 12087. at2582
Fix Cannot add multiple businesses when answering R1 yes Fixes 27657. cpm2127
Fix COI - Rename Activiti tasks Fixes 27060. at2582
Fix parallel clearance Fixes 27248. rj2343
Fix Research Review task should be created when the research status is set to "Check" Fixes 27963. at2582
Fix Add reason for clearence when clearing a disclosure Fixes 24420. rj2343
Fix COI - IRB Protocol specific disclosures should pull body, certification, etc text from coiquestions table Fixes 26984. cpm2127
Fix COI - Incorrect status on clearance Fixes 27540. rj2343
Fix A1 Fixes 24565. rj2343
Fix Add introductory text to the Clinical Care and Education Section for the P&S Forms Fixes 26872. es3139
Fix history page should be hidden from anybody except developers Fixes 27229. cpm2127
Fix In the filing status report, kd81 shows her last filing date as February 2011 when she filed in Jan 2012. Fixes 28334. cpm2127
Fix On legacy forms, the number associated with a given question should be maintained. Fixes 26804. cpm2127
Fix Correspondence formatting Fixes 28329. rj2343
Fix "Anomalies by IRB Protocol" report Fixes 28247. cpm2127
Fix presence of an anamoly should be based on actual answer vs expected. Not yes or no. Fixes 23551. rj2343
Fix When filing a disclosure, links to definitions in left hand navigation should be popups Fixes 26486. es3139
Fix Give school reviewers access to "Cleared Disclosure Search" report Fixes 27591. yy229
Fix Migrate existing users to new permissions in COI Fixes 26554. yy229
Fix Fix IrbQueueChairView and remove CoiAnnualQuery Fixes 27141. yy229
Fix Transactions aren't being applied on rascaluserdetails service despite there being an @Transactional Fixes 23403. at2582
Fix rscl1040 cannot see their own disclosure form. Fixes 27134. yy229
Fix disable autodeploy and figure out another way of deploying a bar file Fixes 28045. rj2343
Fix Start New Disclosure not excluding PT COI's in validation check Fixes 25833. at2582
Fix List of users who should have access to new COI roles Fixes 24807. yy229
Fix The "cleared" user tasks should support an "undo" option for 48 hours after the button is pushed Fixes 27085. cpm2127
Add Usability enhancement request to modify forms to not wipe out entered data when validation fails. Fixes 7814. at2582
Fix text not in pdf Fixes 24801. rj2343
Fix Remove the ability for everybody to rollback their clearances except COI_RASCAL and create new role for people who can clear + rollback. Fixes 28048. yy229
Fix aspectjweaver from 1.6.10 -> 1.6.11 Fixes 20954. at2582
Fix Migration of Data from Old COI to New Fixes 24799. at2582
Fix When continuing a disclosure that already has a business identified - changing your answer to "Do you conduct Research" should blow up all identified businesses. Fixes 24398. rj2343
Fix COI Migration - Activiti: It seems as if the wrong tasks are being set with the reviewed on time Fixes 27006. rj2343
Fix Consider adding a print friendly feature Fixes 26769. cpm2127
Fix COI - IRB Protocol specific disclosures should include modification number and protocol year Fixes 25909. yy229
Fix P&S Disclosure Preview should appear on the Disclosures Certification page for P&S departments only. Fixes 25461. es3139
Fix Review queues are now empty Fixes 27590. rj2343
Fix Move PDF generation code out of CoiDisclosureDetailService Fixes 26966. cpm2127
Fix preview disclosure link should appear above help links when filing a disclosure Fixes 27693. es3139
Fix Verify that data is being saved as expected for the P&S website Fixes 24902. rj2343
Fix trouble accessing newly filed form Fixes 27186. yy229
Fix Make the review queues left aligned and add the disclosure type Fixes 27691. es3139
Fix COI--Add Principal record in ACL_SID table need a little work Fixes 23326. at2582
Fix Businesses that were added after completion of the Research section should be options in the drop-down menu in the Administrative section. Fixes 24141. at2582
Fix On a migrated form, Clearance Reason(s) on History page appears to be garbled? Fixes 27201. cpm2127
Fix Compare headers of forms on prodcution vs migrated forms Fixes 26805. cpm2127
Fix Change form types for post migration created forms to R and RC Fixes 27226. rj2343
Fix update intro text to the attached Fixes 24752. cpm2127
Fix Conflict of Interest Exception Report is broken Fixes 27403. es3139
Fix Cannot access UNI Lookup in new user info edit page Fixes 24754. cpm2127
Fix Certification language for non-CUMC form Fixes 24266. cpm2127
Fix on coi attachments page, add last modified by, created by, last modified date, created date. Fixes 23121. yy229
Fix Grammar / tense Fixes 27890. cpm2127
Fix When previewing an unsubmitted disclosure - questions without answers should be excluded from the resulting pdf. Fixes 24041. rj2343
Fix COI - IRB Protocol specific disclosures are not showing explanation text properly in snapshots Fixes 26987. cpm2127
Fix P&S Certification Changes Fixes 28166. es3139
Fix Revision to "threshold" research question on both uptown and downtown form in new module Fixes 26232. es3139
Fix Create Snapshots for all existing disclosure forms. Fixes 24803. cpm2127
Fix sending correspondence to a researcher should probably allow them to view the correspondence Fixes 24213. yy229
Fix Morningside Business Interest child questions are incorrect Fixes 21522. cn2248
Fix IRB request roll back AAAF1547 termination to returned status which was assigned to meeting AG-AAAB4950 now Fixes 28847. yy229
Fix COI - IRB Protocol specific disclosures should use same code to create snapshots Fixes 27061. cpm2127
Fix Training Center Report By Department returns erroneous results for some departments (lamont) Fixes 26621. yy229
Fix For purposes of the migration - The department names of filed disclosures should not change. Fixes 26943. cpm2127
Fix Some wording we owe you Fixes 24437. rj2343
Fix Business names don't show up when filing a disclosure Fixes 27311. cpm2127
Fix make left nav list of businesses alphabetical. Fixes 23940. cpm2127
Fix Filing status reports Fixes 28034. es3139
Fix date format on disclosure detail by uni report looks like crap Fixes 26980. cpm2127
Fix Event Status Report Broken by update to new COI tables Fixes 28235. es3139
Fix Modify validation on the certification page such that the validation messages link back to the correct page. Fixes 24770. cpm2127
Fix Definitions & Underlined terms for new COI form Fixes 26197. es3139
Fix Create a batch job to set a flag for users who are required to file Fixes 25801. yy229
Fix COI - Certification text (and possibly more) should be stored as a question and not hard-coded Fixes 25863. cpm2127
Fix COI Disclosure Form Validation should have red text at the top of everypage if there are any validation errors Fixes 26489. rj2343
Fix Address listed at top of COI form Fixes 28350. es3139
Fix "Check" vs "open research anomalies" Fixes 27965. rj2343
Fix Alpha order for final certification? Fixes 24418. cpm2127
Fix pop up box allows save without entering a description Fixes 23483. cpm2127
Fix Remove getTransactionManager from ServiceLocator class Fixes 23421. at2582
Fix Moving on without answering all questions Fixes 27435. rj2343
Fix "Cleared Disclosure Search" - can only search by uni Fixes 28031. cpm2127
Fix Please provide Heather Koenig (hk2321) in our office with the same Rascal COI privileges that Carlos Lozano (cl3025) now has Fixes 28996. yy229
Fix Identified Business Links Navigation is broken Fixes 24335. rj2343
Fix Departments MS1/HS1/TC do not exist in RascalDepartment and ACLs Fixes 26706. yy229
Fix url to file COI form Fixes 27974. at2582
Fix make correspondence sexy Fixes 23115. wm2177
Fix formatting off on business interest page in ff10 Fixes 27135. cpm2127
Fix It is possible to "restart" a disclosure after filing Fixes 27764. rj2343
Fix reduce size of text box on business interest text box popup Fixes 23998. cpm2127
Fix migration of notes strips out all end carriages Fixes 26546. rj2343
Fix Enforce that Phone Number be of the form XXX-XXX-XXXX Fixes 7796. es3139
Fix Irb protocol Anomaly COI did not save in COIDisclosure table hasAnomaly field. Fixes 28134. rj2343
Fix Filing at attestation doesn't work Fixes 26267. yy229
Fix P@C processing is taking to long. Fixes 28387. yy229
Fix When researcher sign off IRb protocol COI, the BUSINESSOBJECTID should be IRBProtocolHeaderID Fixes 26700. yy229
Fix "Disclosure Date by UNI" report Fixes 24346. cpm2127
Fix changes to P&S static text in the clinical care and education section as well as the certification page Fixes 27860. cpm2127
Fix COI Disclosure Status is not set to "Cleared" once we hit the "Finished" state Fixes 28333. cpm2127
Fix "students, trainees, and subordinates" Fixes 23430. rj2343
Fix 'Disclosure Date Search' page did not show for all users. Fixes 27496. yy229
Fix Break out reports in CoiReportsController into separate controllers Fixes 25974. cpm2127
Fix Don't allow users to continue to the next page until they've answered all questions on the existing page. Fixes 25369. rj2343
Fix question a6 has formatting issues Fixes 27694. cpm2127
Fix Cannot save multiple countries or departments on pt general information page Fixes 26806. cpm2127
Fix error when selecting 'Approvals' Fixes 28437. yy229
Fix The previous button available when filing a disclosure should bypass validation on the current page. Fixes 26224. es3139
Fix Bug on COI test site - filling out a form Fixes 28128. es3139
Fix "Name of Business" not showing up after entry Fixes 24644. cpm2127
Fix Left-hand side help text AND welcome text Fixes 26627. es3139
Fix Header information on disclosure "general" page incorrect Fixes 25612. es3139
Fix Verify that previous 12 and next 12 months is behaving correctly as it relates the P&S and the anamoly table at the top Fixes 26497. es3139
Fix Links to pdf rendition of disclosure details should have a suffix of .pdf Fixes 23510. rj2343
Fix ACL's not being set for protocol specific disclosures Fixes 27523. cpm2127
Fix Report: Federally Funded Disclosure Search Fixes 25597. cpm2127
Fix upon submitting a disclosure, stick some signature text at the bottom Fixes 24000. yy229
Fix COI Migration data has disclosures without RID - There are 40 records exists in old coiannualheader table Fixes 25645. yy229
Fix Printing Notes Fixes 26705. rj2343
Add new reports will be needed after forms are reworked. Fixes 6399. at2582
Fix Review Queue for COI should be in a sortable dojo widgit Fixes 23692. cpm2127
Fix For each page that has the details of a business interest - put the title of the business at the top of that page. Fixes 24040. cpm2127
Fix reduce size of text box widgit for business interest by about half Fixes 23941. cpm2127
Fix add department 401 to coi branch Fixes 25495. yy229
Fix migration testing: missing parentheticals Fixes 26982. cpm2127
Fix Script to migrate existing user answers to new data structure Fixes 24800. rj2343
Fix "Do you conduct research" not an anomaly by itself Fixes 23509. rj2343
Fix Review Disclosures datagrid sort by date is doing an alphanumeric sort rather then sorting by date Fixes 25184. cpm2127
Fix Other issues on COI test site Fixes 28095. at2582
Fix Caching issue on COI Disclosure Filing History in IE9 Fixes 27453. rj2343
Fix Prune the dept list to use the active flag and update the validator to force people with inactive dept's to update their information Fixes 27084. es3139
Fix Explanation in business explanation section escapes white space characters Fixes 27742. cpm2127
Fix protocol specific that have a text answer but all no answers should count as an anamoly Fixes 26262. yy229
Fix R7 not displayed in box Fixes 24264. cpm2127
Fix Introductory Page doesn't display on the pdf version of the disclosure Fixes 24470. cpm2127
Fix add text to appear before users start answering the details of their financial interests. Fixes 24771. rj2343
Fix Dropdown for business specific special relationship(s) previous 12 months isn't in right order Fixes 27617. es3139
Fix "Other financial interest" and final certification box Fixes 24289. cpm2127
Fix Department admins should not be able to see the disclosure detail Fixes 27858. cpm2127
Fix IRB Protocol Specific Dislosures do not calculate the presence of an anomaly correctly Fixes 26547. rj2343
Fix review disclosure page is dirt slow Fixes 23552. rj2343
Fix Correspondence not working? Fixes 27246. cpm2127
Fix I have a claimed disclosure that i can't do anything with. Fixes 27315. cpm2127
Fix Unable to enter an explanation with a protocol specific disclosure Fixes 27344. rj2343
Fix Peoplesoft stored proc should automatically force lg2379 to department 500 Fixes 27469. yy229
Fix Correspondence when you REPLY to a message it blanks out the text on the parent message Fixes 27565. at2582
Fix Any anamoly in the admin section sets the "involves research" status to true. Which is incorrect Fixes 27760. cpm2127
Fix Remove coi/viewDisclosure.pdf if it no longer being used Fixes 26721. es3139
Fix Migration of existing notes where notes are empty creates an empty note created by pr2132 Fixes 26588. rj2343
Fix "Anomalies by IRB Protocol" report not working Fixes 28444. rj2343
Fix migration testing: formatting Fixes 26979. cpm2127
Fix Users should only be able to have one unsubmitted annual form created at any point in time. Fixes 23997. yy229
Fix Orphaned protocol specific COI Annual Header Fixes 27761. yy229
Fix When filing a disclosure, change the text in the button from next to "Save and Continue" Fixes 23390. cpm2127
Fix Add a contact us link in the left hand navigation when filing a disclosure Fixes 26498. es3139
Fix "Cleared Disclosure Search" Fixes 27279. cpm2127
Fix business chart in research section Fixes 23281. rj2343
Fix In the identified businesses section for an uptown user filling out the idenified businesses section - the multi select doesn't save values Fixes 24471. cpm2127
Fix Cleared for research for existing forms doesn't capture who cleared it nor when. Fixes 26549. cpm2127
Fix Remove old COI Reports Fixes 26139. es3139
Fix coi filing status report slow Fixes 27812. cpm2127
Fix Cannot delete Appendix C Fixes 27477. rj2343
Fix Create object relationship between CoiDisclosure and IrbProtocolHeader Fixes 27584. cpm2127
Fix display of coi notes looks bad. remove the giant bar that appears at the bottom of the page. Fixes 23116. yy229
Fix From the activitii diagram, the determination of "hasSchoolAnamoly" should be "has any of Clinical Care / Education or Adminstrative anamolies" Fixes 27689. rj2343
Fix activitii should create a task on irb protocol submission. Fixes 27356. yy229
Fix "Cleared Disclosure Search" report Fixes 28289. cpm2127
Fix Existing COI notes don't record who entered or last modified the note. Is it appropriate to use the same person who cleared the disclosure? Fixes 25646. rj2343
Fix coiLandingPage.jspx fails for users reviewing forms for a department that they aren't in. Fixes 27313. cpm2127
Fix It's possible to certify without answering all questions in some instances. Fixes 23511. rj2343
Fix "rolling over the term" Fixes 24942. at2582
Fix When viewing protocol history - the method hasResolvedPossibleCoiAnnomal always throws a null pointer Fixes 26605. yy229
Fix unable to fill out disclosure form on test site Fixes 26761. cpm2127
Fix Create a page with introductory text as the first page in the coi disclosure Fixes 24272. cpm2127
Fix COI - "uptown" vs "Uptown", "irbprotocol" vs. "IrbProtocol" Fixes 26630. cpm2127
Fix The administration Executive Position question doesn't create an anomaly in the summary page Fixes 25614. es3139
Fix Research cannot refer a disclosure to school that has already finished the school review (ie, has no school anomalies) Fixes 27026. rj2343
Fix My Disclosures link under My Rascal doesn't work Fixes 27063. es3139
Fix IrbEmailProtocolExpirationTask likely not working Fixes 28268. rj2343
Fix migrated forms: apostrophes Fixes 26558. cpm2127
Fix upgrade spring from 3.0.x to 3.1.x Fixes 24400. at2582
Fix IRB attach external documents to termination is broken Fixes 28355. yy229
Fix "Anomalies by IRB Protocol" report Fixes 27336. cpm2127
Fix Incorrect "You have not answered all questions" message Fixes 27544. rj2343
Fix IRB unable to deactivate documents Fixes 28250. yy229
Fix Disclosure Detail by UNI report (new COI module) Fixes 26555. cpm2127
Fix Make sure order of answers reflects the way that the html version presents them. Fixes 23946. rj2343
Fix Reasons for clearance - this should go to Chad Fixes 26919. cpm2127
Fix summary table on test site Fixes 23238. rj2343
Fix Remove code associated with the html rendition of the disclosure details Fixes 23512. rj2343
Fix Remove the text "Electronically Signed by Joe Blow at someDate" from migrated forms. It should still be there for new ones. Fixes 26810. cpm2127
Fix can't view disclosure Fixes 26712. cpm2127
Fix COI - Must record Coi Disclosure ID somewhere in the Activiti history tables Fixes 23851. rj2343
Fix When click Preview Disclosure while creating one getting The page you requested cannot be found within RASCAL. Fixes 27604. es3139
Fix Formatting changes to intro page when filing a disclosure Fixes 26495. es3139
Fix Migrating forms - school vs. research anomaly Fixes 27832. rj2343
Add Ability to Run report for Fiscal Year Fixes 6392. at2582
Fix migration testing: missing " marks Fixes 26981. cpm2127
Fix removing a business from a disclosure doesn't delete the business interests Fixes 26933. rj2343
Fix In some set of situations, disclosures without anamolies show up in the review queue. Fixes 25288. rj2343
Fix Add a question to the pt general information page Fixes 27459. es3139
Fix COI Migration - Activiti: History entries cannot be sorted properly by end_time Fixes 27008. rj2343
Fix The Date Filed on the PDF is the creation date, probably should be the submission date Fixes 27263. yy229
Fix Add a download as excel to COI Filing Status report reports Fixes 25609. es3139
Fix Business Interests in left hand navigation should always appear on every page after and including the research section Fixes 23825. cpm2127
Fix Is the state field on the user information page set to only allow two characters? Fixes 28464. es3139
Fix Open/Check/No Entry use cases for Review Disclosures queue Fixes 28094. rj2343
Fix If you add a business interest, then change your answer to NO w/o deleting the Business it doesn't go away Fixes 27450. cpm2127
Fix Answer Yes to R7. Do you or does a member of your Family have any other Financial Interest that would reasonably appear to be affected by the outcome of your Research? forces the user to identify a business interest. which isn't possible Fixes 23090. rj2343
Fix Migrated Disclosure Form Snapshot should have numbers and letters Fixes 26542. cpm2127
Fix upgrade hibernate from 3.6.7 to 3.6.8 Fixes 24832. at2582
Fix Unable to copy irb protocols Fixes 28036. yy229
Fix School reviewers / School Admins should have access to the disclosure detail by uni report Fixes 28272. cpm2127
Fix Urgent report needed this week Fixes 28610. es3139
Fix Spacing updates for the the questions/answers when filing a disclosure Fixes 26490. cpm2127
Fix COI - Disclosure Records Are Listed in Random Order on the Main Menu Listing. Fixes 20348. es3139
Fix The red/green light's for SPA IRB should check if it was cleared for research - not if the process is complete Fixes 27405. yy229
Fix COI - Should refer to Activiti tasks by ID and not name Fixes 27059. at2582
Fix Can't Finalize a PT on QA - COI breaks Fixes 27023. yy229
Fix R1-R7 displayed where "do you conduct research" was "no Fixes 24187. rj2343
Fix Any user other then the person who created the disclosure form receives an ACL related exception when attempting to add notes/correspondence/docs. Fixes 23226. yy229
Fix Reasons for clearance (13 of them) Fixes 27831. rj2343
Fix Add South Sudan to RASCALCOUNTRY Fixes 28309. yy229
Fix COI- When view disclosure, the questions/answers show as R1 to R7, A1 to A6, .. order Fixes 23170. rj2343
Fix migration testing: question numbering Fixes 26978. cpm2127
Fix Notes - sequence? Fixes 28331. es3139
Fix When filing a disclosure the navigation links to other pages within the disclosure should be removed Fixes 26239. es3139
Fix Formatting etc for COI pdf Fixes 23848. rj2343
Fix Check vs open research anomaly Fixes 28060. rj2343
Fix CoiDisclosureSnapshot should have the creation date column removed and should work with streams - not byte arrays. Fixes 27712. es3139
Fix Migrated forms currently uptown/downtown/P&S should use the name Uptown (superceded by sysdate) as formtype Fixes 26808. rj2343
Fix Add link to Edit Personal Information to COI landing page Fixes 25384. es3139
Fix PT COI needs to be moved over to new coi datastructure Fixes 24616. es3139
Fix Generate ACL's for existing disclosures Fixes 24805. cpm2127
Fix submitting an annual conflict of interest disclosure should update the date in rascal_user Fixes 24199. yy229
Fix COI - Should not be adding COI_RASCAL as an authority Fixes 26268. yy229
Fix Can certify an IRB protocol COI with the Explanation Text left blank Fixes 27355. rj2343
Fix formatting of pdf Fixes 23287. rj2343
Fix School of Nursing and Dentistry should receive the P&S version of the form Fixes 24746. rj2343
Fix When multiple explanations are identified on legacy forms - ordered should be maintained Fixes 26803. cpm2127
Fix Referring a disclosure automatically clears it for your queue. Fixes 23994. rj2343
Fix In IE for specific Business questions toggle between Yes/No doesn't hide questions Fixes 27535. cpm2127
Fix "Others" should be "Other" in the Summary Chart Fixes 24143. es3139
Fix "Disclosure Date Search" report Fixes 28059. cpm2127
Fix identified business questions page is blank Fixes 24363. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Filing Status Reports for Departments & Schools Fixes 21647. cpm2127
Fix Section 1: Question R7 Fixes 21782. rj2343
Fix IRB - Protocol Specific COI Disclosure No Longer Exists Fixes 21508. cpm2127
Fix Data not saved when using back button Fixes 21472. rj2343
Fix Disclosure History should look more like the existing history. Fixes 21269. cpm2127
Fix edit personal information page should be reworked Fixes 17841. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Business Search Fixes 21651. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Anomaly Report by IRB Protocol Fixes 21650. cpm2127
Fix Consider data migration of existing forms after acl's are set up Fixes 21535. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Disclosure Detail by UNI Fixes 21648. cpm2127
Fix ability to attach documents to disclosure forms Fixes 21158. es3139
Fix COI should have a notes section Fixes 21157. es3139
Fix coi controllers violate url conventions. Fixes 21667. rj2343
Fix The department hierarchy in rascal should be updated to match infoed's. Fixes 18017. yy229
Fix COI - Application Report: Federal funding report Fixes 21655. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Clearance Report Fixes 21653. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Non-Anomalous Disclosure Report Fixes 21654. cpm2127
Fix COI - Application Report: Disclosure Date Search Fixes 21649. cpm2127
Fix Follow-up questions for Q. R7 are not correct and entered responses do not display correctly Fixes 21407. rj2343
Fix Add a link in left hand navigation that links to definitions Fixes 21265. cpm2127
Fix Change " Fixes 21517. at2582
Fix Resume saved form not working Fixes 21520. at2582
Fix View Filing History is not correct Fixes 21468. at2582
Fix Access Controls need to be set up for disclosure forms. Fixes 21195. yy229
Fix downtown form - question A1 Fixes 21783. rj2343
Fix Submitting a disclosure should generate a blob that's stored to the database. Fixes 21194. rj2343
Fix COI - Snapshot Disclosure on Certification Fixes 21417. cn2248
Fix PT - General Information Page Returns Error 405: Request method 'POST' not supported Fixes 21503. wm2177
Fix Incorrect child question in Business Interest section on Services Fixes 21409. cn2248
Fix equity + services/speaking Fixes 21691. rj2343
Fix Add "A" to Administration questions Fixes 21473. cn2248
Fix COI - Add "no compensation" as a possible answer to "special relationships" dollar amount questions on CUMC form Fixes 21531. cn2248
Fix In identified business section, payment widgit doesn't populate with "best describes" and also doesn't save. Fixes 21347. cn2248
Fix Unable to resume a saved disclosure Fixes 21298. cn2248
Fix double business interest Fixes 21320. cn2248
Fix Certification didn't work Fixes 21411. rj2343
Fix COI - Completion Step Text Reads "THE END" Fixes 21478. at2582
Fix Creation of Morningside questions Fixes 21155. cn2248
Fix Can't save explanation for any of the freetext fields. For example question 2 in the administration section. Fixes 21422. cn2248
Fix Validation of business interests and questions Fixes 21153. rj2343
Fix Summary table at end of form does not include all information Fixes 21410. cn2248
Fix Q 7 error Fixes 21299. cn2248
Fix Using Internet Explorer, child questions do not appear for Research questions Fixes 21470. cn2248
Fix Follow-up (child) questions not appearing for Research questions Fixes 21334. cn2248
Fix coi violates url naming conventions Fixes 21263. cn2248
Fix certification text should appear on the viewable disclosure. Fixes 21266. cn2248
Fix add correspondence link 404s Fixes 21992. cn2248
Fix clinical care link displays in left navigation for downtown form Fixes 21318. rj2343
Fix Previous and Next buttons should save and then navigate the user. Fixes 21475. cn2248
Fix COI - Some Links to COI Still Reference /servlet/ Fixes 21455. wm2177
Fix business interest link (and section) should not come second if the user identifies that they aren't doing research. Fixes 21322. cn2248
Fix Certification Summary Table still not working Fixes 21471. rj2343

Release 5.1.0 – 2012-05-11

Type Changes By
Add Hide the Notes column from researchers. Fixes 26270. cpm2127
Add IRB - Enhance "Retrieve All" functionality to allow differentiation between terminated and non-terminated protocols Fixes 11837. rj2343
Add E-mail - Replace rascal@columbia.edu in "From" Field on all Automated Mass E-mails With "no-reply-rascal@columbia.edu" Fixes 8837. es3139
Add EH&S would like to require some courses for people included on an appendix A. Fixes 23372. yy229
Add request to modify the drugs page in Iacuc to change "External" to "ICM" Fixes 25301. rj2343
Add Validation message when documenttype isn't identified for all should be more intuitive then "please select a value greater then 0" Fixes 22382. cpm2127
Fix Constructor has bogus assignment that's used when copying a proposal Fixes 27506. es3139
Fix Disable spring expression support per http://www.springsource.com/security/cve-2011-2730 Fixes 28499. at2582
Add update iacuc faq page Fixes 24578. es3139
Add IRB Search rework to include protocols in a creating state. Also, change default search selection options to unchecked by default Fixes 23058. rj2343
Add On the iacuc data sheet, change "ESS Date" to "Species Specific Training" and "Rodent Lecture Date" to "ICM Orientation" Fixes 25178. rj2343
Fix UP and Terminations left hand menu Fixes 26258. rj2343
Add Updated Personnel Role: Student Fixes 27888. rj2343
Add P&S Website Rollout Fixes 26264. es3139
Add Additions to UP Keyword dropdown list Fixes 27154. es3139
Add Add checkbox for Recruitment Media Fixes 18080. rj2343
Fix Project Officer Data selection of one particular sponsor breaks Fixes 25875. rj2343
Add Admin C correspondence queue - add a column that shows that level of review Fixes 21352. yy229
Fix Correspondence - formatting is better but still strange Fixes 28450. rj2343
Add remove questions from surgery page Fixes 25385. yy229
Fix The HIPAA Copy Form link doesn't seem to appear for user with EDIT rights Fixes 28221. es3139
Add users should be warned when their session has expired Fixes 17924. cpm2127
Fix FAQ Contact Info for Morningside Project Office is out of date Fixes 28069. es3139
Fix Ensure COI snapshots are created when disclosure is certified Fixes 28493. es3139
Fix in IE8 getting message of content that is not secure since 5.1 released Fixes 29245. cpm2127
Add Add Research Procudure on General Page"Select any items that apply to your Research " Fixes 27889. rj2343
Add Modify TC File uploads message to include the uni of the upload that failed. Fixes 27826. es3139
Add Add new questions for radiation Fixes 25155. es3139
Fix Delinquent Filers by Time report breaks if User with incomplete COI is included Fixes 29389. es3139
Fix Attach Documents - Null Document Identifier should cause a warning Fixes 27901. cpm2127
Add Update link with "Columbia University Research" to new url on homepage Fixes 27027. es3139
Fix on the meeting history page - the header has the incorrect year/mod. Fixes 23556. yy229
Fix PtSearchQuery.getUserSearchResults throws suspicious exception Fixes 22819. rj2343
Fix The logic for the delete link on HIPAA forms is incorrect Fixes 25876. rj2343
Add Add additional field to Appendix F to clarify units Fixes 26905. cpm2127

Release 5.2.0 – 2012-06-10

Type Changes By
Add Modify all references to forms using department information to consider the active flag. Fixes 27744. es3139
Fix IRB Approval Queue when you Approve the frames all go away Fixes 29745. cpm2127
Fix Oracle JDBC Connection needs a validation query. Otherwise, the application doesn't recover if the database is unavailable Fixes 20264. yy229
Add Change training requirement expiration notification peridiocity Fixes 25262. yy229
Fix disclosure history displaying for one disclosure for people who shouldn't see it. Fixes 29444. yy229
Fix * Navigation link for COI Policy being changed Fixes 28799. es3139
Fix When a user begins a new Annual Disclosure - there should be a check to see if there's a newer version. Fixes 29233. es3139
Add when emails asssociated with an appendix on an animal care protocol are sent indicating eh&s training required, cc the pi. Fixes 19469. yy229
Fix Users who were once terminated should be able to update their departments (assuming they can login at all) Fixes 29200. yy229
Fix on disclosure detail by uni report - the uni look up function fails in some browsers Fixes 28200. cpm2127
Fix Regression: Correspondence formatting problems persist Fixes 29442. rj2343
Fix Problem with Filing Status Reports Fixes 29815. cpm2127
Fix Update Training Center Department Report to allow filter by job code Fixes 29299. yy229
Fix File upload validators should check the name of the file and verify that it's less then 60 characters long Fixes 24844. cpm2127
Fix tons of Null pointer messages show up in the log file for IrbProtocolOverviewView:1845 and IrbProtocolHistoryView:801 Fixes 29386. cpm2127
Add clean up unused tables/columns left after the coi roll out. Fixes 27407. cpm2127
Fix Conflict of Interest Exception Report in PT throws exception. Fixes 29902. yy229
Fix Updates to IACUC Help Text Fixes 29353. es3139
Add Check for library upgrades Fixes 27473. cpm2127
Fix PT -If a person was added in Approval, there should be evaluation method to block him was added through personnel page. Fixes 29211. at2582
Add Add more Research Procedures options Fixes 20644. es3139
Fix Update email training expiration notices Fixes 29196. yy229
Add SUBAWARDINSTITUTION needs @valid and to return a user useful validation message. Fixes 22818. es3139
Add Proposal search should return everything that's not in a creating status. Fixes 23418. rj2343
Add Attached Documents- add more items to drop down list Fixes 20647. es3139
Fix approval dates for UPs is coming up as the day the minutes were approved, not the day of the meeting Fixes 26985. yy229
Add Inactive consent forms should remain inactive when copying a protocol Fixes 14534. es3139

Release 5.3.0 – 2012-07-23

Type Changes By
Fix test site: Questions P2 and P3 - display of travel/business information Fixes 30539. cpm2127
Add New name for "old' RC and R annual forms Fixes 30210. cpm2127
Fix Popup to P2 yes answer results in an ugly popup Fixes 30320. cpm2127
Fix P&S site not showing old disclosures? Fixes 30880. es3139
Add Add warning to homepage informing DAs that they need to request access to their new departments Fixes 29905. es3139
Fix COIDISCLOSURE.DEPTCODE field isn't big enough to handle the new department codes Fixes 30063. es3139
Add modify p&s search functionality to use "begins with" rather then "contains" string comparison. Fixes 29619. es3139
Fix Convert line endings to LF rather then windows crap Fixes 30009. at2582
Add New Housing Location for Iaucuc Fixes 30488. yy229
Fix Questions P2 and P3 - sequence of businesses Fixes 30567. cpm2127
Fix clone permissions for ell23 to at2059 on staging environment only Fixes 30733. yy229
Fix automatic email to pediatrics if a protocol in pediatrics is submitted. Fixes 30655. cpm2127
Fix Update location code to 3 for a set of departments. Fixes 30602. cpm2127
Fix Bug with blank answers and previous/save&continue Fixes 30512. cpm2127
Fix Language for incomplete forms filed before go-live Fixes 30585. at2582
Add Forgot Password Link needs to be updated Fixes 30363. at2582
Fix A yes to a travel question should set "hasanamolies" to yes Fixes 30415. cpm2127
Fix Group Authorities have a random space in them Fixes 30538. yy229
Fix Barnard should be an active department Fixes 30786. yy229
Fix 75HM00X has no name Fixes 30790. yy229
Fix Can submit an animal care protocol without fixing your department Fixes 30658. cpm2127
Fix Reviewer queue slow when selecting all Fixes 29620. es3139
Fix referring shouldn't require the school to claim within 48 hours. Fixes 29418. rj2343
Fix IRB protocol with ionizing question chosen has failed when submitting the protocol Fixes 30570. yy229
Add Update Departments List for ERP Fixes 29601. yy229
Add COI_RASCAL needs to have it's group_authorities updated for the new departments. Fixes 30412. rj2343
Fix Monday morning checking in - one small issue Fixes 30753. es3139
Fix Department Look Up page did not work at PT general information page Fixes 30343. cpm2127
Fix IACUCSTAFF has DEPARTMENTNUMBER field that is still length 3 Fixes 30784. es3139
Fix Change dijit.form.ComboBox to dijit.form.FilteringSelect for User info edit page Fixes 29274. cpm2127
Fix Update left navigation links when filing a disclosure Fixes 30728. at2582
Fix Select an invalid department when first creating a protocol allows you to save a bad department. Fixes 30694. cpm2127
Fix Remove reference to sub department from edit user information page Fixes 30162. es3139
Add upgrade liquibase from 1.9.5 to 2.0.4 Fixes 17769. cpm2127
Add Search for Departments is pretty worthless since all the department names are acronyms. Fixes 30411. yy229
Add New COI Regs questions (Travel) Fixes 29510. cpm2127
Fix An annual form with only an anamoly in the travel section should generate a research anamoly Fixes 30402. cpm2127
Fix COI Jit - Can't seem to create new JIT report on Test/Staging Fixes 30710. yy229
Fix Potential bug: can't claim or clear a form Fixes 29699. rj2343
Fix Remove references to sub and subsub departments Fixes 29893. es3139
Fix Child questions for Q. P2 Not working - screen freezes Fixes 30381. cpm2127
Fix Add column to COI Review Queue to display time since last annual disclosure Fixes 29324. es3139
Add Important Change needed to new RC and R forms on test site: $10,000 to $5,000! Fixes 30202. cpm2127
Fix Users are showing up with a home department that doesn't exist in rascaldepartments table Fixes 30762. yy229
Add Just In Time Review Process for COI Fixes 26265. es3139
Fix Can RASCALDEPARTMENT_OLD be dropped? Fixes 30267. cpm2127
Fix Can Submit PT proposal without fixing department Fixes 30661. yy229
Fix Returned IRB protocols do not catch old departments on submission Fixes 30653. cpm2127
Fix After you FINALIZE a proposal you no longer have access Fixes 30513. es3139
Fix Department lookup - the CODE field only allows 4 characters right now Fixes 30117. es3139
Fix Typo on R form - test site Fixes 30501. cpm2127

Release 5.4.0 – 2012-08-26

Type Changes By
Fix "Hazardous Materials Appendix Staff Check-Off" not persisted? Fixes 31088. cpm2127
Add Update help text on PT general information page for "Select Agents" Fixes 31289. es3139
Fix After submitting an iacuc protocol with an appendix G attached - left nav says it's now an appendix F. Fixes 31092. cpm2127
Fix The "Created Date" in the header for each JIT report should be the JIT's creation date - not the proposal Fixes 31181. es3139
Add Add option in Consent Builder for Information Sheet Fixes 29564. es3139
Fix In IE the EDIT popup window is caching when it shouldn't Fixes 31171. rj2343
Fix Update velos feed to use the word closure rather then termination Fixes 30844. yy229
Add Clean up unused department/school tables. Fixes 30760. yy229
Fix User with protocol COI in "Creating" status can't start an annual COI Fixes 31319. es3139
Add No access to notes for terminated protocols Fixes 12379. yy229
Fix Fixed wrong data for Termination event in IRBCorrespondence table Fixes 31590. yy229
Add JIT Report: alphabetizing by last name Fixes 30673. es3139
Add Update Iacuc where emails are generated based on old radiation appendix - that new appendix generates said emails. Fixes 30715. cpm2127
Fix Missing column for PTProposalHeader? Fixes 31044. es3139
Add Change IRB Termination to IRB Closure Everywhere. Fixes 29562. yy229
Add JIT report: anomaly display Fixes 30674. es3139
Fix List of open jit reports Fixes 31023. es3139
Add Changes to the RASCAL Automatic Reminder Notifications Fixes 29616. es3139
Add Point Rascal Emails at localhost rather then send.columbia.edu Fixes 30743. at2582
Add Add a flag to the Project Officer Data page to identify phs funded proposals and have it display on the history page Fixes 31006. es3139
Fix Change 'AppendixF' to 'AppendixG' or add 'AppendixG' column in Animal Care Administration queue page Fixes 31134. cpm2127
Add Upgrade Spring 3.1.1 > 3.1.2 Fixes 30533. at2582
Fix Anomaly Report by IRB protocol Fixes 31327. yy229
Fix IRB - Terminations Generate Unnecessary Training Requirement E-mails Fixes 17734. yy229
Add update links for annual disclosure policies Fixes 31005. es3139
Fix Granite upload broke Fixes 31507. yy229
Add New personnel role for PT Fixes 30641. es3139
Add Redirect JIT disclosure to disclosure history instead of pulling up pdf Fixes 30960. es3139
Add New Link for Investigators on COI Home Page Fixes 31229. es3139
Fix New protocol-specific form and anomalies Fixes 31336. es3139
Fix Can't attach form in IRB module Fixes 31346. yy229
Fix validation in some circumstances allows users to not answer all threshold questions. Fixes 31266. rj2343
Add New "Use of Radiation Involving Animals" Appendix. Fixes 30319. cpm2127
Fix Can't create a new course in TC using a new department Fixes 31420. es3139
Fix grant tlm2126 IC_SAFETY_APPROVE_G_HS and IC_SAFETY_APPROVE_G_MS in the AUTHORITIES Fixes 31665. yy229
Add JIT Report - request for additional column Fixes 30850. es3139
Fix On appendix G - combine free text explanations into one explanation Fixes 31275. cpm2127
Add Add Anomaly column to Open JIT Report Fixes 30916. es3139
Fix An appendix G attached to a animal care protocol displays as having both an appendix F and appendix G attached. Fixes 31093. cpm2127
Fix Report request for all p&s disclosures for an RC version of the form where not all threshold questions were answered. Fixes 31286. es3139
Fix Appendix G, the delete button did not work on 'Authorized User' page Fixes 31095. cpm2127
Fix Permissions problem? Fixes 31318. yy229
Fix Change mR to Gy on irradiator field in appendix G Fixes 31268. cpm2127
Add JIT Report display Fixes 31022. es3139
Add Add PT COI Exception column to Open JIT Report Fixes 30961. es3139
Add Spring Security 3.1.0 > 3.1.2 Fixes 30534. at2582
Add For Training Center courses, allow a button to display information on each of the irb/iacuc/pt datasheets rather then one button for irb/pt Fixes 29969. es3139
Fix Make the "Hazardous Materials Appendix Staff Check-Off " data display on the personnel list for the appendix Fixes 31089. cpm2127
Fix Overall Committee Stats Report not working Fixes 30546. yy229
Add Display a set of ICM courses on the iacuc datasheet. Fixes 29967. es3139
Add group_name should be unique on groups table Fixes 30732. yy229
Add New IRB COI form Fixes 30318. es3139
Fix On the "general information" help text for appendix G, update text. Fixes 31269. cpm2127

Release 5.5.0 – 2012-10-14

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade itext to 5.3.1 Fixes 31485. rj2343
Fix Suspicious error when renewing a protocol Fixes 32077. rj2343
Add Approval stamp for attached documents or allow creation of recruitment and study instruments in Rascal Fixes 6379. at2582
Fix Preferred Phone Number should always be editable. Fixes 32051. es3139
Fix hibernate named query error on agenda Fixes 32221. es3139
Fix HIPAA form search is broken Fixes 32128. yy229
Fix Null pointer error shows up when admin/rascal review some approved protocol(INC0121371). Fixes 32038. yy229
Fix Monthly EH&S Required Courses Expiring department set to inactive department Fixes 31525. rj2343
Fix Error message on user UNIQ_RASCAL_ID Fixes 32087. es3139
Fix Allow Filing Status report to disable job code filter. At least for the "Disclosures by Department" report Fixes 32031. at2582
Add Uni validation should check against ldap, currently the check is "does user exist in rascal_user" Fixes 6604. rj2343
Fix suspiciuos hazmat exception Fixes 32162. rj2343
Fix Refactor code : Change new Long to Long.valueOf or Long.parseLong Fixes 11485. at2582
Fix Update to changed questions on P&S form Fixes 31949. es3139
Fix suspicious class cast exception in hipaa Fixes 32140. rj2343
Add Create a Role to allow an individual to logoff a proposal without having to be the assigned po Fixes 31063. yy229
Fix Remove references to jpa template. favor using entity manager itself. Fixes 31356. es3139
Add IRB Document stamping (Mini me version) Fixes 30010. rj2343
Fix Safety course consolidation script created duplicates of courses Fixes 32325. es3139
Fix Pull blob files into their own entity for all attachments Fixes 28384. es3139
Fix Another query aliasing problem found in log file Fixes 32155. es3139
Fix Can't see data on personal info page in Chrome Fixes 32075. es3139
Fix Unable to added suggested text to consent forms Fixes 31546. yy229
Add Fix naming conventions for the Spring INT tables. Fixes 31577. rj2343
Fix IE8 getting message of content that is not secure since 5.5 release Fixes 32092. cpm2127
Fix Why is ssl2133 set to not be from pac when they exist as active in the pac table? Fixes 31809. yy229
Add Easier way to initialize user to proper department Fixes 20562. rj2343
Add Stamped documents attached to exempt protocols should not have an expiration date Fixes 31918. rj2343
Fix Revision to "PHS label" on PO screen in Proposal Tracking Fixes 31609. yy229
Fix Spaces not allowed in user last names Fixes 31807. es3139
Fix Appendix F should not show up in a users list of appendices when attempting to attach it to an Iacuc protocol. Fixes 31586. cpm2127
Add IRB Document history is updated regardless of whether the document is stamped or not Fixes 31979. rj2343
Fix Update exception when user has access to no hazmats and attempts to attach it to a proposal Fixes 31282. yy229
Fix TC Module doesn't validate administrative department when creating a new course Fixes 31419. es3139
Add Revision to question P1 on the annual form Fixes 31162. es3139
Fix Document stamping breaking on a particular document Fixes 32215. rj2343
Fix force propotol IRB-AAAK0606 to agenda AG-AAAB7450 Fixes 31874. at2582
Fix Cannot edit attachment names in PT Fixes 31310. es3139
Fix Fix logging level when stamping documents. Fixes 31958. rj2343
Add Upgrade activiti 5.9 > 5.10 Fixes 30577. at2582
Fix Could not transfer the approved IACUC protocol to granite Fixes 32095. yy229
Fix problem uploading test scores from CITI Fixes 8248. at2582
Add update maven plugins other then liquibase Fixes 31069. at2582
Fix IRB Renewal email task had an error last night on query duplicate aliasing Fixes 32105. es3139
Add EH&S Course Consolidation Fixes 30542. es3139
Add dojo from 1.6.1 > 1.8.x Fixes 24888. cpm2127
Fix Add a new reason for clearance Fixes 31473. yy229
Add Continuous Integration Environment Fixes 6804. cpm2127
Fix some hipaa forms have 0 as the irb protocol header id. it should be null Fixes 31397. yy229
Fix Add protocol number to new document stamping Fixes 32048. rj2343
Fix Add validation/note to COI Filing Status reports page signifying a limit to department selection Fixes 31403. cpm2127
Fix Request to allow search by uni for all JIT reports, but include the status of the JIT. Fixes 31351. es3139
Fix COI Correspondence the links for the message history are broken Fixes 31158. cpm2127
Fix PT Compliance adding of IRB Protocols brings up empty list Fixes 32143. es3139
Add Migrate Rascal from WIND to CAS Fixes 29319. at2582
Fix INFO: Process with id='CoiJitWorkflowProcess' hasn't the attribute isExecutable set. Please maintain it, so you are compatible to future activiti versions. Fixes 31120. rj2343
Fix Copied proposals have odd permissions for the assigned PO. Fixes 31065. yy229
Fix COI - Filing status reports: Re-instate the "Cleared Disclosures" report Fixes 31800. cpm2127
Fix COI Filing status report dates should go from start of the day on start date to end of the day on end date. Fixes 31469. cpm2127
Fix update to p&s disclosure form Fixes 31856. cpm2127
Fix Hibernate 4 issues with non aliasing in queries Fixes 31297. es3139
Fix Change version number for resource directory Fixes 31663. cpm2127
Fix Document stamping not correctly identifying all PDF files Fixes 32275. at2582
Fix suspicious RUICMEXPSURGERY insert Fixes 32139. rj2343
Fix deploy activiti bar creates spam logs even though successful Fixes 30042. at2582
Add migrate from hades to spring jpa data project 1.2.0.GA Fixes 19496. es3139
Fix Add expiration date to iacuc distributed emails. Fixes 31231. es3139
Add Modifications to Appendix E Fixes 30912. yy229
Add hibernate 3.6 to 4.1+ Fixes 28385. es3139
Fix Upload of TC test scores won't work with new 7 digit department codes Fixes 32008. es3139
Add On PT Logout page, remove submission method / copies sent / date sent Fixes 31064. yy229
Fix IRB Document stamping - There is no label for the "stamped" column, and incorrect permissions checks Fixes 31790. rj2343

Release 5.6.0 – 2012-12-03

Type Changes By
Fix COI-Reports, 'Disclosure Date Search' is broken Fixes 32638. cpm2127
Fix Researchers should be able to see if a document has been stamped by the IRB Fixes 32098. rj2343
Fix IACUC - could not transmit protocol to granite Fixes 32672. at2582
Fix appendix F still show up in safety officer queue Fixes 32701. yy229
Add Move training courses into svn and create build/deployment Fixes 31305. yy229
Add Filing Status Report emails shouldn't say "contact me" since the email is from no-reply-rascal@columbia.edu Fixes 31782. yy229
Fix Logic for public disclosure needs 700200X Fixes 30414. rj2343
Fix Document refuses to be stamped Fixes 32425. cpm2127
Fix New Versions of the Annual COI in some instances don't allow a user has a non filed disclosure to file. Fixes 32276. es3139
Add upgrade spring security to 3.1.3 for CVE-2012-5055 Fixes 31990. yy229
Fix Upgrade itext from 5.3.1 to 5.3.2 Fixes 32362. at2582
Fix Course expiration emails should not send emails after expiration unless the DA has set them to be required Fixes 32806. yy229
Fix Upgrade Spring Integration from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 Fixes 32361. at2582
Fix Links to training center courses now require /index.htm to be in the url Fixes 32683. at2582
Fix COI Report "Forms With Open Anomalies" returning "Could not load data" error Fixes 32522. es3139
Fix Deleting an IRB protocol results in orphaned protocol specific disclosures that cause problems in other places. Fixes 30806. es3139
Add Update training requirements information for COI Notification Emails Fixes 31806. cpm2127
Add Display COI Notes in reverse chronological order Fixes 31593. yy229
Fix Human Subject Print Menu throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Fixes 32667. es3139
Add Update Procedure Type and Procedure Experience on Iacuc Personnel page to either notify the user when they're out of characters or increase size of field. Fixes 26767. es3139
Fix For exempt protocols only, update language on approval stamp Fixes 32049. rj2343
Add When a proposal is signed off and has submittingTo set to CTO send an email to CTONYPnotice@columbia.edu Fixes 31720. yy229
Add IACUC - internal attachments to a protocol Fixes 13563. yy229
Add Remove column and update help text for COI JIT Report Fixes 31578. yy229
Fix Upgrade Spring Framework from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 Fixes 32360. at2582
Fix Rascal User should have permission to add/remove approvers Fixes 32014. yy229
Fix PT-General Information page is broken in 5.6 Fixes 31760. es3139
Add Add the department number to people's TC Transcripts. Fixes 31717. es3139
Fix Upgrade to Java 7 breaks UI for dropdowns on id/code confused entities Fixes 32050. es3139
Fix JIT Report can result in an error if an individual is removed from a proposal Fixes 31893. es3139
Fix Hazmat - Please change mR to Gy in the Irradiators Used table. Gy is the typical dose unit that is used in these experiments. Fixes 32720. yy229
Add change *DESIGNATED APPROVER* to _*/DESIGNATED REVIEWER/*_. in notify Designated Reviewer automatic e-mail message Fixes 31012. yy229
Fix Error message thrown the TC user tried to log into RASCAL for first time Fixes 32552. at2582
Fix COI - Filing history page has issues with large numbers of past disclosures Fixes 31676. cpm2127
Add Email directions for PT Approval are out of date Fixes 31896. cpm2127

Release 5.7.0 – 2013-01-28

Type Changes By
Fix Remove initialize a user functionality Fixes 32161. cpm2127
Fix When entering an invalid uni as an Approver, let the user know it doesn't exist. Fixes 32596. es3139
Fix New Data Security Questions for Storage of Electronic Research Data Fixes 32681. yy229
Fix IC - 'Strong Radio Frequency' field could not be saved in IACUC attach Hazardous Materials Fixes 32424. yy229
Fix Minor updates to Iacuc signature page Fixes 33184. at2582
Fix COI Disclosure Date Search Run Report button isn't activating properly Fixes 32399. yy229
Fix Disallow users to email themselves through the COI correspondence page. Fixes 32614. es3139
Fix Updates to Roles on Proposals to better identify COI Disclosures that need review before award Fixes 32848. at2582
Fix Animal care 60 day reminder emails should not have "end of business" deadline for 60 day reminders Fixes 32810. yy229
Fix Add department 5260401 - Engineering IDSE (Institute for Data Sciences & Engineering) Fixes 33068. yy229
Fix Allow IRB Protocols to identify that they are a Clinical Trial on the general information page. Fixes 32411. es3139
Fix IACUC -could not delete Adverse Event (convert from INC0151045) Fixes 32774. yy229
Fix upgrade itext 5.3.2 -> 5.3.4 Fixes 32600. at2582
Fix Remove reference to TC0091 from coi reminder emails. (Incident INC0137682) Fixes 32436. es3139
Fix Streamlining and Language Updates for Iacuc Questions Fixes 32953. es3139
Fix Upgrade activiti 5.10 -> 5.11 Fixes 32706. at2582
Fix Revisions to Social Security Numbers questions Fixes 32895. yy229
Fix Add link to scp systems Fixes 33229. yy229
Fix business interest name should validate max size Fixes 32078. cpm2127
Fix Unanticipated Problem Report can't be saved with "Abdominal Pain" as keyword Fixes 32873. es3139
Fix The Data Security question breaks if more than 500 characters are entered Fixes 33224. yy229
Fix Make attachments to COI Disclosures reverse chronological rather then random order Fixes 32656. es3139
Fix Allow Agency/Sponsor lookup to allow for new vendor id codes. Fixes 32852. yy229

Release 5.8.0 – 2013-04-24

Type Changes By
Fix In Radiation Safety Approval Queue - "Administrative Review" should read "Administrative Approval" when approving Fixes 33915. es3139
Fix Radiation Safety - Make sure initiator has edit permissions Fixes 32065. cpm2127
Fix Entering a radiopharaceutical procedure arbitrarily truncates truncates the name rather then validating Fixes 33978. gd2398
Fix Upgrade spring integration to 2.2.x Fixes 33275. at2582
Fix Radiation Safety - Add help text for JRSC and RDRC applications Fixes 33096. gd2398
Fix Radiation Safety - Permissions Fixes 31574. es3139
Fix Bug on production - "Claimed forms" window Fixes 34350. gd2398
Fix Radiation Safety - Tie Appendix H into existing Appendix code Fixes 31569. yy229
Fix Some pages aren't updating header information in appendixH correctly. Fixes 33976. gd2398
Add Users with an authority containing the word "IRB" should not be able to attach notes/internal docs to protocols they're personnel on Fixes 32902. yy229
Fix Appendix H Subjects validation message in wrong place Fixes 33625. at2582
Fix Unable to retrieve any irb protocols Fixes 33280. es3139
Fix Strange checkbox appearing in IRB Personnel Add/Edit PI dialog Fixes 34302. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Merge radiopharmaceutical and radionuclide. Also rename "Location" Fixes 32072. cpm2127
Fix IACUC - Form change in the question section. Fixes 33733. yy229
Fix Appendix search for Appendix H's comes up empty Fixes 33634. yy229
Fix Set up users that can be assigned a radiation safety form Fixes 33430. es3139
Fix Dosimetry - Remove check box labeled 'I know the dosimetry information for this Radiopharmaceutical at this time.' Fixes 33375. gd2398
Fix Update list of organs available in Radiation Safety Fixes 33922. gd2398
Fix Fix Grammar in Help Test for RDRC Radiopharmaceutical Page to have correct grammar/commas Fixes 33929. at2582
Fix Dosimetry values need to allow positive decimals Fixes 33768. yy229
Fix Create Proposal Summary Report Fixes 33385. yy229
Add Error message when clicking SAVE on IRB Attachment screen when no changes have been selected Fixes 32623. at2582
Fix Attach Document type for IND should read IND Sponsor Protocol Fixes 33602. gd2398
Fix Radiation Safety - Always check the appendix is valid in controllers Fixes 32173. cpm2127
Fix Authorization Requests for RASCAL Departmental Reports - Old departments removed Fixes 32635. at2582
Fix Update Admin C queue to show the correspondence creation date rather then 0/0/0000 Fixes 33365. yy229
Fix Update IACUC Committee Member Permissions Fixes 33011. at2582
Fix Clinical Authorized User and Principal Investigator should see certification text when approving. Fixes 33600. gd2398
Add Validate that there is at least one, but not more then one PI on a protocol when submitting. Fixes 33362. yy229
Fix IACUC Admin queue not showing NYSPI protocols Fixes 34443. es3139
Fix Update certification text that key personnel see when finalizing a proposal Fixes 33984. yy229
Fix Add "Activity to be administered (mCi)" to Radiopharmaceutical Fixes 34251. gd2398
Fix Clinical authorized user should be used everwhere - not Clinical Authorized Role Fixes 33921. gd2398
Fix Suspicious error related to secure data questions Fixes 33436. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Define possible designated reviewers Fixes 32545. yy229
Fix Yvette view of Reviewer/Approval queue needs to show all Appendices Fixes 34233. es3139
Fix Update outage information on homepage Fixes 34442. yi77
Fix Data sheet is not showing the dosimetry values Fixes 33623. es3139
Fix Adding personnel in HazMats should be linked to LDAP to add users not found Fixes 33462. gd2398
Fix Add a check box to the irb personnel page to allow the research team to identify what users will be obtaining consent. Fixes 33363. yy229
Fix add new external link to Rascal home page for "Global Support" Fixes 34132. at2582
Fix consent Forms - layout page broken when click save button Fixes 33796. yy229
Fix Can't retrieve an appendixH from the retrieve appendix link in hazmat Fixes 33538. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Add "Research Coordinator" role for personnel Fixes 32071. cpm2127
Fix Appears designated committee queue contact people coming up wrong in Reviewer Queue Fixes 34235. es3139
Fix Radiation Safety - Change main page link text Fixes 32067. cpm2127
Fix Haz Mats Personnel need to allow for dual role Clinical Authorized User Fixes 33431. gd2398
Fix Dosimetry Summary - Study Name And Procedure Name fields truncate to 60 characters without validating Fixes 34088. gd2398
Add Updates to P&S Clinical Care instruction section as well as C/E #1. Fixes 33549. gc2563
Fix Radiation Safety - Combine Personnel and Authorize Access functionality Fixes 32493. at2582
Fix Radiation Safety - Convert dialogs and controllers to use validators and the spring form jsp tags Fixes 32174. cpm2127
Fix On the secure data page, answering "Collecting PHI and or PII but it will not be stored on an endpoint device" displays as "F" on the datasheet. Fixes 33415. yy229
Fix Data Security Questions don't save on 5.8, but they do on 5.7 Fixes 33386. at2582
Add Radiation Safety Fixes 17097. cpm2127
Fix Dosimitry Summary Table showing dose information displays with complex numbers Fixes 33955. es3139
Add Attach Documents for Radiation Safety Fixes 31605. gd2398
Fix Increase size of free text fields to 3000 in radiation safety Fixes 33713. gd2398
Fix Default text for return and approve queues needs to be fixed Fixes 34289. es3139
Fix Link to clinical authorized users has out of date information Fixes 33598. gd2398
Fix Returning a radiation safety form should let the PI know... Fixes 33429. es3139
Fix Deleting a radiation safety form doesn't delete the form Fixes 33568. gd2398
Fix Dose link on Dosimitry page should refer to Organ/Dose rather then just Dose. Fixes 33601. gd2398
Fix New Radiation Safety Forms do not display on the IRB Protocol History page the way other appendices do Fixes 33914. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Begin approval process for Appendix H Fixes 31571. es3139
Fix Update list of designated reviewers for Radiation Safety Fixes 33923. es3139
Fix Add Correspondence functionality to HazMats Fixes 33413. es3139
Fix Not entering a procedure name on the 12 months page has a questionable toString() call Fixes 33956. gd2398
Fix Add a free text field for an explanation of risk to the patient on the dosimitry summary page Fixes 33927. gd2398
Fix Radiation Safety - It should be possible to add someone under personnel for multiple roles Fixes 32070. cpm2127
Fix URLs aren't bookmarkable in appendixH Fixes 33975. gd2398
Fix The link from to Radiation Safety Forms from the approval queue should go to the normal page - not the datasheet. Fixes 33916. gd2398
Fix upgrade jasper reports to 5.0 Fixes 32709. gd2398
Add Radiation Safety - Finish the Radiopharmaceutical Detail section for Appendix H (RDRC forms only) Fixes 31573. es3139
Fix Yvette not getting emails Fixes 34300. es3139
Fix Change "Being Submitted to" drop down on Iacuc general information page to reflect combined Iacuc offices Fixes 32832. at2582
Fix Dosimetry Summaries - Add Dose Information form is not working Fixes 33282. gd2398
Add Spring 3.1 > 3.2 Fixes 31604. at2582
Fix On the Radiopharmaceutical Information page for the RDRC form, change the reference to "RDRC" to "Other" Fixes 33939. gd2398
Fix Super check the appendixH datasheet. Fixes 33973. gd2398
Fix IACUC Protocol Creating status breaks on general Information page when editing through rascal maintenance page Fixes 33101. at2582
Fix Could not create/save 'Invitro/Invertebrates only' appendices Fixes 33494. yy229
Add Update subjects page to indicate that the researcher should check "all that apply" rather than "any that apply" Fixes 32892. at2582
Fix Update Help Text on Dosimitry Help bubble Fixes 33603. es3139
Fix Validation Rules for Haz Mats Submission for Approval Fixes 33399. gd2398
Fix Request for 2 new "reasons for clearance" in dropdown menu Fixes 33221. at2582
Fix Need to add department 7571417 Fixes 33541. yy229
Fix AppendixH - Only people with the 'WRITE' permission can view/add/modify attachments Fixes 34321. gd2398
Fix RadiationSafety - Implement correspondence for AppendixH queues. Fixes 33876. gd2398
Fix Can't enter any radiopharmaceutical information Fixes 33977. es3139
Fix Active Iacuc Protocols Report Doesn't work Fixes 33632. es3139
Fix Copy functionality seems to have issues Fixes 34139. gd2398
Fix Radiation Safety - Make sure radiopharmaceutical has at least one checkbox checked Fixes 32066. cpm2127
Fix Attaching a document will truncate the name of the document without validating or telling the user Fixes 33979. gd2398
Fix In the dosimitry summary page, adding a study name should be changed to "Add Study Name and Procedure or Pharmaceutical Name" Fixes 33917. es3139
Fix Links to rad safety review queues should be hidden unless you have appropriate permissions Fixes 34220. es3139
Fix Add notes functionality to the new Radiation Safety Module Fixes 33695. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Move personnel role types into their own table/entity Fixes 32486. cpm2127
Fix Radiation Safety - Do not let user change procedure type Fixes 32056. cpm2127
Fix Upgrade Spring Data JPA to 1.2.1 Fixes 33459. at2582
Fix PT - Compliance page attach IACUC/IRB returned no records. Fixes 34353. jh3389
Fix Radiation Safety - IRB module needs to know about Appendix H, and use it for related radioactive activities Fixes 31570. es3139
Fix physician liason should be required to approve. The co-pi should not have to approve Fixes 33597. gd2398
Fix Appendix H status should appear correctly in IRB Chair Queue Fixes 34301. es3139
Fix Datasheet doesn't show all information related to radiopharmaceuticals Fixes 33954. es3139
Fix Appendix H datasheet changes per their review Fixes 34041. gd2398
Fix In IE none of the question validation is working Fixes 33226. gd2398
Fix Yvette should be able to see the Radation Safety Review Queues - but not perform actions on them Fixes 33924. es3139
Fix Radiation Safety - Study information: Add checkbox to signify the appendix is a modification and add explanation text Fixes 32068. yy229
Add Radiation Safety - Create datasheet for Appendix H Fixes 31572. es3139
Fix Organ selection drop down off in dosimitry page. Can't see/select organs at the bottom of the list. Fixes 33898. gd2398
Fix Add "My proposals", "My appendices", "My protocols" similar to IACUC Fixes 32859. jh3389
Fix Appendix H approval queue needs status check box for reviewers Fixes 34234. es3139

Release 5.9.0 – 2013-05-15

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC Reports - Funding Report is Down (INC0218875) Fixes 34687. jh3389
Fix Remove out-dated SPA related help page Fixes 34538. es3139
Fix Update department name for Dept 7575302 to read 'Baer's Lab' Fixes 34348. yi77
Fix Document stamping throwing NPE Fixes 34641. gd2398
Fix Upgrade spring to 3.2.2 Fixes 33790. gc2563
Fix Upgrade itext to 5.4.1 Fixes 33804. at2582
Fix AppendixH - Implement search for IRB admins A, B, C to list appendices by criteria. Fixes 34320. yy229
Fix Consider setting column widths to be by character and not byte. Fixes 33991. jh3389
Fix Add "CTSA-Columbia Community Partnership for Health" as an option on IRB General Information Page Fixes 34081. jh3389
Fix IRB Chair person queue should display "RS' similar to other appendices. Fixes 34310. es3139
Fix Upgrade Spring Security from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 Fixes 34433. at2582
Add Word puts bogus characters into text fields when copying from word into rascal. Fixes 9033. jh3389
Fix Upgrade Spring Integration to 2.2.2 Fixes 33803. at2582
Fix Upgrade Activiti to 5.12 Fixes 33591. at2582
Fix Verify that windows curly quotes are properly converted to regular quotes when saving new information. Fixes 33951. jh3389
Fix verify hipaa spanish characters look good in utf-8 Fixes 34446. jh3389
Fix Updates to certification language in proposal tracking coi Fixes 34333. yi77
Fix Switch Character Encoding for ISO 8851-1 to UTF-8 Fixes 32589. jh3389

Release 5.10.0 – 2013-06-12

Type Changes By
Fix Update IRB roles to use group_authorities as it relates to appendixH. Fixes 33930. yy229
Fix Appendix H: Cannot enter ranges, unit of measure on Datasheet wrong INC0225955 Fixes 34940. gd2398
Fix COI amendment - text changes to form Fixes 35222. gc2563
Fix Add text to attach documents page to indicate attachments should be done as PDF in order for the IRB to stamp. Fixes 34976. vu2115
Fix COI Amendments should store their business data in the business table. Fixes 35214. gc2563
Fix COI: Review Disclosures queue - enhancement request Fixes 35018. vu2115
Fix Appendix H approval queue users need to be able to view unreleased HazMats Fixes 34748. es3139
Fix Use the word "Amendment" rather than "Update" when referring to a COI amendment. Fixes 35083. gc2563
Fix Change the date format on the Iacuc History page to include a timestamp Fixes 34770. yi77
Fix Upgrade Spring Core from 3.2.2 to 3.2.3 Fixes 34793. at2582
Fix Add Study Description and Consent Form links in Protocol section of Appendix H Fixes 35192. es3139
Fix Reports and search results show studies being expired after they are terminated Fixes 33629. yy229
Fix User unable to receive IRB correspondence emails if listed multiple times on a protocol. Fixes 34895. yi77
Fix Create a "What's happening in Rascal page" Fixes 32079. gd2398
Fix If Appendix H returned to researcher by reviewer not correctly reassigning to reviewer Fixes 34931. es3139
Fix Create test user to allow for testing 11 month time period allowable to amend. Fixes 35031. gc2563
Fix Appendix H - Rad Safety cannot access IRB Protocols associated with Rad Safety Forms if the Protocol has not been submitted. Fixes 35007. gd2398
Fix Remove preview disclosure link from coi amendments. Fixes 35052. gc2563
Fix COI amendment - revisions to form Fixes 35062. gc2563
Fix Correct spacing issues on COI Amendment PDF Fixes 35084. gc2563
Fix COI Disclosure Amendment - Review Queue Fixes 33937. gc2563
Fix Users should be able to amend their most recent annual disclosure Fixes 32773. gc2563
Fix Users should only be able to amend their most recent annual COI and only if it's less than 11 months old. Fixes 35091. gc2563
Fix Maven enforcer plugin not enforcing Fixes 32030. gd2398
Fix Iacuc Questions should appear in bold/italic to improve usability. Fixes 34772. vu2115
Fix Can not add personal to Appendix - HzStaff.java Sequence Name Wrong Fixes 34930. es3139
Fix Revise text to amend a disclosure on COI landing page Fixes 35061. gc2563
Fix COI : Disclosure Amendment - Disclosure Date Search Report Fixes 34293. jh3389
Fix Fix so that appendix H is not relying on HAZMATXRAY field in IRBPROTOCOLHEADER table Fixes 34800. gd2398
Fix Returning a Radiation Safety Form should give the study team back their edit rights. Fixes 34896. es3139
Add Add a warning to the Rascal Homepage that our supported browsers will be changing. Fixes 34993. jh3389
Fix Change Research Coordinator in Rad Safety Personnel to Research Staff Member. Fixes 34605. vu2115
Fix COI Disclosure Amendments - Create PDF for Amendment(s) Fixes 33906. gc2563
Fix Revised P&S website language relating to COI form amendment Fixes 34376. gc2563
Fix New Person Obtaining Consent checkbox Fixes 34483. es3139
Fix Add Departments 7571317 and 7571318 Fixes 34798. yy229
Fix Add Activiti 5.11 sql upgrade to liquibase. Fixes 34482. yi77
Fix COI Disclosure Amendment - Update Permissions Fixes 33936. gc2563
Fix COI Disclosure Amendments - Filing Status Reports Fixes 33905. gc2563
Fix Appendix B biosafety levels modification Fixes 34341. yi77
Fix IRB Document Stamping only displays crown for small set of documents Fixes 33095. yi77
Fix Update the Iacuc Search Page to always include all protocols and include the expiration date. Fixes 34771. yi77
Fix Close Out Queue is broken for RASCAL user Fixes 34825. es3139

Release 5.10.1 – 2013-07-01

Type Changes By
Fix COI amendment function on production Fixes 35264. gc2563
Fix User receives an Iacuc related exception when trying to finalizing a proposal. Fixes 35237. yy229

Release 5.10.2 – 2013-07-08

Type Changes By
Fix Appendix H emails not working when Appendix submitted Fixes 35194. es3139

Release 5.10.3 – 2013-07-10

Type Changes By
Fix Document stamping stamp is askew Fixes 35316. gd2398

Release 5.10.4 – 2013-07-16

Type Changes By
Fix Update Department Tree to include new EIM Departments Fixes 35357. yy229

Release 5.11.0 – 2013-07-31

Type Changes By
Add Datasheets for Iacuc Protocols should be downloaded as pdf Fixes 35244. yy229
Add Update Maven Plugin Dependencies. Fixes 35249. at2582
Add Remove report distribution codes from pt Fixes 30868. vu2115
Fix Appendix H: Cannot view correspondence links and text in Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. Fixes 35482. yi77
Add Edits to questions 1i, 3a, 3b, and 8b in appendix B Fixes 30911. es3139
Add Modifications to Appendix A Fixes 30914. es3139
Fix IACUC Animal Care Expired Protocols Report does not show PI Location - INC0245426 Fixes 35393. jh3389
Add Create new role for IRB Office Administrators Fixes 30499. yi77
Fix COI Correspondence breaks in several versions of IE and Chrome Fixes 35274. gc2563
Add Remove threadlocal code being used for date formating. Fixes 35567. vu2115
Add Upgrade Spring Integration from 2.2.2 -> 2.2.4 Fixes 35288. jh3389
Fix Error, when Approving PT, and answering "yes" to COI Question in chrome / ie10 Fixes 35374. gc2563
Fix COI Amendment filed by person X against annual disclosure Y Fixes 35475. gc2563
Fix COI Creation getting error in Chrome when you input Business Interest of family member Fixes 34945. yi77
Fix Create a "What's happening in Rascal page" Fixes 32079. gd2398
Fix Report Distribution Code lookup in PT doesn't work in IE 9 Fixes 34189. vu2115
Add Add borders to the Staff and Drug tables on Iacuc Datasheets Fixes 35292. yy229
Add On PT Datasheets, display the department code as well as the department name Fixes 35295. vu2115
Fix replacing the unknown symbol � with the right character in html files Fixes 35324. jh3389
Fix missing fetch lazy annotation in HazMats attachment Fixes 35571. at2582
Fix Cannot update Activity Type from Project Officer Data page on proposals. Fixes 35555. yi77
Fix Allow users to file a coi modification even if they have an annual in progress. Fixes 35473. gd2398
Add Update browser information on home and help page Fixes 35368. gd2398
Add Update IRB attach documents disclaimer text Fixes 35305. vu2115
Fix COI Disclosure Filing History - the oldest disclosure not displayed in Chrome Fixes 35070. yi77
Add Upgrade Activiti from 5.12 to 5.13 Fixes 35183. yi77
Add Iacuc datasheets should have a page number on the bottom right of each page Fixes 35542. yi77
Add Proposal Tracking Datasheets should exist as PDF rather than HTML. Fixes 34741. vu2115
Add Upgrade Jasper Reports from 5.0.1 to 5.2.x Fixes 35251. jh3389
Add Upgrade liquibase to version 3.0.x Fixes 35250. jh3389
Fix Filing a filing a COI disclosure is failing for some users using IE. Fixes 35437. gc2563
Add Upgrade itext from 5.4.1 -> 5.4.2 Fixes 35252. jh3389
Add Upgrade Dojo from 1.8.0 to 1.9.1 Fixes 32035. jh3389
Add On general information page, make the text above the checkboxes say "Please select any Research Facilities/Resources that apply" Fixes 34411. vu2115
Fix The PI is no longer displaying on the IRB general search page results Fixes 35348. yy229
Fix Coi Search by Uni Report fails in Chrome 25. Fixes 33799. yi77
Add COI amendment - home screen links/navigation Fixes 35063. gc2563
Fix In IE 8, when filing a COI, removing a business from list should auto update the page. Fixes 35466. gc2563
Fix Changes to be made the the IACUC 60, 45, and 30 day Triennial Notifications Fixes 35396. jh3389
Fix uploading a hippa form run into NPE Fixes 34835. at2582
Add Maven generated artifacts such as poms and reports should always be UTF-8 Fixes 35322. at2582
Fix PT-> Budget -> Sponsor -> Sub Award Sponsor(Popup) -> Search(Popup) -> Select does't copy value of Name into previous Popup. Fixes 34536. at2582
Fix Rascal error in IRB Research page when doing spell checking Fixes 34768. gc2563

Release 5.11.1 – 2013-08-05

Type Changes By
Fix In some instances, if a pt datasheet is viewed concurrently, data may display incorrectly. Fixes 35600. gd2398
Fix Navigating to a NYSPI Animal Care protocol changes the appearance of non NYSPI Protocols. Fixes 35596. yy229

Release 5.12.0 – 2013-09-09

Type Changes By
Add Minutes history search to show when a Rascal minutes addendum was created Fixes 6374. gd2398
Add Create Snapshots for all existing, completed PT records Fixes 35319. gc2563
Fix Add Departments (526040X,5260402,5260404) and correspondent access roles in database through liquibase Fixes 35911. yy229
Fix Cannot delete proposals that have snapshots attached. Fixes 35893. gc2563
Fix PT: PT History "view snap shot" link not enforcing security Fixes 35900. gc2563
Fix Link from Research Summary Report to datasheet 404s Fixes 35858. es3139
Fix Link from Project Officer Notification Queue 404s Fixes 35856. es3139
Fix Link from Proposal Summary Report by UNI 404s Fixes 35859. es3139
Fix Link from Hazardous Materials Report 404s Fixes 35860. es3139
Fix Conflict of Interest Exception Report link to proposal 404s Fixes 35863. es3139
Fix Link from Notification Queue to datasheet 404s Fixes 35855. es3139
Fix Link from proposal tracking approval queue 404s Fixes 35788. es3139
Fix Training center static content should be UTF-8 friendly Fixes 35708. jh3389
Fix PT - PTSNAPSHOT table, make createdby_rid nullable Fixes 35874. gc2563
Fix PT Snapshot retrieval permissions check has to be on PT record not snapshot record Fixes 35869. es3139
Fix COI P&S public disclosure page shows incorrect department information Fixes 35845. at2582
Add Appendix H permissions amended to allow reviewers to see all queues but restrict them from changing ones they aren't assigned to Fixes 35804. gd2398
Fix PT: Remove internal notes from Datasheet / Snap shot Fixes 35847. gc2563
Add Update Additional Information Sample Text Fixes 35812. yi77
Add Create a Form in Hazmat to allow users to indicate whether they need Hep vaccinations Fixes 35129. vu2115
Add Create PT Snapshot of PDF Fixes 35320. gc2563
Fix ptsnapshots should extend abstractauditable Fixes 35794. gc2563
Add Proposal snapshots should be viewable on the proposal history page. Fixes 35725. yi77
Fix In appendix B, there is no singular word "Specie" - it should be "Species" Fixes 35731. yi77
Fix Changing any status on a proposal fails miserably except for registering. Fixes 35793. es3139
Add Enforcer plugin should require java 1.7.0_21 and maven 3.0.4 Fixes 35586. gd2398
Add IRB Protocols with an approved closure should not generate protocol expiration emails. Fixes 35397. yy229
Fix Users shouldn't receive duplicate training expiration notifications Fixes 35529. yy229
Fix IRB - there are Duplicated PIs (sequenceNumber=1) in IRB protocol Fixes 35477. yy229
Fix Users should not be able to be double listed on an appendix H Fixes 35615. gd2398
Add Sort Search Results and easier way to find studies Fixes 33735. gd2398
Add IacucProtocolDataSheetPDFService should throw AccessDeniedException rather then RunTimeException Fixes 35590. yy229
Add IACUC AdverseEvent datasheet should be updated to be the same as other IACUC datasheets. Fixes 35574. yy229
Add Coi history should only display user tasks Fixes 35670. at2582
Fix SimpleEmailImpl should use @Async when sending emails. Fixes 35581. at2582
Add Upgrade spring from 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 Fixes 35580. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.4.2 -> 5.4.3 Fixes 35589. jh3389
Add add the originating department code and name to the IACUC Active Protocols Report. Fixes 35386. jh3389
Fix The initiator on Appendix H should regain edit rights when an appendix H is returned. Fixes 35535. es3139
Fix Suspicious Error related to clearing a disclosure Fixes 33337. at2582

Release 5.12.1 – 2013-09-19

Type Changes By
Fix Cannot delete a proposal in some circumstances. Fixes 35980. gc2563
Fix Datasheet for proposals that are signed out show the status as logged in. Likely pulling wrong snapshot? Fixes 36020. es3139
Fix RadiationSafety: Same protocol number appears twice. Fixes 35914. gd2398
Fix Unable to generate approval emails if there is more than one approver on a proposal Fixes 36000. at2582
Fix When selecting a protocol to associate with an agenda, there is no way to identify what protocol a closure is associated with Fixes 35916. gd2398

Release 5.12.2 – 2013-09-26

Type Changes By
Fix PT Datasheets don't render correctly if they've been logged out after being signed out. Fixes 36103. es3139

Release 5.13.0 – 2013-10-27

Type Changes By
Fix Alter home page notice to warn about PT sponsor lookup changes Fixes 36458. es3139
Add The Rascal Sponsor Lookup should come from an infoEd webservice Fixes 35807. yi77
Add Update help text that appears when selecting a sponsor. Fixes 36265. gc2563
Fix Sponsor Search Results should be ordered by Sponsor Name Fixes 36451. es3139
Fix PT Sponsor search with apostrophe not returning results Fixes 36449. es3139
Fix PT Sponsor lookup search by name shouldn't be case sensitive Fixes 36441. es3139
Add Appendix Search Functionality so Appendix H search brings back those users can view Fixes 35759. gd2398
Add Add "is this a limited competition" question to the pt general information page. Fixes 35721. vu2115
Add "Country of originating Sponsor for incoming subaward" country list should be in alphabetical order Fixes 36295. yi77
Add Stamping flag for staff for staff to identify what documents should be stamped when a protocol is approved. Fixes 32097. gd2398
Fix Add CODE field in sponsor entry page Fixes 36066. yi77
Fix Run Infoed service call on Tomcat/ Configure Spring scheduler for InfoEd Sonsor feed Fixes 36067. yi77
Add Delete all information from sponsor page other than code and name. Fixes 36216. es3139
Fix IACUC Protocol Overview Page is viewable by anybody through the retrieve by protocol number link Fixes 36238. yy229
Fix Initiator of Appendix H should be able to assign to IRB Protocol Fixes 35946. gc2563
Add Add status of "Suspended"; show suspension period on Protocol Overview as currently appears for lapse Fixes 6385. gd2398
Fix Suspicious document stamping error related to pdf signing Fixes 36115. gd2398
Fix Invalid exception when user is attempting to access a proposal snapshot that they don't have access to Fixes 35954. vu2115
Fix Sponsor page - the sponsor lookup and originating sponsor are now both updating the single sponsor code Fixes 36239. es3139
Add The message that pops up when a user takes tc0068 references an old and now incorrect url Fixes 36232. gc2563
Add Export controls language in Proposal Tracking should be updated and synchronized between the form and the datasheet Fixes 35534. es3139
Fix Snapshots should just be returned as a stream to the user. There's no need to copy it into a second pdf. Fixes 35989. vu2115
Add IACUC Protocol history snapshot batch job Fixes 35938. jh3389
Add IACUC - snapshot the protocol at each submission Fixes 13561. jh3389
Fix Suspicious Iacuc related email exception where emails have a semi colon in them Fixes 35792. jh3389
Fix Sponsor code validation at the time of finalization in PT flow Fixes 36068. es3139
Add Upgrade liquibase maven plugin org.liquibase:liquibase-maven-plugin ................. 3.0.2 -> 3.0.4 Fixes 35923. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj maven plugin org.codehaus.mojo:aspectj-maven-plugin ................... 1.4 -> 1.5 Fixes 35922. at2582
Add Upgrade commons-fileupload ................. 1.2.2 -> 1.3 Fixes 35924. at2582
Fix Proposal Tracking: Proposal datasheet is not view-able from protocol when attached in Funding section. Fixes 36122. es3139
Add Update content for Hep Vac Form Page Fixes 36210. at2582
Add Disallow freeform text when adding a new sponsor agency to pt records. Fixes 32678. es3139
Add Modify questions in appendices B, C, and E Fixes 35698. vu2115
Add On space page, modify popup forms for presby and psych to just be a two individual checkbox Fixes 31726. es3139
Add Remove "Equipment Installation Fund Source...." items from the PT space page Fixes 31725. es3139
Fix Missing Office Copy report has a hibernate exception Fixes 35862. es3139
Add Training Center Report by department should have no dependency on whether it displays on the irb/iacuc/pt datasheets. Fixes 35495. vu2115
Add All Training Center Department Reports to be Multiselect Fixes 35740. gd2398
Add Recombinant DNA and Human Gene Transfer questions should display on the PT Datasheet Fixes 27486. vu2115
Add Update ARC Departments Fixes 36044. yy229
Add The IACUC Protocol History page should show a timestamp in addition to a date Fixes 35813. yy229
Add The Iacuc Admin datasheet is no longer necessary and should be removed Fixes 35741. yy229
Add Upgrade spring integration 2.2.4 --> 2.2.5 Fixes 35910. at2582
Fix CURascalGuardian isAuthorized method should be null safe. Fixes 35979. vu2115
Add Remove browser warning message from the homepage Fixes 35925. vu2115
Fix HazMat: The 'Retrieve an Appendix' field does not let you retrieve an appendix if the number is entered first then the appendix is selected when using Internet Explorer 9 Fixes 35944. vu2115
Fix On the Project Officer Data Page, the "Sponsor Code" should not be editable and it should pull the code from whatever sponsor was selected. Fixes 35583. yi77
Fix The proposal approvers page is unneccessarily squished making it hard to see data Fixes 35970. gc2563
Fix PT Signed Off Proposals Report throws error Fixes 35896. vu2115
Fix Development seems to have messed up activiti tables. Fixes 35776. yi77
Add Training courses should auto deploy to dev/test/staging environments and manually be able to deploy to production Fixes 32590. yy229

Release 5.13.1 – 2013-10-28

Type Changes By
Fix IRB Funding page shouldn't be checking permissions for protocol number Fixes 36472. es3139
Fix Add 8003106 and 7590202 to the Rascal Department list Fixes 36461. es3139
Fix Iacuc Snapshot causing exception when creating a continuation? Fixes 36464. yy229

Release 5.13.2 – 2013-10-29

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC - Animal Care Administration page should show protocols that ready for transferring to Granite. Fixes 36482. at2582

Release 5.13.3 – 2013-11-01

Type Changes By
Fix PT: Give users the ability to delete/remove/blank-out a sponsor they selected. Fixes 36510. es3139
Fix IACUC - After a protocol was approved, create notify (approved(DONE)) did not update the current status in protocolHeader table Fixes 36511. at2582

Release 5.13.4 – 2013-11-20

Type Changes By
Fix Some links does not show up when the IRB protocol is suspended Fixes 36696. gd2398
Add IRB - Revise language for termination approval notifications Fixes 30564. yy229

Release 5.14.0 – 2013-12-11

Type Changes By
Add Changes to the IACUC Protocol Expiration E-mails Sent out by RASCAL Fixes 34503. jh3389
Add Add JavaMelody (monitoring tool) to RASCAL webapp Fixes 36386. gd2398
Add Cancer Center CPDM administrators should be able to view correspondence between adminC and the research team Fixes 35854. yy229
Add Upgrade Spring 3.2.4 ---> 3.2.5 Fixes 36471. at2582
Fix Department Report: Proposals Report by UNI is broken with permissions issue Fixes 36877. es3139
Add Add column to main table in hazmat queue showing protocol expiration dates Fixes 35228. vu2115
Fix PT view history is showing links to snapshots that don't exist Fixes 36104. gc2563
Add When approving a proposal, the user should be told the details of what they're approving Fixes 36236. vu2115
Add Update IRB approval letter letterhead to reflect new IRB Address Fixes 36455. vu2115
Fix Add PT Sponsor contact information fields back into the Sponsor page Fixes 36719. es3139
Add IACUC - Add new question to continuation form Fixes 36746. yy229
Fix PT datasheet links in IRB and PT print menus are still pointing at broken servlet page Fixes 36752. es3139
Fix COI Filing Status Reports showing "Never Filed" for disclosures with amendments Fixes 36665. es3139
Fix Appendix H queue email issues - text listing the appendix in the wrong queue Fixes 35947. gc2563
Fix PT : Modify PT History page so that the "withdrawn" and "logged out" statuses link to the PT Snap Shot Fixes 35892. gc2563
Fix Unable to approve an appendix H when the person has the safety Reviewer role and is also staff on the appendix. Fixes 36823. gd2398
Add upgrade spring integration to 2.2.5 ---> 2.2.6 Fixes 36302. yi77
Add Link to sample data use agreement on secure data security page should open the document in a new window. Fixes 34382. gc2563
Add Appendix H return and approval queue should require that the user enter a comment Fixes 35761. es3139
Add Add ability in Appendix H Committee Queue to mark an Appendix ready for committee review Fixes 35760. es3139
Add Reorder print menu page such that consent forms and hipaa forms are at the top Fixes 35882. vu2115

Release 5.14.1 – 2013-12-20

Type Changes By
Add Appendix Staff on attached IACUC protocol are not properly displaying in Appendix Datasheet Fixes 36921. gd2398

Release 5.15.0 – 2014-02-02

Type Changes By
Add Create an affiliation that allows users to be blocked from Rascal without having to remove their other affiliations. Fixes 36949. at2582
Add Request to add either a comments section or a location setting to training module Fixes 28583. gc2563
Fix Consent and HIPAA forms appearing on Closure Print Menu Fixes 37226. es3139
Add Update Rascal Department Tree Fixes 37200. yy229
Fix IRB Attach Document History has questionable logic built into it. Fixes 36261. gd2398
Add iacuc reminder emails are confusing in that the pi is cc'd rather then the primary recipient of the reminder email. Fixes 27482. jh3389
Add Query for PI in "Search for an Appendix" should also search the associated protocols Fixes 36229. gd2398
Fix In IE 11 can't click the Notify Approvers link Fixes 36843. es3139
Add Add a confirmation page to COI attached documents asking if the user really wants to delete an attachment Fixes 33246. at2582
Add Appendix H should not require a previous appendix number for modifications if the initial submission was on paper Fixes 36888. yi77
Add Upgrade dojo 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 Fixes 36863. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.4.3 -> 5.4.5 Fixes 36962. at2582
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.47.0 -> 1.48.0 Fixes 36960. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Integration 2.2.X ---> 3.0.X Fixes 36926. yi77
Add Upgrade Activiti from 5.13 to 5.14 Fixes 35650. at2582
Add Upgrade spring from 3.1 to 4.x Fixes 35889. at2582
Add Upgrade spring security 3.1 > 3.2 Fixes 35873. at2582
Add Consent Form - The initiator in Consent Form could not attach his consent form to the IRB protocol Fixes 36291. vu2115
Add Remove home page help text related to sponsor changes in PT. Fixes 36886. at2582
Add Update Rascal supported browsers page Fixes 36864. at2582
Add Updates to R and RC annual disclosure forms Fixes 36432. gd2398

Release 5.15.1 – 2014-02-03

Type Changes By
Fix IRB Document Stamping failing due to constraint violation Fixes 37242. yi77

Release 5.15.2 – 2014-02-19

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC - Daily Renewal Emails are not being sent Fixes 37375. gd2398
Fix Certification printable view does not show the list of all the courses Fixes 37305. gd2398
Add update disallowed affils to block IDMACCESS_ADTO.ldap:columbia.edu Fixes 37261. at2582

Release 5.15.3 – 2014-02-28

Type Changes By
Fix Add "EIA 4" to the list of housing locations Fixes 37481. at2582

Release 5.16.0 – 2014-03-16

Type Changes By
Add IRB Meeting History Access Fixes 8498. gd2398
Add Letter Generator upgrades + Snapshotting Fixes 24580. gd2398
Fix IRB Log In Queue throwing exceptions. Fixes 37644. yy229
Add Add Alexander Romanov to the list of veterinarians. Fixes 37646. at2582
Add Allow documents to be attached to a JIT Report Fixes 33219. yi77
Add PT Search Page references Agency where it should reference Sponsor Fixes 37639. at2582
Add Change text in PT to make it more "ARC-like" Fixes 37262. es3139
Fix datagrid overlaying certification text when filing an annual COI Fixes 37507. gd2398
Fix Some TC Report is failing horribly Fixes 37475. gc2563
Fix PT Signed Off Proposals report breaking Fixes 37631. at2582
Add Create new Appendix I Fixes 36262. es3139
Fix Language inconsistent between user screen and datasheet for originating country Fixes 37054. es3139
Add Synchronize Deadline Types between InfoEd and Rascal Fixes 37014. es3139
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration 3.0.0.RELEASE -> 3.0.1.RELEASE Fixes 37474. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework:spring- 4.0.0.RELEASE -> 4.0.2.RELEASE Fixes 37473. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework.security:spring-security 3.2.0.RELEASE -> 3.2.1.RELEASE Fixes 37472. at2582
Add Upgrade dojo 1.9.2 --> 1.9.3 Fixes 37451. at2582
Add Remove Logged Out as a status from Proposal Tracking Fixes 37016. es3139
Add Update proposal types in Rascal Fixes 36906. es3139
Add Sponsor should be a required field to register a pt record. Fixes 37147. es3139
Add Make Appendix E available for in vitro submission Fixes 34339. es3139
Add Update IRB Department Admin Report to just return all protocols rather than considering submission date Fixes 37182. es3139
Add Remove PT Correspondence Functionality Fixes 37148. es3139
Add Cleared JIT Reports - cap the number of months queried at 6 and make the report not run until user enters query information. Fixes 32655. es3139
Add Add a link to consent form templates from the consent menu Fixes 37243. es3139

Release 5.16.1 – 2014-03-17

Type Changes By
Fix Releasing an Appendix G throws a class cast exception Fixes 37676. gd2398
Fix INC0362937 - User is unable to download approval letter Fixes 37673. gd2398

Release 5.16.2 – 2014-03-19

Type Changes By
Fix AppendixA has it's oid being generated incorrectly Fixes 37699. gd2398
Fix INC0363520 - IRB Approval letter snapshot is incomplete. Fixes 37690. gd2398

Release 5.16.3 – 2014-03-20

Type Changes By
Fix Creating minutes for Agenda AAAC6101 is creating an exception Fixes 37701. es3139

Release 5.17.0 – 2014-05-04

Type Changes By
Add Make the words "Yes" / "No" display consistently on PT Datasheets Fixes 37974. es3139
Add PT project officer notes should default to several rows when notes are empty Fixes 37977. es3139
Add Sync up departments with finance list for at least departments with users in them Fixes 38043. yy229
Fix Reinstating the JIT flag that was on the PT history page Fixes 38077. es3139
Add Upgrade liquibase 3.0.4 --> 3.1.1 Fixes 36159. at2582
Add Update formatting for data security questions on the IRB datasheet Fixes 37969. es3139
Add Change text on the rascal termination page to 2 business days Fixes 37888. jh3389
Add Make some courses pass/fail Fixes 20582. es3139
Add Updates to IACUC reminder emails Fixes 37750. gc2563
Fix Filing a COI Amendment resets the one year timer on the Annual COI Fixes 37934. es3139
Add Link to IRB manual from within Rascal links to an outdated url Fixes 37970. es3139
Add Appendix E in vitro queue column missing, no link to review appendix from that queue either Fixes 37873. es3139
Add Add department 'ARH Cntr for Urban Real Estate 5061104' and '5061103-ARH Cntr for Global Des & Dev' to RASCAL Fixes 38005. yy229
Add Add department 'PED IFAP Global Health 754240X' to RASCAL Fixes 37971. yy229
Add History page for Radiation Safety Appendices is confusing Fixes 37973. es3139
Add Upgrade maven-changes-plugin 2.9 -> 2.10 Fixes 37982. es3139
Add Upgrade maven-pmd-plugin 3.0.1 -> 3.1 Fixes 37983. es3139
Add Upgrade maven-release-plugin 2.4.2 -> 2.5 Fixes 37984. es3139
Add Upgrade maven-surefire-plugin 2.16 -> 2.17 Fixes 37985. es3139
Add Upgrade Spring Core 4.0.2.RELEASE -> 4.0.3.RELEASE Fixes 37986. es3139
Add Upgrade spring integration from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 Fixes 37987. es3139
Add Upgrade spring security from 3.2.1 to 3.2.3 Fixes 37988. es3139
Add Add lion and cheetah to the IACUC species list Fixes 37997. es3139
Add Automatically populating within the Expedited Review, Exempt, and Pending listings should occur when added to minutes Fixes 37664. es3139
Fix Minutes attendance page has formatting off Fixes 37967. es3139
Fix Protocol Disposition Page has formatting off Fixes 37968. es3139

Release 6.0.0 – 2014-05-18

Type Changes By
Fix Date validation in SECTION II. PAIN/ DISTRESS CATEGORIZATION (vet consult date) allows dates in the future. Note, this should only be checked on submit Fixes 38202. yy229
Fix Questions that the researchers don't see shouldn't appear on the datasheet Fixes 38226. gc2563
Fix Animal Use VII-12 IS NOT SHOWING on the datasheet. Fixes 38234. es3139
Fix Modify documents attached to an IACUC protocol doesnt work Fixes 38225. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Objectives page, could not save the 'Grand total (three years) of animal numbers for experimental purposes' Fixes 38229. es3139
Fix Researcher can modify a withdrawn protocol. They should lose permissions to edit on withdraw. Fixes 38186. es3139
Add NYSPI protocols need to have pain categories question answered Fixes 38149. yy229
Fix Question 3B from the old form should be carried over to the new form under VI-4 Fixes 38208. jh3389
Fix Unable to retrieve existing protocols Fixes 38217. es3139
Fix Several questions, when unanswered are displaying on the IACUC datasheet Fixes 38213. es3139
Add Add text to the Modification/Continuation section for question B Fixes 38216. es3139
Fix Appendix I not viewable from Safety Officer Queue Fixes 38194. es3139
Fix Map old fields to new fields Fixes 37629. yy229
Fix If the PI selects Category B or C, questions II-2, II-3, II-4 still appear on the protocol datasheet Fixes 38205. yy229
Fix On the protocol datasheet, question II-3 should be above Additional Alternatives Information. Fixes 38206. yy229
Fix Update language used when a continuation/modification is created before the effective date of the previously approved submission. Fixes 38199. yi77
Fix Unable to submit a protocol because of "If Section 'V-5' yes, please attach appendix I" Fixes 38200. yy229
Fix When printing datasheet the footer and page number not printing Fixes 38146. gc2563
Fix Date validation in the popup dialog of question VII-11 in Animal Use page allows dates in the future. Fixes 38198. yy229
Fix history page snapshot link works under IACUC view and doesn't work under Admin view Fixes 38188. yy229
Fix IACUC - Add Admin Action page link on the new sidebar Fixes 38112. yy229
Fix In the modification questions section a, the question says "in 300 words or less" but allows unlimited text. Fixes 38178. es3139
Fix Endpoint Criteria question IX-5 answer is not appearing on the datasheet Fixes 38196. es3139
Fix Modification questions e and f not saving Fixes 38195. es3139
Fix It's not clear what the question is in section b of the modification section Fixes 38177. es3139
Fix Protocol Submit validation breaking Fixes 38191. es3139
Fix IACUC - Funding page is Section I-3, it shows I-4 in the validation message Fixes 38163. es3139
Fix Viewing the continuation modification page for a continuation already in progress throws an exception Fixes 38175. es3139
Fix IACUC - Personnel page get access deny after initiator remove his/her role as PI Fixes 38161. es3139
Fix Comparison of String objects using == or != in edu.columbia.rascal.presentation.controller.iacuc.IacucAdverseController.attachRptOnSubmit(String, Long, IacucAdverseAttachment, MultipartFile, Model) Fixes 38152. gc2563
Fix Copy IACUC protocol is not working Fixes 38156. es3139
Add NYSPI protocols need to have a way to enter grand total of animals and Haz Mats Fixes 38142. es3139
Fix IacucProtocolHeaderService.java:310, RC_REF_COMPARISON, Priority: High Fixes 38154. gc2563
Fix Spelling correction in Animal Use section - "weighted" should be weighed. Fixes 38169. es3139
Fix Cannot create a modification or renewal on staging Fixes 38165. es3139
Fix Unable to retrieve AAAH8700 Fixes 38164. es3139
Fix IacucProtocolDataSheetPDFService.java:1879, EC_UNRELATED_TYPES, Priority: High Fixes 38153. gc2563
Fix session expiration notice not working in IACUC 2.0 Fixes 37519. gc2563
Add Update registration and license questions on appendix I Fixes 38148. yy229
Add Add PDF comparison tool to IACUC view history page Fixes 37912. gd2398
Fix Personnel lab numbers aren't being copied over Fixes 38144. jh3389
Fix Fields not copying forward as part of migration for submissions in a creating state Fixes 37827. jh3389
Add Users should have the ability to "copy" procedures in the pain section Fixes 38042. gc2563
Fix Pain Category : Add procedure in ii-2 No longer working in IE8 Fixes 37908. gc2563
Add Add four more species Fixes 38143. es3139
Fix Drugs that are imported are not validating when volume is blank on all of them Fixes 38130. es3139
Add remove the Non-Columbia Training/Experience text box from the Personnel section Fixes 38123. yy229
Fix "Section V. Drug, Reagent, Compound Administration" error shows up on submit with no cause Fixes 38127. es3139
Fix add the attached guideline: Assumption of Responsibility for Rodent Care Services to Question IV-4 Fixes 38125. es3139
Add move the Endpoints in Animal Study Proposals guideline from the bottom to the top under the question IX-3 Fixes 38126. es3139
Add move the Non-Pharmaceutical Grade guideline from the bottom to the top under the question in V-7 Fixes 38124. es3139
Fix Invalid validation error while submitting IACUC protocol Fixes 38100. es3139
Fix Email host settings changed from "localhost" to "${SmtpHost}" Fixes 38110. es3139
Add in section IX.6, “Thoracotomy” should be changed to “Bilateral thoracotomy”. MJ Fixes 38096. es3139
Fix New view history page doesn't include information, even if there are appendices attached. Fixes 38020. yy229
Add Surgery - VIII-2 change the radio button to check boxes for multiple selection Fixes 38070. es3139
Add Surgery - new link for VII-2 Fixes 38071. es3139
Fix AppendixI datasheet does not reflect attached IACUC staff. Fixes 37705. at2582
Add V.1 and V.2 - Must be able to use letters such as “NA” in the box for Maximum Volume Fixes 38060. es3139
Fix Animal Care Returned Events report randomly has the first result row bolded Fixes 38021. yi77
Fix From the administrator queue, there are links to old print menu/history/overview pages Fixes 38016. jh3389
Fix From the committee review queue, there are links to old print menu / overview/ history pages Fixes 38017. jh3389
Fix Active Protocols with Funding information report includes rows for null data Fixes 38022. yi77
Fix Location page not rendering correctly in Firefox Fixes 38087. es3139
Add Objectives - Allow 0 as an option for each value in procedure and animal counts Fixes 38066. es3139
Add Objectives VI-4 make filling out the procedures table optional Fixes 38064. es3139
Add Objectives add main question to VI-4 Fixes 38063. es3139
Add Pain and Distress section add links for most commonly used databases Fixes 38058. yy229
Add Add Intrarectal as a route of administration in the Drugs section. Fixes 38078. yy229
Add Euthanasia - IX.5 If “cervical dislocation” or “decapitation” is selected, the investigator must be prompted to provide scientific justification in a text box. Fixes 38073. yy229
Add Change “Grand Total (three years) of animal numbers for breeding” to “Estimated Grand total (three years) of numbers of breeders and offspring”. Fixes 38065. es3139
Add Section IV-Locations: DELETE Question IV-4 Fixes 38059. es3139
Add Animal Use - VII-11: Change “Peptide” to “Nonpharmaceutical grade peptide” Fixes 38068. es3139
Add Animal Use - VII -6, -7, -8, -10 Put link to Guideline right under the question as with V-11 Fixes 38067. es3139
Add Change "Rascal Proposal" to "Rascal Proposal (Government Grant / Contract)" Fixes 38057. es3139
Add Euthanasia - IX-5 Add “Decapitation under anesthesia”, “Cervical dislocation with anesthesia” and “Euthanex chamber” to the drop down menu Fixes 38072. yy229
Add Euthanasia - IX.5 Change “Carbon dioxide (CO2) inhalation” to “Carbon Dioxide (CO2) inhalation with secondary method” Fixes 38074. yy229
Add IX.5 Add a couple of links under the “AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia” link Fixes 38075. yy229
Fix Drugs change question V-8 suboption to "Will anybody other than ICM be administering controlled substances" Fixes 38062. yy229
Fix saving a paralytic drug before the parent question erases the parent question. Fixes 37867. yy229
Fix Reorder "protocol action" in left navigation such that submit is at the top Fixes 38015. yi77
Fix Hazmat Header on Print Menu should be hidden if there are no attached appendices Fixes 38012. yi77
Fix Validation for General Anesthetic question being required is coming back "V-3" instead of "V-5" Fixes 38041. es3139
Fix Question V-8 still dictating Appendix I required even after V-8 no longer YES Fixes 38040. es3139
Fix PI should be able to submit IACUC protocol even if they are not an emergency contact Fixes 38039. es3139
Fix Fix reports to link to new protocol pages Fixes 38019. es3139
Fix Pain Categorization information broke when trying to save literature search Fixes 38035. es3139
Fix IACUC - LOCATION, Clean Controller codes, move some methods to service layer Fixes 38036. yy229
Fix The Search for a Protocol search is resulting in the old IACUC links Fixes 37995. yi77
Fix Attaching a PT record to an IACUC protocol should display the PT number on the funding page Fixes 38013. es3139
Fix Selecting a role on the personnel page has the drop down widget all blue Fixes 38014. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Drug, Could not modify Other drug/agent information. Fixes 38024. yy229
Fix The same training information appears multiple times in the datasheet Fixes 37993. jh3389
Fix Saving the surgery page the timestamp did not appear if it's 'No' Fixes 37994. jh3389
Fix Add "Intraaural" as another route of administration in each of the dropdowns in the drug section Fixes 37956. jh3389
Fix Animal Use - add "Please explain" if user answers NO to question VII-11 Fixes 37957. jh3389
Fix In Drugs section default V-8 to YES if researcher selects any of a number of drugs in answer to any of the other questions Fixes 37913. es3139
Fix IacucModContinueController should be using a validator. not hard coded conditional checks. Fixes 37563. yy229
Fix Pain Categorization - move question II-3 between II-2 and questions a, b, and c Fixes 37958. yy229
Fix HazMat page does not have a "last saved" date at the top Fixes 37910. jh3389
Fix Copy protocol is not copying Document type in attach documents page. Fixes 37945. yy229
Add Iacuc Training dates don't display training from before 1999. remove the date check Fixes 17993. gd2398
Fix Legacy funding data either needs to be migrated or removed for in progress protocols Fixes 37847. es3139
Fix The drugs listed in the drug dropdown on V-2 should not vary based on species Fixes 37922. es3139
Fix Drugs page remove Yes follow up question and replace with validation check on protocol submit that Appendix I is attached Fixes 37914. yy229
Fix Add question to the Surgery question after VIII-2, renumber questions after it Fixes 37902. gc2563
Fix Modification/Continuation break up Question D into three questions Fixes 37904. yy229
Fix Modification/Continuation change to text in Question B Fixes 37903. yy229
Fix Add two routes of administration to the drop down in the Drugs Section Fixes 37901. es3139
Fix Approval process breaks - access denied on write to IacucStaff Fixes 37911. es3139
Fix HazMat: Complete the following applicable APPENDICES/ATTACHMENTS , help not working Fixes 37907. yy229
Fix The link on the SUBMIT page, when there are errors for "VIII. Hazardous Materials" does not work Fixes 37909. yy229
Fix File upload breaks in IRB in iacucRework branch Fixes 37897. es3139
Add Question VII-13 should be moved to the Hazardous Materials section Fixes 37855. yy229
Add When a page has validation errors, choose friendlier language than "Please resolve errors on page." Fixes 37856. gc2563
Fix Left nav changing when working on an adverse event Fixes 37811. es3139
Fix When trying to add Personnel as a Rascal user on Staging user lookup window displaying wrong page Fixes 37885. es3139
Fix IACUC staff validator throws a null pointer exception for legacy protocols on submit. Fixes 37858. gc2563
Fix Pain procedures dialog displays validation messages on initial load before the user has had a chance to enter information Fixes 37868. yy229
Fix Unable to create a modification/continuation/adverse event Fixes 37808. yy229
Fix Withdrawing a protocol is producing an error Fixes 37841. gc2563
Fix IACUC - Add snapshot in withdrawn a protocol Fixes 37877. yy229
Fix Adverse Event copies approval / effective / expiration date on AE creation? Fixes 37825. es3139
Fix IACUC - Please note that in the Drugs section, the maximum volume is a requirement. Fixes 37758. gc2563
Fix Can bypass validation and submit protocol anyway. Fixes 37777. jh3389
Fix Adverse Event, V - Necropsy report Attachment validation doesn't work Fixes 37662. gc2563
Fix Update text in section II-2 to reflect that the literature search should have been in the past three months. Fixes 37818. jh3389
Fix Increase the size of the DEA question on the drugs page to 500 chars Fixes 37820. jh3389
Fix If Pain Categories B&C hide rest of screen and Question II-4 should have radio removed and only be required on protocol submit not page validation Fixes 37840. yy229
Fix Training page for admin courses doesn't make sense. Fixes 37829. gd2398
Fix IACUC - Adverse Event, change question VI size from 500 characters to unlimited. Fixes 37842. yy229
Fix Remove funding details from departmental funding Fixes 37837. es3139
Add In IACUC, each page should have a timestamp at the top of the page. Fixes 37713. jh3389
Fix Transactions are messed up during copy Fixes 37809. yy229
Fix Drugs -- > V-4 Add Paralytic Drug Diag is not saving Fixes 37826. es3139
Fix Adverse Event left navigation should be made more similar to mods/conts. Fixes 37812. gc2563
Fix Training credit repeats header values over and over. Fixes 37828. es3139
Fix On the pain page increase text fields for procedure and keywords fields to 200 characters Fixes 37817. yy229
Fix Fix number on protocol overview page to YXXMXX Fixes 37810. gc2563
Fix update help text for triennial renewal question on protocol general page. Fixes 37816. es3139
Fix update pain category selection options text Fixes 37821. es3139
Fix Adverse Event text for "has this protocol changed" is out of order on datasheet Fixes 37814. gc2563
Fix Pain --> II-2 "indicate the procedure" diag is not validating correctly Fixes 37819. gc2563
Fix Protocol history page should have the link from the "Event" behave similar to the existing history page Fixes 37561. yy229
Fix URLs on the IACUC datasheet should either consistently be blue or black - but not both. Fixes 37786. yy229
Fix Datasheets for protocols under review should be pulling most recent snapshot - not regenerating the pdf. Fixes 37798. es3139
Add Fix authorization to in IACUC by Migrating to Spring Security ACLs to determine access/roles Fixes 28419. es3139
Fix IACUC - DRUGS SECTION In the Drugs section, update Question the help text in V-1, the ICM suggested Formulary link is a pdf document Fixes 37755. yy229
Fix Iacuc copy failing on "getVersion" Fixes 37765. yy229
Fix Drugs: If answer to V-2 = "NO" Section V-3 should hide. Fixes 37782. gc2563
Fix Pain Categorization section, Questions ii-2a, b, c are not required Fixes 37780. gc2563
Fix On the funding page, user shouldn't be able to enter the same PT record twice by manually typing in the PT Number. Fixes 37768. es3139
Add SECTION I-3. Funding Status, Funded by department : Remove "Departmental" from Dialog and move checkbox to page Fixes 37749. es3139
Fix Funding page should allow a user to only select one of the funding types per funding source Fixes 37772. es3139
Fix Question IV-2 should always be displayed regardless of what the user had selected in the previous question. Fixes 37659. gc2563
Add On the Animal Use page add two new fields in VII-8 Fixes 37710. yy229
Add Move help text in funding section to be on the page itself and remove the help button. Fixes 37779. gc2563
Fix Add a new question to first year submissions to solicit previous protocol number for triennial submissions. Fixes 37771. yy229
Fix Overview page needs to be fixed for users who don't have access to all events Fixes 37761. es3139
Add Remove titles from Form Dialogs Fixes 37552. gc2563
Fix IACUC -Drug section, make V-4 and V-7 text fields larger Fixes 37754. gc2563
Fix Training Center Course Listing should not display unless the person has taken a course. Fixes 37759. jh3389
Fix Question IV-4- Objectives, modify button does not work on first record Fixes 37716. jh3389
Fix Canine use question child question shouldn't appear if no. Fixes 37666. yy229
Fix Restrict protocol submission to PI role Fixes 37733. jh3389
Fix If the initiator adds them self to the protocol with view access they lose the ability to edit the protocol Fixes 37722. es3139
Fix Attempting to approve an IACUC protocol results in Access denied. Fixes 37679. at2582
Fix IACUC - GENERAL SECTION The second link: The Federal Animal Welfare Act does not work. Fixes 37757. at2582
Fix Break up modification and continuation into separate pages to avoid confusion over "Continuation/Modification" Fixes 37763. at2582
Fix Cannot create an adverse event unless you have write access Fixes 37680. es3139
Fix Unable to retrieve any PT records on https://wwwdemo.rascal.columbia.edu Fixes 37739. es3139
Fix Pain --> give date of veterinary consultation: Validate for Past Date regardless of category Fixes 37760. gc2563
Fix Appendix I can't be attached to IACUC protocols? Fixes 37495. es3139
Fix Synch up exceptions with new max sizes on locations page. Fixes 37744. yy229
Fix Approving a protocol needs to be a seperate action than saving a protocol. Saving requires write access. Fixes 37668. es3139
Fix Locations Field Size Updates Fixes 37742. yy229
Fix Section VII-2 has a validator that says 750 characters, but database only allows 500 Fixes 37729. yy229
Fix PAIN -- > II-4. Has an ICM veterinarian --> f yes, give date of veterinary : Validation Not Working Fixes 37700. yy229
Fix IACUC - Animal Use page should have unlimited field size Fixes 37709. yy229
Fix all of the fields have unlimited text in endpoint criteria Fixes 37725. yy229
Fix Continuation/Modification questions should display on the IACUC datasheets Fixes 37734. yy229
Add Update help IACUC Help Text Fixes 37712. gc2563
Fix Submitting a protocol doesn't create a snapshot or set the submission date. Fixes 37688. gd2398
Fix Pain , Section II : For each procedure indicate the procedure... Should be Required Fixes 37706. gc2563
Fix Validation should contain a generic message if the page has validation messages Fixes 37619. gc2563
Fix IACUC - Location Modify on IV-3, IV-4 and IV5 questions Also Object VI-4 animal number table is required. Fixes 37707. yy229
Fix Update text in drugs section to give better instructions on how to attach an appendix I Fixes 37732. at2582
Fix IACUC - Surgery section should have unlimited text fields.(request from Ranjana's testing report on 20140318.doc) Fixes 37714. yy229
Fix Iacuc left nav missing copy link on not modifiable protocol Fixes 37667. gd2398
Fix Update "Grand Total of Animals" to read "Grand Total of Animals (three years)" Fixes 37728. at2582
Fix IACUC - Some sql like populate IacucProtocol table, add parentProtocolID in IacucProtocolHeader table and update IacucProtocol sequence Fixes 37727. yy229
Fix Update special needs language in section IV-5 Fixes 37723. at2582
Fix PI should not be able to be changed after an initial protocol is approved. Fixes 37648. gc2563
Fix Return to PI doesn't reset permissions. Fixes 37669. es3139
Fix IACUC - Attach Appendix need some updates --request from Ranjana's testing report in 20140318.doc Fixes 37711. at2582
Fix IACUC - DataSheet, remove I-2 and I-2.1 statements Fixes 37693. yy229
Fix Personnel need to be able to flag which users will be working with hazmats - similar to exists on current production. Fixes 37625. gd2398
Fix Text wrapping poorly on protocol overview page Fixes 37689. gc2563
Fix Protocol overview page should have newest submission at the top Fixes 37670. gc2563
Fix Overview Page text should say "Continuation" for a Continuation NOT "Modification" Fixes 37684. gc2563
Fix SECTION IV Location, IV-1 YES, IV-2 a. Will non-USDA regulated...... Field should be required Fixes 37683. gc2563
Fix Separate left hand side link name from 'Modification/Continuation' to 'Modification Information' or 'Continuation Information' Fixes 37692. yy229
Fix On the Protocol Overview page, the status names are different than in the actual protocol Fixes 37687. yy229
Fix IACUC - DRUG, change III-5 and III-6 to V-5 and V-6 in V-4 and add one more textBox for new field 'scientifically justify ' Fixes 37652. gc2563
Fix Delete children on page save Fixes 37620. yy229
Fix Attempting to navigate to a hazmat page when user has an appendix I throws a null pointer exception Fixes 37657. yy229
Fix VII-10 Animal Use: validation message not displaying Fixes 37672. gc2563
Fix SECTION II. PAIN/ DISTRESS CATEGORIZATION -- > II-2 Add Procedure causes exception Fixes 37663. at2582
Fix In Pain Category section II-2, entering bogus data into date fields results in a 1970s date Fixes 37647. at2582
Fix Update links to documents to be internal links with descriptive text. Fixes 37520. gd2398
Fix Craft the proper text for explaining how to attach a proposal number to IACUC funding section Fixes 37449. at2582
Fix Surgery Page Text Changes from Dr. Shoulson Fixes 37626. gd2398
Fix Adverse Event validation message not showing - 'V - Necropsy Performed', if 'yes', please describe ... Fixes 37661. gc2563
Fix Surgery page was losing header information after validation Fixes 37655. gc2563
Fix HTTP Post methods in IACUC should use @ModelAttribute to make IE not break Fixes 37394. gc2563
Fix IACUC - PAIN CATEGORIZATION In II-4, the date of the veterinary consultation cannot be a future date. Fixes 37649. yy229
Fix IACUC - FUNDING SECTION, change section “Funded by departmental” to “Departmental funded” or “Funded by department”. Fixes 37651. yy229
Fix Poor grammar in section II-4 Fixes 37653. at2582
Fix Saving Adverse Event and leave V, VI blank deletes page data after validation fail Fixes 37583. es3139
Fix IACUC - Modification, “USDA/Pain Distress” column after “Species.” This column should be carried over to 2.0. Fixes 37598. yy229
Fix Left Justify the "blue arrow" that opens the selection window Fixes 37543. gc2563
Fix Objectives --> Experiment or Procedure --> When adding second row values default to 1 Fixes 37632. at2582
Fix Objective -->Experiment or Procedure : Allow >=0 not > 0 Fixes 37630. at2582
Fix Drug pages has duplicate error messages Fixes 37609. gc2563
Fix IACUCPAINCATEGORYPROCEDURE either needs to not allow the user to insert a null value or else the database needs to allow it. Fixes 37592. yy229
Fix Endpoint Criteria changes from Dr. Shoulson Fixes 37627. gd2398
Add IACUC Copy Protocol link not appearing if person is committee member and on personnel list. Fixes 31887. gc2563
Fix “Animal Care Menu” is missing “ICM Guidelines” and “Edit Person Information” links Fixes 37410. es3139
Fix Depending on whether the user has view or edit access, the first page users see when navigating to a protocol is different. Fixes 37173. es3139
Fix Location page is showing double validation messages Fixes 37610. gc2563
Fix For Question V-4, it should now state, “If Yes, scientifically justify and answer question V-5 and V-6.” Fixes 37637. at2582
Fix In Question V-2, the word “Will” is not bolded like the rest of the words in the question. The whole question should not be bold. Fixes 37633. at2582
Fix Modifying a procedure creates a new record rather than "modifying" Fixes 37562. yy229
Fix IACUC - Pain Category, II-2. make the dialog title more specific Fixes 37605. yy229
Fix IACUC - Modification/Continuation testing results bugs by Ranjana on 20140227 Fixes 37581. yy229
Add copy protocol information to subsequent modifications in iacuc similar to what the IRB does. Fixes 15869. at2582
Add Increase font size for Iacuc datasheets. Fixes 35723. at2582
Fix SECTION V -- > V-1 "Pain and Distress". First two options are NOT required section two ARE Required Fixes 37447. at2582
Fix Personnel table should have same columns as datasheet except for delete trash can Fixes 37569. gc2563
Fix IACUC - Location Section, when select 'Other' for building the Floor and Room Number should not be mandatory Fixes 37597. at2582
Fix IACUC -Personnel Section, Got error message when enter 500 characters in Procedure and Experience fields Fixes 37606. gc2563
Fix "Pain Category --> V-3" No red error text next to required field when page is saved Fixes 37525. gc2563
Fix Submit Page: "Please complete the answers in section v." Fixes 37577. at2582
Fix IACUC - Reorder the Iacuc forms Fixes 37579. yy229
Fix Don’t line wrap a word in the middle of a word on the datasheet . Fixes 37323. gc2563
Fix IACUC Data Sheet, under "Methods of euthanasia" a html </form:option> tag is displaying Fixes 37544. gc2563
Fix IACUC - Approve a protocol is broken. Fixes 37596. yy229
Add Make left navigation show the current page you're on. Fixes 37493. gc2563
Fix "Section VI, DESCRIPTION OF ANIMAL USE" on the SUBMIT error page: specify the required field by name. Fixes 37521. yy229
Fix Section V -- > V-2 "For each procedure indicate" no text around blue arrow is confusing Fixes 37448. yy229
Fix PAIN and DISTRESS --> V-2 “specify teach procedure indicate” Re-word this text Fixes 37440. yy229
Fix "Pain Category" move (a) and (b) text to V-2 section. Fixes 37523. yy229
Fix Section V-2 makes no sense. What is it supposed to look like? Fixes 37550. yy229
Fix Update formatting on certification section on datasheet to use consistent font size Fixes 37402. yy229
Fix Pushing the cancel button when adding personnel results in error page. Fixes 37558. gc2563
Fix Adverse Event: Make fragment a sentence "Applies to vertebrate species..." Fixes 37547. gc2563
Fix Mousing over the add funding link asks me if i want to add personnel Fixes 37565. at2582
Fix Make bold font face for "PI" in Personnel page Fixes 37559. jh3389
Fix Saving objective when running into rejection (Objective Section) Fixes 37557. jh3389
Fix Change "PI already assigned" and delete the 2nd sentence in the personnel dialog box (Personnel Section) Fixes 37556. jh3389
Fix In the drug listings, Tramdol should be spelled Tramadol Fixes 37554. at2582
Fix IX-3 - Make CLOB Fixes 37530. jh3389
Fix IX-4 - Make CLOB Fixes 37531. jh3389
Fix Decide how to show “submit” verification errors in a way to make it easier for the users. Fixes 37331. at2582
Fix When adding Personnel, Invalid Phone Numbers are Saving Fixes 37415. jh3389
Fix No need to indicate that PI is an abbreviation Fixes 37551. at2582
Fix VII-4 - make clob Fixes 37528. jh3389
Fix VII-3 a/b - Make CLOB Fixes 37529. jh3389
Fix VII-11 , VII-7 , VII-10 c. : Change : (Required if "minor" or "Major" checked in VII-2 above.) Fixes 37537. jh3389
Fix IX-3, IX-4 : Change error text to "Please answer question IX-3" "Please answer question IX-4" Fixes 37542. jh3389
Fix Section X: References- we provide 3 references sources, but only the Guide shows. Shouldn’t they all show up Fixes 37482. jh3389
Fix Correct spelling of "required" on SUBMIT page Fixes 37533. jh3389
Fix SECTION I-5. Personnel Roles - Add a space between "responsibilities,technical " Fixes 37535. jh3389
Fix Explicitly AJAX call for adding animal numbers in objective section Fixes 37548. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Validate submission, checked all radio button as NO in Section II, when submit the protocol, it request to attach 'management plan' document Fixes 37546. yy229
Fix Entering a Duration of procedure concatenates the text where it should warn of max size. Fixes 37288. yy229
Fix IACUC - Personnel Section, When add more PI, the message should be: "PI already assigned" Fixes 37545. yy229
Fix Entering a room number concatenates the text where it should warn of max size. Fixes 37287. yy229
Fix V-1 - Category E : change "is" to "are" Fixes 37534. yy229
Fix VI-4 Enrichment Program:Environmental : Add space after ":" Fixes 37536. yy229
Fix V-2 PAIN/ DISTRESS CATEGORIZATION - MAke Database fields free text and increase pop-up size Fixes 37524. yy229
Fix Location Section – Change text to “Columbia non-ICM…..” and remove "other" Fixes 37522. yy229
Fix VI-1. Narrative - Make clob Fixes 37527. yy229
Fix SECTION II. NON-ICM ANIMAL Question II-1 - Remove other add "Columbia" before label Fixes 37526. yy229
Fix Correct Spelling of "Chosen" on SUBMIT Page Fixes 37532. yy229
Fix IACUC - Animal Use page from Ranjana's testing result Fixes 37409. yy229
Fix Creating a modification/renewal/copy in some situations creates an error page. Fixes 37397. yy229
Add Updates to IACUC Continuation and Modification language Fixes 36890. yy229
Fix On external funding page, "filed" is spelled "field" Fixes 37516. at2582
Fix Triennial Renewal should be created from protocol overview page and automatically make the association between IACUC records. Fixes 36964. yy229
Fix The word "ModCon" isn't appropriate for the modification / continuation section. Fixes 37392. yy229
Fix Don't show the deparmental funding status if not funded by departmental Fixes 37518. jh3389
Fix save adverse event report error Fixes 37483. jh3389
Fix IACUC is an acronym, it should be capitalized. Fixes 37517. at2582
Fix Preface links to Proposal records on Funding Info Page with "PT-" Fixes 37444. jh3389
Fix Objective --> "Add animal number" Produces Error Fixes 37419. jh3389
Fix "Add Personnel" text should be black Fixes 37439. jh3389
Fix "Add Funding Status" font text should be black Fixes 37437. jh3389
Fix Add an input proposal number box in IACUC Funding Fixes 37452. jh3389
Fix Change adverse event link in overview page Fixes 37501. jh3389
Fix Use singular noun for “Method of euthanasia” Fixes 37478. jh3389
Fix Click save button - Can’t tell if information really saved Fixes 37479. jh3389
Fix Validation should occur before the certification text when approving a protocol Fixes 37492. jh3389
Fix CHANGEREQ field in adverse event isn't correctly validating the maximum size. Fixes 37476. jh3389
Fix SECTION II. --> 11.1 Non-ICM Procedure Locations fails submit validation when "no" is selected Fixes 37445. yy229
Fix Spelling corrections for Darprofen and Fquithesia in drugslookup table Fixes 37443. yy229
Fix Use the proper verb tense in General page Fixes 37477. yy229
Fix Clicked “View Datasheet” Section I-3 doesn’t indicate “Training/Teaching” protocol. Should agree with Rascal, right Fixes 37480. yy229
Fix IACUC - Location, Update Purpose and Building lookup List and modify the logic Fixes 37486. yy229
Fix IACUC - DRUG, change III-7 to clob datatype Fixes 37469. yy229
Fix When creating a modification or continuation, header information is empty. Fixes 37390. yy229
Fix Modifications and Continuations should not allow for updates to species or "Submitting to" Fixes 37398. yy229
Fix IACUC protocol submission of validating messages with hyper links Fixes 37471. jh3389
Add Training requirements for personnel page should be pulled from TC released iacuc courses. Fixes 37387. jh3389
Fix Entering large amounts of data into CONTAINER field results in error page Fixes 37291. yy229
Fix IACUC - Attachment, add 'Other' and 'External IACUC Approval Letter' to the document type list Fixes 37464. yy229
Add For section v-4, change free text to a date of consultation field and a drop down list of vets Fixes 37037. yy229
Fix Locations page , section II-5 error on save. Timestamp 11:51:38 Fixes 37320. yy229
Fix Switch Slide Widget to Popup Widget Globally. Fixes 37368. jh3389
Fix IACUC - The Protocol Data Sheet is cutting off words at the top of each page. Fixes 37389. yy229
Add Section III-4 and III-5 are child sections that only displays if they say yes to III-3 Fixes 37032. yy229
Fix “Protocol Type” should be “Teaching/Training” not “Teacher” Fixes 37310. yy229
Fix IACUC - Personnel Validation Message "(list at least two besides PI.)" Fixes 37355. at2582
Fix IACUC - Add Personnel Page Confusing / Emergency Contact Validation Msg Position Fixes 37353. jh3389
Fix Section I-4 after selecting the PT, fields are still empty. Fixes 37276. jh3389
Fix Iacuc adverse event Fixes 37175. jh3389
Fix Personnel validation when submitting IACUC protocol Fixes 37274. jh3389
Fix Locations page, make the text boxes wider Fixes 37319. yy229
Fix Clean up validation error messages to at least be consistent. Fixes 37278. jh3389
Fix II-1 Section II the word “live” should go between “where” and “animal” Fixes 37317. at2582
Fix IACUC -DRUG, dosage (mg/kg) should be changed to (e.g., mg/kg) since not all of the drugs are mg/kg. Fixes 37458. yy229
Fix IACUC - Change “1-2.1” to “I-2.1”. (typo) Fixes 37270. yy229
Fix LOCATIONS SECTION Fixes 37350. yy229
Fix IACUC - Researcher only need to answer General/Funding/Location/Personnel/Appendix/Attachment page when Protocol is submitted to NYSPI Fixes 37268. yy229
Fix IACUC datasheet needs to be updated to work with new data. Fixes 37043. yy229
Fix Change “Retrieve Protocol(s)” to singular “Retrieve Protocol” Fixes 37307. jh3389
Fix Adding personnel opens a small dialog with nothing but an X in it. Fixes 37431. jh3389
Fix if “other” is selected for Drug, then “Specify Other Drug” should be required Fixes 37325. yy229
Fix On the funding page, the text box explanation for gift should be the same size as the other text fields Fixes 37400. jh3389
Fix Correct spelling of "INVESTIGATOR'S" on submit page Fixes 37438. at2582
Fix Submitting IACUC protocol for NYSPI Fixes 37279. jh3389
Fix IACUC: Funding page does not display proposal number in user's finalized proposal list Fixes 37236. jh3389
Add Section VI-3 is required if the user is submitting a protocol using dogs/canines. Fixes 37039. yy229
Fix Print Menu --> View History Opening in New Browser Fixes 37422. at2582
Fix Correct spelling on “My propotols” to “My protocols” on IACUC menu Fixes 37306. jh3389
Fix Entering a floor for IACUC locations page should be numeric - and also errors out with large inputs Fixes 37286. yy229
Fix IACUC - "SECTION IV. OBJECTIVES & RATIONALE" - Clicking 'SAVE' deletes text area data Fixes 37344. jh3389
Fix Entering large amounts of data into isdadetail field results in error page Fixes 37289. yy229
Fix Section VIII is missing Fixes 37277. jh3389
Fix Remove Federal Agency in IACUC Funding section Fixes 37446. jh3389
Fix Don't use abbreviation “Trng.” for “Training” Fixes 37313. jh3389
Add Add static text to popup window for new IACUC form for information about hazmat appendix requirements Fixes 36837. yy229
Fix Change "please give detail" to "please explain"; change "IC-" to "AC-"; Date format Fixes 37347. yy229
Add On the locations page, floor should allow numbers only Fixes 37025. yy229
Fix Methods of Euthanasia for RASCAL Form Section IX-4, IX-5 Fixes 37068. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Drug remove “total number of doses” in all drug details Fixes 37433. yy229
Fix Please add federal funding for the funding status Fixes 37309. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Pain Category, V-2. change databases from free text to multiple selection dropdown list Fixes 37412. yy229
Add If selecting "Other" on the General Information Page, "Give detail" should be required but not for other options. Fixes 37022. yy229
Fix On surgery page, I should be told all required fields. Not one field by one field. Fixes 37128. jh3389
Fix SECTION III header should have a space between drugs Fixes 37322. yy229
Fix Validation page after protocol submission overlays onto the footer Fixes 37335. jh3389
Fix funding page input Fixes 37176. jh3389
Fix Typo in PERSONNEL SECTION Fixes 37349. jh3389
Add In section II-4, there should be a free text box if the user selects yes Fixes 37029. yy229
Fix IACUC - Under the “Create Protocol” tab, change “Iacuc” to “IACUC”. Fixes 37272. yy229
Add The IACUC Adverse Event pages should have their content updated. Fixes 36098. jh3389
Fix SURGERY SECTION Questions VII-3, VII-4, V-II-11 should be unlimited free text length Fixes 37407. jh3389
Fix Question II-2 , USDA question . Both questions cannot be “yes”. This question is dependent on the species. It would be nice of this question could be conditional based on the species Fixes 37318. yy229
Fix “Add personnel” ‘button’ is not obvious that it should be clicked to add personnel. Fixes 37316. jh3389
Fix Rascal Team will come up with some ideas to handle “specify other drug” field Fixes 37326. at2582
Fix DRUGS SECTION Fixes 37351. yy229
Fix Validation messages are out of place when attempting to create a mod/cont without answering appropriate questions Fixes 37391. jh3389
Fix IACUC - For consistency, All empty sections/fields should be show the same way Fixes 37273. yy229
Fix RASCAL IACUC New Form - Testing Fixes 37297. yy229
Fix IACUC - Add AttachmentType field into Iacuc attach document page. Fixes 37386. jh3389
Fix submit protocol blocked by attachment validation Fixes 37429. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Update Section X- Investigator’s Assurance Statement with 1/10/2014 Document from MJ Fixes 37271. yy229
Fix Validation on submission tells me I don't have Funding Information answered when I do Fixes 37267. jh3389
Fix Creating an adverse event link errors out with status 400 (same for continuation/mod etc) Fixes 37352. jh3389
Fix Remove Roman Numerals from Left Navigation in IACUC module Fixes 37367. yy229
Fix IACUC - Section I-1 of the data sheet is missing “Being submitted To”. Fixes 37269. yy229
Fix I-6 Text should move to above “Personal Training Requirement” on personnel page Fixes 37314. jh3389
Fix RASCAL IACUC New Form - Testing Fixes 37265. yy229
Fix IACUC - If the research select Other for drug name, specify field input should show in drug name field. Fixes 37408. yy229
Fix If Pain Category D or E is selected, all fields on that page are required. Fixes 37036. yy229
Fix Change “Email” to “Email address” in the Emergency Contacts section Fixes 37423. jh3389
Fix Funding Section Fixes 37348. jh3389
Fix Entering an IACUC protocol title greater than 255 errors out Fixes 37285. at2582
Fix Entering large amounts of data into NONUSDADETAIL field results in error page Fixes 37290. yy229
Fix “Specify Other Drug” the border on the table is not displaying Fixes 37324. yy229
Fix Make Add Animal number box bigger and make the text field to unlimited length Fixes 37456. jh3389
Fix IACUC: SECTION IV. OBJECTIVES & RATIONALE (Section IV-4) - No Validation on Experiment or Procedure Fixes 37357. at2582
Fix javascript validation in section IV-4 allows user to POST with letters for numbers of animals. But then errors out on the serverside. Fixes 37293. jh3389
Fix Protocol Type in General Instructions Fixes 37346. yy229
Fix Text at bottom “at least two besides the P.I.” should be “at least two” drop the text “besides the P.I.” Fixes 37315. jh3389
Fix Cannot save information on Animal Use Page Fixes 37127. yy229
Add Both freetext fields should be required for IACUC personnel . Fixes 37024. jh3389
Add When selecting a location, the describe freetext should only display if they select other. Fixes 37028. yy229
Fix Make certain fields required. Fixes 37042. jh3389
Fix IACUC - LOCATIONS SECTION(Question II-3, part C is not show on Datasheet) Fixes 37388. yy229
Fix Drugs page keeps wiping out my answers Fixes 37119. yy229
Fix On General information page, field “Protocol Type” – default to “Please Select” instead of blank and do not default to “Research” after clicking save. Fixes 37329. yy229
Fix “Responsibilities” is spelled wrong on personal page when “add” is clicked. It’s the last word in the sentace before the blue “?” Fixes 37312. jh3389
Fix Government Grant Fixes 37275. jh3389
Fix Everything in section IV is required before submission. Fixes 37033. jh3389
Add The drug name in section 3-1 should be free text. Fixes 37031. yy229
Fix “Submit protocol” page text is not updated and the second link on the bottom is not correct Fixes 37330. jh3389
Fix IACUC Federal funding info should be also shown in datasheet Fixes 37341. jh3389

Release 6.0.1 – 2014-05-19

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC admin users don't have the view rights to protocols that they should Fixes 38246. es3139
Fix When finalizing a PT with an IACUC protocol attached getting an access denied error Fixes 38248. es3139
Fix Training Dates displaying incorrectly in some instances for "Special Small Rodents" training Fixes 38243. gd2398
Fix Getting Access Denied when trying to send IACUC approval letter Fixes 38242. es3139

Release 6.0.2 – 2014-05-21

Type Changes By
Add Add a new route of administration Fixes 38267. es3139
Fix In the Hazmat Section of IACUC, appendices are showing up multiple times. Fixes 38258. es3139
Fix Need a new IACUC protocol view only group for ICM users Fixes 38254. es3139

Release 6.0.3 – 2014-05-22

Type Changes By
Fix Something is setting current status on iacuc protocols to null Fixes 38277. es3139
Fix Submission to granite failing with null pointer Fixes 38276. yy229

Release 6.0.4 – 2014-05-27

Type Changes By
Fix Cannot retrieve an Adverse Event from the Administrator Queue Fixes 38299. es3139
Fix IACUC History Page erroring out in some circumstances Fixes 38240. es3139
Fix IACUC Renewal emails likely not going out Fixes 38295. yy229

Release 6.0.5 – 2014-05-31

Type Changes By
Fix Suspicious Email related exception when emailing safety officers Fixes 38294. jh3389
Fix Appendix I not reviewable on some protocols Fixes 38309. es3139
Fix Protocols that are "Held by Approver" show up as "Rejected" from Researcher side Fixes 38322. es3139
Add Add “Andrea Slate” as a veterinarian in the drop down list Fixes 38332. es3139
Fix Unable to modify/delete legacy "Departmental Funding" types Fixes 38307. es3139

Release 6.0.6 – 2014-06-08

Type Changes By
Fix 'HOLD by EHS' on appendices are sometimes saving the notes Fixes 38365. es3139
Fix The phrase "at least" should have a space between the words when selecting a snapshot Fixes 38368. es3139
Fix Appendix I not showing on the protocol on Admin queue page Fixes 38293. es3139
Fix Having only Appendix I access doesn't allow reviewer to see results in Safety Officer Queue Fixes 38360. es3139
Fix Appendix I safety approve authority doesn't grant user right to see safety officer menu Fixes 38358. es3139

Release 6.0.7 – 2014-06-12

Type Changes By
Add Add "Intrathecal" as a route of drug administration Fixes 38412. es3139
Add Intratracheal and Intranasal - Add to Drugs Fixes 38395. es3139

Release 6.1.0 – 2014-07-06

Type Changes By
Add RSO would like emails generated when an appendix is put into the "Assigned Primary Reviewer Queue" should only go the person who is assigned - not everybody with access Fixes 37824. yi77
Fix Pdf vs researcher view formatting is different. Fixes 38181. es3139
Add Help Text updates to make PT records more ARC like Fixes 37674. yi77
Fix SECTION X. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: mislabeled as section VIII Fixes 38532. es3139
Add Revise email sent when someone is assigned to a course Fixes 37343. gc2563
Add Update expiration email notifications to be EH&S specific Fixes 38197. gc2563
Fix Appendix I copy doesn't work Fixes 38470. gc2563
Add Sync up departments with finance list for at least departments with users in them Fixes 38346. yy229
Fix PDF documents created in microsoft word have the stamp appear under the document Fixes 37461. gd2398
Fix REGRESSION: IACUC History Page erroring out in some circumstances Fixes 38240. es3139
Fix Cannot compare IACUC submissions against previously approved event Fixes 38525. es3139
Add Biosafety levels help button text in Appendix A and Appendix B Fixes 37894. jh3389
Add Researcher Request to order courses on the course listing page by TC number Fixes 37848. gc2563
Add IACUC Surgery page rewritten to allow for multiple surgery types Fixes 38247. jh3389
Fix Special characters display different on researcher form than iacuc datasheet Fixes 38218. gc2563
Add Endpoint Criteria section, question IX-5 changed from dropdown to checkboxes Fixes 38357. gd2398
Add Appendix I modifications Fixes 37980. gc2563
Add Researcher Request: Attached documents should default to the name of the file when uploaded Fixes 38007. jh3389
Fix For NYSPI Protocols the Objective numbers in the thousands don't save in IE Fixes 38308. gc2563
Add Change question label in Section IV-1 Locations from "Procedure" to "Lab" Fixes 38400. es3139
Fix Clicking on Hazardous Materials in new NYPSI protocol throwing NPE Fixes 38465. yi77
Fix Endpoint Criteria question IX-5 the entire answer not showing up on datasheet Fixes 38409. es3139
Fix Continuation/Modification question F change "of" to "or" Fixes 38486. es3139
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.4.3 -> 5.5.1 Fixes 36962. at2582
Fix Wrong protocol status is displayed on my protocols page if it has a withdrawn closure Fixes 37893. jh3389
Add Upgrade ognl:ognl ............................................. 3.0.6 -> 3.0.8 Fixes 38281. at2582
Add Training Center certificate should say "titled" not "entitled" Fixes 38002. es3139
Add Upgrade Maven from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 Fixes 38296. at2582
Add Upgrade org.apache.poi:poi ................................. 3.9 -> 3.10-FINAL Fixes 38280. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Security 3.2.3.RELEASE -> 3.2.4.RELEASE Fixes 38279. at2582
Add Upgrade activiti from 5.14 to 5.15.1 Fixes 37989. yi77
Fix Searching for a protocol you don't have access to should rely on accessdenied handler - not custom code Fixes 38189. es3139
Add Drugs add for question V3 should have N/A Volume option too Fixes 38109. yy229
Fix On the protocol datasheet, please correct the spelling of "Responsibilities" Fixes 38390. es3139
Fix Two more routes of drug administration to add to the Drugs section Fixes 38474. es3139
Fix In the modification questions, question d is underlined on the researcher form, but not the datasheet. Fixes 38179. gc2563
Fix Getting sidebar in frame on IACUC post-approval action screen Fixes 38426. yi77
Add Pain Categorization: Change/rephrase II-2 '# Results' question and add additional keyword question Fixes 38356. yi77
Add 'Description of Animal Use VII-12' d. and e. Are not hiding text box when "yes" is selected Fixes 38227. gc2563
Add Animal Use section Question VII-5 add N/A option Fixes 38348. gc2563
Add Locations section change text to question IV-4 Fixes 38418. gc2563
Fix Attach Internal Documents Link appears twice. Fixes 37736. gc2563
Add Add search by UNI to the PT Search options Fixes 37718. gc2563
Add Drug Section -> Drug route volume of 'N/A' should only be allowed if route is "Inhalation" or "Topical" Fixes 38323. gc2563
Add Make SPOG/CUID number say "InfoEd PT #" on PO page and datasheet. Fixes 37575. yi77
Add In the PT Search pages, change "Originating Department" to "Department" Fixes 37675. yi77
Add Adverse Event Signature looks very different than protocol signature Fixes 38184. yi77
Fix IACUC correspondence incorrectly has removed white space. Fixes 38185. yi77
Add Change text on Locations section question IV-2 Fixes 38342. yi77
Fix Copy functionality should work for someone with VIEW rights to the protocol Fixes 38264. yi77
Add Missing Office Copy report should be removed Fixes 37571. at2582
Add For NYSPI Protocols the Objective last save date is not displaying Fixes 38238. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration ... 3.0.2.RELEASE -> 4.0.2.RELEASE Fixes 38275. at2582
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.48.0 -> 1.50.0 Fixes 38274. at2582
Add Upgrade commons-fileupload:commons-fileupload ................... 1.3 -> 1.3.1 Fixes 38273. at2582
Add Upgrade cglib:cglib ............................................. 2.2.2 -> 3.1 Fixes 38272. at2582
Add Upgrade org.codehaus.mojo:jdepend-maven-plugin ............ 2.0-beta-2 -> 2.0 Fixes 38271. at2582
Add Upgrade org.slf4j:slf4j-api ................................... 1.7.5 -> 1.7.7 Fixes 38270. at2582
Add Upgrade org.aspectj:aspectj ............................. 1.7.4 -> 1.8.0 Fixes 38269. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework from 4.0.3 to 4.0.5 Fixes 38268. at2582
Add We don't update the User Suffix from the PAC feed so there's no reason for it to be uneditable Fixes 38009. at2582
Add Upgrade net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports .................... 5.2.0 -> 5.5.2 Fixes 36961. at2582
Fix General Info Section page vs datasheet has some inconsistency Fixes 38237. gc2563

Release 6.1.1 – 2014-07-10

Type Changes By
Fix Appendix I : Expiration Date formatting incorrectly upon pressing saving and not saving Fixes 38554. gc2563
Fix Endpoint Criteria Section Question IX-5 the Anesthesia checkbox won't deselect Fixes 38572. es3139
Fix Hazmat section appearing twice on IACUC datasheet Fixes 38543. yi77

Release 6.1.2 – 2014-07-16

Type Changes By
Fix The text "null" is appearing for surgery types in some circumstances on IACUC datasheets. Fixes 38596. jh3389
Fix Appendix I being detached when a modification/renewal is created. Fixes 38606. es3139
Fix There is a mysterious "No" answer without a question following section VIII-3 on some animal care protocols Fixes 38605. es3139
Fix Methods of Euthanasia is giving inconsistent results between researcher view and datasheet Fixes 38601. jh3389

Release 6.1.3 – 2014-07-22

Type Changes By
Fix Animal Use Section VII-12, 'd' is not displaying text on datasheet when "No" is selected Fixes 38633. gc2563
Fix In section IX-5, when "Euthasol "is selected, as the method of euthanasia, "Pithing" incorrectly 'checks' as well. Fixes 38647. at2582

Release 6.2.0 – 2014-07-25

Type Changes By
Fix Approval email for Exempt/expeditable protocols should not have the title and PI text duplicated. Fixes 38677. yy229
Add Add departments '752060*' to RASCAL Fixes 38679. es3139
Add Additional Route of Drug Administration: Intravaginal Fixes 38658. yi77
Fix In some circumstances, downloading the datasheet for an IACUC Adverse Event results in a null pointer exception Fixes 38700. es3139
Add Upgrade commons-logging:commons-logging ......................... 1.1.3 -> 1.2 Fixes 38592. at2582
Add Upgrade maven-site-plugin ........................................ 3.3 -> 3.4 Fixes 38593. at2582
Add Upgrade from JSR 303 to JSR 349 Fixes 38570. at2582
Fix RSO receives an access denied message when in the "Committee Review Queue" for an appendixH and clicking the "Notify Reviewers for Committee Review" button while the "ready for review" check box is checked Fixes 38676. gc2563
Fix Users with Rascal permissions cannot delete an iacuc submission that is in the creating state. Fixes 38219. gc2563
Fix User can submit a protocol that's already submitted if they know the url. Fixes 38544. yi77
Add Allow Global Centers to have their own categorization in CAS that grants them Rascal Access. Fixes 38653. gd2398
Add Upgrade dojo 1.9.x to 1.10.x Fixes 38349. es3139
Add Remove "Terminated Protocols " Report Fixes 38439. yi77
Add Remove "IACUC Committee Protocol Review List " Report Fixes 38441. yi77
Add List of attachments associated with a JIT should always display regardless of whether the JIT is cleared (and not rolled back) or not. Fixes 38095. yi77
Fix Delete JIT button no longer available Fixes 37681. yi77
Add Remove "Animal Housing Locations" Report Fixes 38443. yi77
Add Remove "Location Inspection Date Tracking " Report Fixes 38442. yi77
Add Request to add a new route of drug administration "Subtenon injection" in the Drugs section. Fixes 38649. yi77
Fix Unable to approve an agenda in firefox, but works in IE Fixes 37740. yi77
Add The Safety Officer Appendix I datasheet should show course information for TC0502 Fixes 38209. yi77
Fix IRB - Agenda, Admin could not create a minute, Pop-up window did not work in Firefox. Fixes 37656. yi77
Add Remove "Protocols Forwarded to The Institute of Comparative Medicine" Report Fixes 38437. yi77
Add OHP personnel date not showing consistently on datasheet Fixes 38453. es3139
Add Add dgrid support to dojo build Fixes 38611. gd2398
Add Upgrade maven-jar-plugin ......................................... 2.4 -> 2.5 Fixes 38492. at2582
Add Upgrade spring webflow 2.2.1 ----> 2.4.0 Fixes 38420. at2582
Add net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports .................... 5.5.2 -> 5.6.0 Fixes 38558. at2582
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.50.0 -> 1.51.0 Fixes 38557. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 Fixes 38556. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework core ....... 4.0.5.RELEASE -> 4.0.6.RELEASE Fixes 38551. at2582
Add Upgrade joda-time:joda-time ....................................... 2.1 -> 2.3 Fixes 38571. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework integration ....... 4.0.2.RELEASE -> 4.0.3.RELEASE Fixes 38569. at2582
Add Upgrade org.codehaus.mojo:sonar-maven-plugin .......................... 2.3.1 Fixes 38493. at2582
Fix AppendixH: IE-11 becomes unresponsive for about a minute after clicking the link to download attachment Fixes 38510. gc2563
Add Upgrade browser support to reflect newer versions of ff/chrome/etc... Fixes 38430. gc2563
Add When approval letter is approved - send an email to the study team Fixes 37454. yy229
Add Sync up departments with finance list for at least departments with users in them Fixes 38476. yy229
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA to 1.6.x Fixes 33460. gd2398
Fix Hard coded access checks on funding page (and everywhere else should go away. Fixes 37589. gc2563
Add Hibernate 4.1.7.Final -> most recent 4.3.X Fixes 32599. gd2398
Add Upgrade to tiles 3.0 Fixes 30036. gd2398
Add Change "Your Required Courses" title to "My Expiring and Assigned Rascal Courses" Fixes 38330. gc2563
Add Validation messages on IACUC file upload should be consistent with other modules Fixes 38223. jh3389
Add "Change my PIN " functionality should be removed. Fixes 37555. at2582
Add Remove "Monitored Protocols" Report Fixes 38438. yi77
Add Remove "Procedure Location Keywords " Report Fixes 38440. yi77

Release 6.2.1 – 2014-08-06

Type Changes By
Fix Pagination on Conflict of Interest Disclosure Filing History page doesn't allow the user past the first page. Fixes 38729. es3139
Fix Pagination on Disclosure Detail by UNI page doesn't allow the user past the first page. Fixes 38727. es3139

Release 6.2.2 – 2014-08-07

Type Changes By
Fix Add Dept 6062802 to Rascal along with any other that is missing Fixes 38746. es3139

Release 6.2.3 – 2014-08-14

Type Changes By
Fix Author column in IACUC view history page should be hidden from researchers Fixes 38782. es3139

Release 6.3.0 – 2014-08-31

Type Changes By
Add For legacy protocols, copy section 4A from the old form to most recent submission Fixes 38694. es3139
Add Create a mailing announcement email and integrate it into the release process Fixes 38704. at2582
Fix Creation of new IACUC events should be restricted to only personnel on the last approved event Fixes 38834. es3139
Add Update instructive text that appears at the top of the page and at the end of the page for appendix I to better guide NYSPI users as well as reminding people to attach actual location/substance information. Fixes 38828. es3139
Fix Add department 5410210 - JRN Education Fellowship Prog Fixes 38830. es3139
Fix Add department 5410211 - JRN Environment Fellowship Prg Fixes 38838. es3139
Add Remove ‘Requires Monitoring’ functionality Fixes 38617. gc2563
Fix Rework Adverse Events using ACL's Fixes 37879. gc2563
Fix In some circumstances, an IACUC pdf datasheet can't be viewed despite the user having the ability to view all protocols permission Fixes 38786. es3139
Add Update reminder emails for IACUC non-trienniel 45 day expirations Fixes 38565. yi77
Fix IRB Adverse Event should not have both a table and sequence generator Fixes 38632. at2582
Add For triennial renewal protocols only, add a question in the objectives section asking the study team to provide a progress report Fixes 38690. es3139
Add Upgrade org.hibernate:hibernate-validator ......... 5.1.1.Final -> 5.1.2.Final Fixes 38713. at2582
Add Upgrade org.liquibase:liquibase-maven-plugin: 3.1.1 -> 3.2.2 Fixes 38361. at2582
Add Add new field for safety officers to add an approval number to Appendix I Fixes 38215. gd2398
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.15.1 to 5.16.1 Fixes 38671. at2582
Add Upgrade org.hibernate:hibernate ..... 4.3.5.Final -> 4.3.6.Final Fixes 38672. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Security 3.2.4 to 3.2.5 Fixes 38794. at2582
Add Remove Procedure Keywords functionality Fixes 38616. yi77
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.1 -> 5.5.2 Fixes 38707. at2582
Add Upgrade com.thoughtworks.xstream:xstream ...................... 1.4.2 -> 1.4.7 Fixes 38708. at2582
Add Upgrade joda-time:joda-time ....................................... 2.3 -> 2.4 Fixes 38709. at2582
Add Upgrade org.codehaus.mojo:findbugs-maven-plugin .............. 2.5.4 -> 3.0.0 Fixes 38711. at2582
Add Upgrade org.codehaus.mojo:sonar-maven-plugin ................... 2.3.1 -> 2.4 Fixes 38712. at2582
Fix When IACUC protocol is copied, appendices and the "appendix required Y/N fields" should not be copied Fixes 38715. yi77
Add The Disclosure Detail by UNI report should allow more than 50 entries per page Fixes 28080. yi77
Add The Safety Officer review queue should include protocol expiration dates. Fixes 35228. yi77
Add On a JIT report, the role initiator should not trump a users role on the actual PT record. Fixes 32694. yi77
Add Add Route of Drug Administration "Intraretinal" on the Drugs Section. Fixes 38723. yi77
Fix Typo in Add Personnel help text Fixes 38608. at2582
Add Upgrade bouncycastle ......................... 1.48 -> 1.51 Fixes 38710. at2582
Add On the endpoint criteria page, update the anesthesia checkbox section with free text Fixes 38691. es3139
Fix Animal use number on IACUC Continuations was being set to zero every time rather than being copied from previous event Fixes 38776. es3139
Add Appendix I: Allow decimals for "Maximum quantity used/Expt" in Controlled Substances Fixes 38495. gc2563
Add Update breeding number language in Objectives section Fixes 38692. gc2563
Add Update question text in Surgery Section VIII-11 : Post-Surgical Care to include the word "postoperative" Fixes 38737. gc2563
Add Make Appendix I available for in-vitro submission Fixes 38793. gd2398
Fix Appendix I personnel included on IACUC protocol not properly showing up in datasheet as included Fixes 38761. gd2398

Release 6.3.1 – 2014-08-31

Type Changes By
Fix Unable to authenticate into Rascal because affiliations aren't parsing as expected Fixes 38856. gc2563

Release 6.3.2 – 2014-09-02

Type Changes By
Fix Affiliation parsing in CAS client is always returning false Fixes 38862. es3139
Fix The check for whether or not a protocol is Triennial is throwing NPE exceptions Fixes 38857. es3139

Release 6.3.3 – 2014-09-05

Type Changes By
Fix Appendix I general information page won't save if it's not invitro Fixes 38877. gd2398

Release 6.3.4 – 2014-09-08

Type Changes By
Fix AppendixI: Invitro submissions cannot be approved by Safety Officer Fixes 38879. es3139

Release 6.3.5 – 2014-09-25

Type Changes By
Fix Add departments '6820302' and '6803302' to RASCAL Fixes 39031. yy229

Release 6.4.0 – 2014-09-28

Type Changes By
Add Edit personnel page should populate from ldap Fixes 38806. yi77
Add Make hibernate caching work or remove it Fixes 35530. at2582
Add User information pulled from LDAP should populate the department in addition to other information Fixes 38702. yi77
Add All emails for an appendixH to study team should go to PI, Initiator, and an Authority (that is analogous to Yvette) Fixes 35577. yi77
Fix Dialog Boxes on the Drug Page aren't loading as expected. Fixes 39018. gc2563
Fix SECTION VI. OBJECTIVES & RATIONALE - After saving, the page does not render correctly if the last to fields are left blank Fixes 39001. gc2563
Fix Regression: Suspicious document stamping error related to pdf signing Fixes 38864. yi77
Fix Iacuc - pain category, if select pain level 'D' and answer all required question, validation will block the 'Save' action. Fixes 38970. gc2563
Add Update language on the pre-expiration emails to reference EH&S if course is required and don't reference EH&S if not required. Fixes 38764. yi77
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.6.x to 1.7.x Fixes 38817. at2582
Fix Training Center expiration email seem to be sending duplicates Fixes 38913. yi77
Add Training Center: Modify required course list to also include expired courses Fixes 36099. gc2563
Add Add conversation support to Spring MVC Fixes 38847. gd2398
Fix When creating Modification or Continuation the is triennial flag should not be copied over Fixes 38941. es3139
Fix Can't add personnel on PT Fixes 38956. gd2398
Add IACUC protocols should render the protocol real time unless the protocol has been approved Fixes 38767. yi77
Fix Hazmat approval history page has suspicious dates. Fixes 38386. yi77
Add Upgrade to most recent oracle jdbc jars Fixes 38851. es3139
Add Upgrade Spring Framework from 4.0.x to 4.1.x Fixes 38815. at2582
Add Animal-related responsibilities in personnel page, the text "(max 500 characters)" should be removed. Fixes 38193. yi77
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.16.1 to 5.16.3 Fixes 38850. at2582
Add Additional Rascals to add to Rascal section of Rascal Fixes 38824. es3139
Fix Modification numbers seem to be temporarily inaccurate before initial save Fixes 38145. gc2563
Add Add two routes of drug administration in the drop down in the Drugs section Fixes 38874. es3139
Add Add veterinarian to dropdown list in Question II-4 (Pain Categorization section) Fixes 38871. gc2563
Add Allow '0' in Pain Categorization section II-2 Fixes 38581. gc2563
Add The notes in the Radiation Safety Module should look like the notes in Proposal Tracking / COI Fixes 38502. gc2563

Release 6.4.1 – 2014-09-29

Type Changes By
Fix LDAP is valid UNI check throwing NPE when called from TC and HIPAA Fixes 39041. es3139
Fix Unable to retrieve IACUC snapshots from history page. Fixes 39042. es3139
Fix IRB Approval Letters are throwing an error on retrieval Fixes 39043. es3139

Release 6.4.2 – 2014-09-30

Type Changes By
Fix Unable to add "Business or Activity explanation" to IRB protocol specific COI Fixes 39055. es3139
Fix Endpoint Criteria page loses navigation links and does not save if there are validation errors Fixes 39056. yy229
Fix COI Filing Status History Report incorrectly showing "object:object" rather than last date filed. Fixes 39059. es3139
Fix Users unable to add a subaward to the budget section of a proposal Fixes 39054. es3139

Release 6.4.3 – 2014-10-01

Type Changes By
Fix Update Departments to include HIC Dalerba Lab 7571321 Fixes 39070. es3139
Fix COI Filing Status Report breaking on generate when submitted date part of sort Fixes 39065. es3139

Release 6.4.4 – 2014-10-05

Type Changes By
Add Add remaining Zuckerman Labs to departments Fixes 39081. es3139
Fix COI Review Disclosure Queue - Date Fields not displaying properly Fixes 39084. es3139
Fix The left navigation bar disappears after pushing the project officer data link on a PT record Fixes 39078. es3139
Fix Sponsor name intermittently truncated when pulled from Infoed webservice Fixes 39079. yi77
Fix COI Filing status reports are breaking when exporting to excel Fixes 39077. es3139

Release 6.4.5 – 2014-10-06

Type Changes By
Fix COI Review Disclosure queue is coming back with "Could Not Load Data" error Fixes 39092. es3139

Release 6.4.6 – 2014-10-14

Type Changes By
Fix Review Disclosure return all of the rows instead of only 50 at a time Fixes 39124. es3139

Release 6.5.0 – 2014-10-26

Type Changes By
Fix Document stamping not stamping when marked to stamp on approval Fixes 39161. gc2563
Fix Webservice from InfoEd to Rascal ignoring Active/Inactive flag Fixes 39162. yi77
Add Update Clinical Care and Education questions on RC Annual COI Form Fixes 38950. gc2563
Add Update certification language on the PT datasheet to remove portion PI restrictions on grants Fixes 39073. gc2563
Fix Performance of COI Review Disclosures and Filing Status Reports has degraded Fixes 39107. es3139
Add Add Epidural to the drop down list for the route of administration in the drug section Fixes 39035. gc2563
Fix Appendix H : Correct ACLs across Appendix H Fixes 38920. gc2563
Add Remove 15 year anniversary branding Fixes 38953. gc2563
Fix Destination Users Added Twice to List : HazMats --> Radiation Safety - Preliminary Review Queue -->Approve Appendix Fixes 38893. gc2563
Add Add 'Stent Thrombosis' to 'Unanticipated Problem' keyword Fixes 39032. gc2563
Add Hide Link for Adverse Event Frequency Report Fixes 38843. gc2563
Add Hide Link for Personnel History Report Fixes 38842. gc2563
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 Fixes 39067. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj 1.8.1 -> 1.8.2 Fixes 38961. at2582
Add Upgrade net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports .................... 5.6.0 -> 5.6.1 Fixes 38964. at2582
Add Update static text on P&S Public Disclosure landing page Fixes 38949. gc2563
Add Hide Link for Personnel Current Activity Report Fixes 38841. gc2563
Add Hide Link for Adverse Event Trend Report Fixes 38844. gc2563
Add Hide Link for Paper Validation Report Fixes 38845. gc2563
Add Upgrade spring integration 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 Fixes 38963. at2582
Add net.sf.ehcache:ehcache ................................ 2.8.3 -> 2.8.4 Fixes 38962. at2582
Add Upgrade dojo to 1.10.1 along with dgrid and dependencies. Fixes 39058. at2582

Release 6.5.1 – 2014-10-27

Type Changes By
Fix Suspicious exception related to AppendixH Fixes 39204. gc2563

Release 6.5.2 – 2014-10-29

Type Changes By
Fix Documents should not be able to stamped before an IRB Protocol is approved Fixes 39219. es3139

Release 6.6.0 – 2014-11-23

Type Changes By
Fix Add departments '758300X', '758310X' and '7583101' into RASCAL Fixes 39283. yy229
Add Update NYSPI buildings in locations section for Appendices Fixes 38835. gc2563
Fix Add veterinarian to Pain Categorization vet list Fixes 39327. es3139
Add IRB Submission should create a snapshot for each status change. For approved protocols, it should pull the snapshot rather than generating real time. Fixes 20274. yi77
Fix Submitting an IACUC protocol by somebody other than the PI removes left navigation Fixes 39115. gc2563
Add Change to the Drugs Section: "Oral (per os)", allow "N/A" Fixes 39176. gc2563
Add Add a "N/A" option to Question VII-4 (Enrichment Program) Fixes 39114. gc2563
Add Changes to verbiage on question IX-3 Endpoint Criteria section Fixes 39090. gc2563
Add Remove Adverse Event Frequency Report Fixes 39186. gc2563
Add Change to Help Text from Section II-2 Fixes 39111. gc2563
Add Objectives section, Question VI-4 - Increase the number in the Grand Total field to a 5 digit number Fixes 39118. gc2563
Fix The session expiration notification incorrectly uses "then" rather than "than". Fixes 39191. gc2563
Add Text change for question V-7 in the IACUC Drugs section Fixes 39086. gc2563
Add Delete Personnel History Report Fixes 39187. gc2563
Add Delete Personnel Current Activity Report Fixes 39185. gc2563
Add Delete Paper Validation Report Fixes 39189. gc2563
Add Delete Adverse Event Trend Report Fixes 39188. gc2563
Add Hide CTSA Queue Link Fixes 39203. gc2563
Add Change to Section IX-5 on the Protocol Data Sheet Fixes 39175. gc2563
Add Change to a Column in Section II-2 Fixes 39110. gc2563
Add The datasheet shows "No" for the Space Section of PT records where the researcher view indicates "blank" Fixes 39083. gc2563
Add Allow N/A as an option in section VIII-3 - Canine Exercise Fixes 39006. gc2563
Add Add Chipmunk, Squirrel, and Shrew to species list Fixes 39222. gc2563
Add Upgrade dojo to 1.10.2 along with dgrid and dependencies. Fixes 39183. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3 Fixes 39207. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.2 -> 5.5.3 Fixes 39157. at2582
Add Upgrade Hibernate 4.3.6.Final -> 4.3.7.Final Fixes 39238. at2582
Add Upgrade joda-time:joda-time ....................................... 2.4 -> 2.5 Fixes 39155. at2582
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.52.0 -> 1.53.0 Fixes 39159. at2582
Add Upgrade net.sf.ehcache:ehcache ................................ 2.8.4 -> 2.9.0 Fixes 39156. at2582
Add Upgrade org.apache.tiles ............................. 3.0.4 -> 3.0.5 Fixes 39158. at2582
Add Upgrade org.mockito:mockito-all .............................. 1.9.5 -> 1.10.8 Fixes 39154. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework.webflow:spring-js ..........2.4.0.RELEASE -> 2.4.1.RELEASE Fixes 39160. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 Fixes 39237. at2582
Fix Typo on IACUC Locations Page Fixes 39240. gc2563
Add Add' Neurological Institute' as a building in the Locations section drop down menu in question IV-1 Fixes 38958. gc2563
Add Add Intrapancreatic as a route of drug administration Fixes 39112. gc2563
Add Add "In utero" as a route of drug administration Fixes 39013. gc2563
Add Update list of people required to file an annual COI for P&S Fixes 39068. gc2563

Release 6.6.1 – 2014-12-02

Type Changes By
Fix Snapshots are being generated for creating status which then prevents deletion of protocol events Fixes 39377. gc2563
Fix When removing an IRB event from an agenda the status is deleted but now can't be because of the corresponding snapshot Fixes 39381. gc2563

Release 6.6.2 – 2014-12-16

Type Changes By
Fix Nightly IRB Protocol Expiration Process is not correctly expiring protocols, yet it is sending out multiple emails. Fixes 39515. gd2398

Release 6.6.3 – 2014-12-17

Type Changes By
Fix Nightly IRB Protocol Expiration Process is still not correctly expiring protocols now because snapshot process is timing out Fixes 39532. es3139
Add Add department 5160118 BUS Small Business Development to department list Fixes 39533. yy229

Release 6.6.4 – 2014-12-24

Type Changes By
Fix Modify department's name for 823400X Fixes 39541. gd2398

Release 6.7.0 – 2015-01-04

Type Changes By
Add Reorder and update language in IACUC tables (drugs/anagesia/etc) Fixes 38693. yi77
Add Add Intraosseous to the drop down list for the route of administration in the drug section Fixes 39379. yi77
Fix An answer of "No" should display as "No" rather than "N" for Questions VII-3 and VII-4 on the IACUC Datasheet Fixes 39395. yi77
Add Update "Health Surveillance" Certification Text in Appendix A Fixes 39169. yi77
Fix IACUC - location page fix bad verification message text Fixes 39511. yi77
Add Update EH&S contact information in Appendix D help text Fixes 39166. yi77
Add Update EH&S contact information in Appendix B help text Fixes 39165. yi77
Add Update EH&S contact information in Appendix A help text Fixes 39164. yi77
Add Remove CTSA Queue code Fixes 38454. gc2563
Add Remove Duplicate Statuses from IACUC History Fixes 39418. es3139
Fix Suspicious exception related to COI history page Fixes 39445. yi77
Add Statisticians should not be required to approve modifications. Fixes 38391. yi77
Fix Surgery page: Unable to submit protocol due to invalid missing information message Fixes 39340. yi77
Fix Drugs page: Unable to select N/A for 'Maximum value' when 'Route of Administration' is Subcutaneous Fixes 39341. yi77
Add Update EH&S Contact Information in Appendix B Header Section Fixes 39170. yi77
Add Update EH&S Contact Information in Appendix C Header Section Fixes 39171. yi77
Fix Minor update to description of personnel experience question. Fixes 39394. yi77
Fix Last Name not populating from LDAP during edit user information page. Fixes 39385. yi77
Add Update Appendix E static text associated with question 2f(1) Fixes 39173. yi77
Add Fix SimpleEmailMailImpl to work multi thread. Fixes 35321. gd2398
Add Update Help Text in Appendix E to Include Update Contact and Website Information Fixes 39167. yi77
Add Update EH&S Contact Information in Appendix D Header Section Fixes 39172. yi77
Add Upgrade PDFc from 3.0 to 3.1 Fixes 39397. gd2398
Fix Remove IACUC keyword search - no longer applicable Fixes 39217. gc2563
Add Upgrade org.liquibase:liquibase-core .......................... 3.2.2 -> 3.3.1 Fixes 39375. at2582
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.16.3 to 5.16.4 Fixes 39208. at2582
Add Upgrade dojo from 1.10.2 to 1.10.3 along with dgrid and dependencies. Fixes 39470. gd2398
Add Upgrade spring integration 4.0.4 to 4.1.0 Fixes 39316. at2582
Add Update EH&S Contact Information in Appendix A Header Section Fixes 39168. yi77
Add Upgrade jasper reports from 5.x to 6.0 Fixes 39398. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj 1.8.3 -> 1.8.4 Fixes 39374. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.1 to 4.1.3 Fixes 39209. at2582
Add Upgrade joda-time:joda-time ....................................... 2.5 -> 2.6 Fixes 39450. at2582

Release 6.7.1 – 2015-01-14

Type Changes By
Fix Protocols when approved are being stamped without a stamp or approval date. Fixes 39614. gc2563

Release 6.8.0 – 2015-01-16

Type Changes By
Add Add PAT Lefort Lab 7538538 to department list Fixes 39764. yy229
Add Add departments '7542404' to department list Fixes 39691. yy229
Add Add "Intraspinal" as a route of drug administration to the Drugs section. Fixes 39618. gc2563
Add Add "Intra-articular" as a route of drug administration to the Drugs section. Fixes 39562. yi77
Add Track visitors to the P&S Public Website Fixes 39285. gc2563
Fix The id column should be unique on group members table. Fixes 39571. gc2563
Fix Tables V-4 and v-5 on the Drug page need a validation message to display below the relevant field Fixes 39538. yi77
Fix A Proposal can be modified in some circumstances using URL manipulation. Even after the proposal is Signed Off. Fixes 39557. gc2563
Fix Project Officers should not be able to edit Proposal after "Signed Off" Fixes 39246. gc2563
Fix PT Datasheet wrapping user's email addresses Fixes 39556. yi77
Add Track outbound visitors from Rascal to the IRB consent form templates page. Fixes 39720. gc2563
Add Remove unused CoiAnnualReminderEmailProcessor class and dependencies Fixes 39489. yi77
Fix In some circumstances, duplicate approval letters are created behind the scenes for a single protocol submission Fixes 39446. yi77
Add Add a column to the Disclosure Date Search report to identify if user has possible clinical conflict Fixes 39471. yi77
Add Implement Google Analytics Fixes 39483. gc2563
Fix Questions V-1,V-2 and V-3 on the Drug page result in a "Page not found" when selecting "modify" and redirecting from submit page Fixes 39539. yi77
Fix Suspicious use of == rather than .equals() in IacucDrugsValidator Fixes 39683. yi77
Fix Print Menu should be returning snapshots for approved protocols Fixes 39620. yi77
Add Create snapshots for Closures Fixes 39590. yi77
Add Create snapshots for Unanticipated Problem events Fixes 39275. yi77
Add Create snapshots for Adverse events Fixes 39409. yi77
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.16.4 to 5.17.0 Fixes 39525. at2582
Fix Attempting to modify an analgesia from a max volume to N/A fails on edit but succeeds on add Fixes 39649. yi77
Fix Unable to save the location page after saving IV-4 subquestion. Fixes 39267. yi77
Add Upgrade org.liquibase:liquibase-maven-plugin ................. 3.3.1 -> 3.3.2 Fixes 39666. es3139
Add Upgrade org.slf4j:slf4j................................... 1.7.7 -> 1.7.10 Fixes 39523. at2582
Add Upgrade Hibernate 4.3.7.Final -> 4.3.8.Final Fixes 39672. at2582
Add Upgrade spring integration 4.1.0 to 4.1.2 Fixes 39509. at2582
Add Upgrade junit:junit ............................................. 4.11 -> 4.12 Fixes 39494. at2582
Add Upgrade org.mockito:mockito-all ............................ 1.10.8 -> 1.10.17 Fixes 39524. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.3 -> 5.5.4 Fixes 39561. at2582
Add Upgrade org.apache.poi:poi ................................. 3.10-FINAL -> 3.11 Fixes 39601. at2582
Add Upgrade joda-time:joda-time ....................................... 2.6 -> 2.7 Fixes 39671. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.3 to 4.1.4 Fixes 39583. at2582
Add Department Authorization Report should say only "Chair" or "Dean" can authorize the request Fixes 39579. gc2563
Add Add Interfemoral as a route of drug administration to the Drugs section. Fixes 39443. yi77
Add Remove expanded access from IRB Fixes 39403. gc2563

Release 6.8.1 – 2015-02-09

Type Changes By
Fix Suspicious file parsing exception in the AppendixH file personnel page. Fixes 39836. gc2563
Fix Suspicious file parsing exception in the AppendixH file dosimetry page. Fixes 39835. gc2563
Fix Suspicious file parsing exception in the AppendixH file attachment page. Fixes 39832. es3139

Release 6.8.2 – 2015-02-10

Type Changes By
Fix The Dosimetry Summaries page doesn't display Fixes 39850. es3139
Fix Users can no longer remove approvers from their PT Fixes 39845. es3139

Release 6.8.3 – 2015-02-11

Type Changes By
Fix Users attempting to modify dosimitry organ information on an Appendix H receive a javascript error. Fixes 39857. es3139
Fix Users unable to delete organs from an Appendix H Fixes 39860. es3139

Release 6.9.0 – 2015-03-01

Type Changes By
Add Section IV-4 - Remove "(including single housing of social animals)" from drop down text Fixes 39737. es3139
Add Add departments 701510* to Rascal Fixes 39953. es3139
Fix Font wrong on link to consent form templates Fixes 39905. gc2563
Add Create a group access role which has 'COI_CAN_VIEW_DISCLOSURE_DATE_SEARCH' authority Fixes 39946. yy229
Add Upgrade dojo 1.10.3 to 1.10.4 Fixes 39701. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.4 to 4.1.5 Fixes 39913. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 Fixes 39772. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.4 -> 5.5.5 Fixes 39932. at2582
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.54.0 -> 1.55.0 Fixes 39903. at2582
Add Upgrade net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports .................... 6.0.0 -> 6.0.3 Fixes 39813. at2582
Add Upgrade aspectj 1.8.4 -> 1.8.5 Fixes 39812. at2582
Fix Change the column currently titled Possible Conflict to Possible Research Conflict on the Disclosure Date Search Fixes 39867. at2582

Release 6.10.0 – 2015-03-13

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade net.sf.ehcache:ehcache ................................ 2.9.0 -> 2.9.1 Fixes 40023. at2582
Add Make training table currently on invitero appendices dynamic Fixes 31892. yi77
Add Add static text to the top of Appendix A Fixes 39856. yi77
Fix Update help text on PT general information page for "Select Agents" Fixes 39983. yi77
Add Upgrade Spring Security from 3.2.5 to 3.2.6 Fixes 39986. at2582

Release 6.10.1 – 2015-04-01

Type Changes By
Add Add in departments 7527903 and 7527902 Fixes 40161. es3139

Release 6.10.2 – 2015-04-06

Type Changes By
Add Add departments to Rascal that are active and not imported yet Fixes 40200. es3139

Release 6.10.3 – 2015-05-17

Type Changes By
Add Add language to homepage announcing IRB 2.0 Fixes 40559. es3139

Release 7.0.0 – 2015-05-31

Type Changes By
Fix Change the date check for in progress IRB events to release date Fixes 40670. es3139
Fix Validation for Personnel on both the page and the Submit should be made more descriptive/useful for the researcher Fixes 40578. gc2563
Fix Fix links to IRB protocols in the Reports Fixes 40420. yy229
Add Update email sent to PIs when a renewal is submitted. Fixes 40712. gc2563
Fix Subjects: Text Edits and On-Save Validations per IRB Round 2 Review Fixes 39685. gd2398
Add Create a new page called Privacy & Data Security for IRB Fixes 39828. gc2563
Add Have email sent to PI when the protocol has been successfully submitted Fixes 40514. gc2563
Fix IRB chair queue not rendering for alan teller on wwwtest Fixes 40545. es3139
Fix User unable to approve protocol if annual coi is not filed. Fixes 40538. es3139
Fix IRB History Page hides details of who did what from IRB members Fixes 40533. es3139
Add Update home page red text with new "IRB 2.0 is live message" Fixes 40715. es3139
Fix Cancer center related protocols does not show up in the Cancer center approval queue Fixes 40693. es3139
Fix Editing the personnel and department approvers page should not allow one to modify the uni. Fixes 40739. es3139
Add Apply all Page-Save Validations at Submit Fixes 40325. gc2563
Fix Error when missing "submitting to" data Fixes 40740. es3139
Add Apply All Validation Rules at Submission of an IRB Protocol or Event. Fixes 39150. kt2445
Fix Notify Approvers Page should send an e-mail to Approvers and indicate in the system that approvers have been notified Fixes 40486. es3139
Fix Going to Internal/External Documents on Closures an UPs redirects users to History page Fixes 40780. es3139
Fix Procedures: Add 3 Questions and Update Question/Help/Hover Text Fixes 39593. gd2398
Add Change A/B Device language on activate/deactivate consent form page to "Has NGS approval been received" Fixes 40677. es3139
Add Create new copy protocol page Fixes 39885. es3139
Fix Datasheets are erroneously showing internal documents Fixes 40779. gc2563
Add Create new Attached Documents Page using MVC (Internal/External) Fixes 39220. gd2398
Fix Personnel with view access cannot approve a protocol Fixes 40778. gd2398
Add Move Delete Protocol to Spring MVC Fixes 39726. gd2398
Fix Protocol Action Links should be event specific Fixes 40433. es3139
Fix Cancer Center Approval Q: Status History Link re-serves the Queue page, rather than the item status Fixes 40621. gd2398
Fix submit status on protocol is incorrect, still showing at creating status Fixes 40757. es3139
Fix Child Involvement Page save button is not working properly - Risk/Benefit Determination Fixes 40750. es3139
Fix Approval stamp on new protocols overlaps page number? Fixes 40657. es3139
Add Create new page for Drugs/Biologics Fixes 39587. gd2398
Add Create new page for Renewal Reasons Page Fixes 39877. es3139
Fix The field “Number Enrolled to Date” should be allowed to accept 0 as an answer. Fixes 40745. gd2398
Fix Validation not working on "Recruitment and Consent" as it relates to "written documentation of consent". Fixes 40716. gc2563
Add Data Mapping of old fields to new fields. Fixes 39883. es3139
Fix Personnel Validation: Do not display "role no longer in use" for new entries Fixes 40673. gc2563
Fix Attaching a hazmat to an irb protocol breaks the datasheet. Fixes 39937. yi77
Fix Copying Protocol is not copying consent forms Fixes 40691. es3139
Fix Permissions off on activate/inactivate consent form page. Fixes 40760. es3139
Add Create new page for IRB Called "Closure Report" Fixes 39876. yy229
Fix Implement permission checks for attach documents Fixes 40516. es3139
Fix Cancer Center Approval Queue not showing Protocol Fixes 40762. es3139
Fix Need Link to Add Correspondence in IRB 2.0 Fixes 40404. es3139
Fix Link to protocol event in admin c correspondence queue doesn't work. Fixes 40335. es3139
Fix General Information Page: Add margin/padding b/w questions, fix campus dropdown Fixes 39376. es3139
Add IRB - Create new History page for Closure Fixes 40157. yy229
Fix Authorization checks are slow Fixes 40636. es3139
Fix Returned closure doesn't allow the user to edit the first question so they can't get to the other ones Fixes 40678. es3139
Fix copy protocol - exception when it has consent form Fixes 40450. es3139
Fix IRB - Protocol datasheet/Study description is blank in the AppendixH Fixes 40690. es3139
Fix Expiration date in Stamp is showing wrong date (year) Fixes 40709. es3139
Add Submission Validation not working for Mods/Renewals where Enrollment Status = Enrollment or recruitment on hold Fixes 40736. gc2563
Fix Print Menu has two footers for all protocol events Fixes 40743. gc2563
Fix Logging in Protocol getting Null Pointer because IrbApproval.getWhoRid is null Fixes 40758. es3139
Fix /selectProposal ajax is using a large amount of cpu Fixes 40755. es3139
Fix IRB Datasheets: Should be sized 8.5 x 11 Fixes 40449. gc2563
Fix View datasheet link returns snapshot version if current status is 'Pending' Fixes 40742. es3139
Fix Protocol-Specific COI: Something is not working properly Fixes 40729. es3139
Add Consent Forms: On Admin Side need Category A/B Device Studies Checkbox and Functionality Fixes 40540. yi77
Fix Cancel button on "Withdraw Protocol Page" doesn't do anything Fixes 40751. es3139
Fix General Info : After Confirming as "Not Submitted" for NHSR Determination - Datasheet shows unanswered sections Fixes 40363. gc2563
Fix withdrawing an event shouldn't prevent the creation of future events. Fixes 40744. es3139
Fix Approval Signatures don't display on new datasheet Fixes 40581. es3139
Fix Print Menu: Documents and Internal Documents Fixes 40353. yi77
Fix Personnel: Role/Experience block should not show on data sheet unless data entered for the Person Fixes 39469. gd2398
Fix Background validation on protocol submit had the messages paired up with wrong questions Fixes 40747. es3139
Fix Data Mapping: Map Facilities Fixes 40735. es3139
Fix Protocol Overview: Make sure IRB Committee assigned shows after Logged In Fixes 40418. es3139
Fix IRB - 'View history' is broken in the Admin C correspondence page Fixes 40596. gd2398
Fix Personnel: Changes to text as specified in attached document Fixes 39310. gd2398
Add Tiny Text Edits Per IRB Testing Feedback Fixes 40403. gc2563
Fix Protocol Overview: Add two suspension toggle buttons Fixes 40417. es3139
Fix Background: Fix Abbreviated Submission Check Box Functionality and Related Problems on Datasheet Fixes 39314. es3139
Fix IRB General Information (and Related Pages) Final Round Testing Items Fixes 39344. es3139
Fix Copying modification/renewal creates a new protocol and a new modification/renewal. Fixes 40227. es3139
Fix Error going to Logger Q after submitting a closure Fixes 40249. es3139
Fix Dojo widgits aren't rendering outside of IRB. Fixes 40257. es3139
Fix Add new question to top of Procedures Page Fixes 40312. es3139
Fix Grammar errors on validation page Fixes 40659. gc2563
Fix Department and Personnel Approval History Showing Incorrect Role Fixes 40683. gc2563
Fix Submitted and approved protocols are showing real time generated datasheets. Fixes 40526. gc2563
Fix Closure Chairperson Queue Runtime Exception Fixes 40459. es3139
Fix Attachments on Closure not showing up on Datasheet Fixes 40692. es3139
Fix Create a new page for Background Fixes 39037. es3139
Fix Attach Documents: Stamp column is showing up for protocol in creating status Fixes 40568. gd2398
Fix Print Menu: Suppress sections with no data Fixes 40351. yi77
Add History: Hazardous Materials Table shouldn't show if no HazMat Attached. Fixes 40489. yi77
Add Move attach Hazmats page to Spring MVC Fixes 39722. yi77
Fix When attaching HazMats selection of extra personnel not working Fixes 40126. yi77
Add Allow the ability to have documents types be different for internal and external Fixes 40143. gd2398
Fix IRB - Protocol datasheet/Study description is blank in the HIPAA Logger Queue Fixes 40684. es3139
Fix Subjects: Modify awkward question text per Closures Version of Page Fixes 40405. es3139
Fix Search for protocols to attach to PT's in Compliance section not working Fixes 40429. yy229
Add Background: Submission Validation missing completion of Study Purpose and Rationale Fixes 40539. gc2563
Fix Informational text that appears after approvers are notified should include who was notified. Fixes 40474. es3139
Fix Attach Internal Document Link Avail to RCT Staff Fixes 40650. es3139
Fix Department Approvals: Remove redundant Personnel table from bottom. It is on History. Fixes 40419. gc2563
Add UPs: New question option and fix help text formatting Fixes 40728. gd2398
Fix Stamping functionality likely broken when a protocol is approved Fixes 40007. gd2398
Add Create new withdraw protocol page Fixes 39887. yi77
Add Create new IRB History Page using Spring MVC Fixes 39227. gd2398
Fix Implement snapshots using new datasheets. Fixes 40124. gd2398
Add Create new Print Menu Page for IRB Fixes 39225. yi77
Add Create new Datasheet for IRB Fixes 38973. es3139
Add Create new page for Unanticipated Problems Page Fixes 39879. yy229
Fix velos send failing Fixes 40496. gd2398
Add Email sent by IRB 2.0 should behave like current production (unless otherwise specified) Fixes 40553. kt2445
Fix HazMat : Modifying a HaZMat H, I that is attached to a protocol and selecting more than one staff is not saving Fixes 40698. gc2563
Fix Biological Specimens: Manner in Which Specimens will be Labeled column misnamed Fixes 40733. es3139
Add Create New Page for Biological Specimens for IRB Fixes 39526. gc2563
Fix Move Award Status Question; Re-order columns in Funding Table Fixes 39378. es3139
Add Attach Consent: Inactive column has no context for the Attachable Items Table - please remove Fixes 40507. yi77
Fix MY Consent forms still not showing in list of availables on Attach Consent Page Fixes 40375. yi77
Fix IRB Approval letter email produced when correspondence is released has an odd subject and typo in the body Fixes 40547. gd2398
Add Create new page for Personnel Fixes 39049. gd2398
Add Create a New Researcher Approvals Process with New Rules for IRB Fixes 39870. es3139
Fix Department Approval: Dept Approvers should not be required to file a protocol specific coi or annual Fixes 40479. es3139
Fix Department Approval: Dept Approvers should only have view access Fixes 40478. es3139
Fix Researcher Approval: Telling me to fill out Annual COI even though I have one. Fixes 40471. es3139
Add Create new Subjects Page for IRB Fixes 39215. yy229
Fix Privacy and Data Security: Address missing help text; add one field validation Fixes 40387. gc2563
Fix View History: Message about Dept/Personnel Approvers Notification Status incorrect Fixes 40502. es3139
Add Unanticipated Problem: Create delete functionality using Spring MVC Fixes 40359. es3139
Add Unanticipated Problem: Create attach documents page using Spring MVC Fixes 40357. gd2398
Fix Exempt and Expedited Text Edits Fixes 39193. es3139
Fix Exempt and Expedited: Remove extra line break after Expedited Category 2 question Fixes 39338. es3139
Fix Exemptions and Expedited: Add Missing Line Break after "Are these sources publicly available?" Fixes 39354. es3139
Fix The widget used to attach a PT record to an IRB protocol overlays the initial help text. Fixes 40203. es3139
Fix IRB Fix Several Date/Time Formats and Displays (Header and Personnel) Fixes 39366. es3139
Fix On the datasheet, the "document type" column is displaying the filetype of the attachment. Not the document type. Fixes 40682. yi77
Add Implements printmenu for Closure Fixes 40426. yi77
Add Subjects page: Provide Testing Ability for Mods/Renewals Fixes 39545. es3139
Fix Clicking the Human Subjects Link in the top menu should not go to Animal Care Menu Fixes 39518. es3139
Fix Modify Funding Source: Do not insert PT # when record was previously saved with a PT # that is now being removed. Fixes 39468. es3139
Fix Funding: Update PT# Entry Type and Validation Fixes 39405. es3139
Fix Unanticipated problem: Chairperson queue - RuntimeException Fixes 40469. es3139
Fix retrieve by protocol id throws a null pointer exception Fixes 39554. es3139
Fix Subjects: Text Edits and Change Compensation-Related Questions Fixes 39865. gd2398
Fix IRB - Copy function is broken on some protocol Fixes 40599. es3139
Fix IRB - Should update IRB protocol link in HazMat Module 'Protocol/Proposal'. Fixes 40688. es3139
Fix IRB - All the links related to IRB protocol in the HIPAA 'Administrator Queue' and 'Privacy Board Queue' should be update. Fixes 40687. es3139
Fix When IRB researcher COI expired it was not properly identifying that Fixes 39467. es3139
Fix Department Approval: These are not required so there should not be red asterisk on the page. Fixes 40481. yi77
Fix Attachment history should look more like current production. Fixes 40532. yi77
Fix Fix Funding Table Display-Show all rows, Link to PT Record Fixes 39361. es3139
Add Small Text Updates to Modifications Page Fixes 40283. es3139
Fix Attach Consent: Researcher cannot toggle Active/Inactive - can only see it Fixes 40376. yi77
Add Move "Attach Consent" form to Spring MVC Fixes 39723. yi77
Add Attach Consent: When a consent form is attached, it should automatically be marked "active" Fixes 40510. yi77
Fix Consent form: Loading a copied consent form throws exception on the menu Fixes 40522. es3139
Fix View History: Department and Personnel Approvers Not Populating and Notification Status incorrect Fixes 40475. gd2398
Add Create page for Exemption and Expedited questions Fixes 38903. es3139
Add Create new General Information Screen for IRB Fixes 38631. gd2398
Fix In chrome, the attach documents page has the "active" column abnormally large Fixes 38416. es3139
Fix Users unable to modify UP fields if they were null. Fixes 40612. es3139
Add Incorrect help text for multicenter study on IRB subject page Fixes 38004. es3139
Fix IRB - Expiration date is displayed for un-approved protocols on My Protocols page. Fixes 37142. yy229
Add Create New Protocol Overview Page Fixes 39882. es3139
Add IRB - Closure Print Menu Should Show Internal Document Attachments Fixes 10926. es3139
Fix PT Date widgets are broken Fixes 40201. es3139
Fix Expired protocols not showing expiration stamp on datasheet Fixes 40602. es3139
Fix Pending protocols should allow the PI to modify the submission Fixes 40658. es3139
Fix Formatting of validation messages on notify approvers page is bad Fixes 40444. yi77
Fix Edit Text and One Conditional Item on Subjects Page (Closure Version) Fixes 40235. gd2398
Fix Attachments on Unanticipated Problems not showing up on Datasheet Fixes 40542. gc2563
Fix Initiator on Closures header shouldn't be from last protocol event but the actual Closure Initiator Fixes 39274. yy229
Fix Naming conventions are wrong for sub modules that are associated with an IRB protocol on the print menu page Fixes 40535. gc2563
Add Attach Hazmat: Should not allow attaching an Appendix H in "Creating" state Fixes 40499. yi77
Add Unanticipated Problem: Create copy functionality using Spring MVC Fixes 40358. yy229
Fix Renewal: The new short form question on the Renewal information page does not show up on the Datasheet. Fixes 40391. es3139
Fix Correcting Display/Edit Values on Subjects Page (Closure Version) Fixes 40234. gd2398
Fix Modifications: Add Closed Paren Fixes 40390. es3139
Fix Renewals: Number Deviations field - char limit to 5 integers Fixes 40225. gc2563
Add Attach Consent: Researcher should not have the 'Active'/'Inactive' toggle button Fixes 40513. yi77
Add Create a new page called Risks, Benefits, and Monitoring for IRB Fixes 39829. yy229
Fix Error when trying to access Datasheet for 'old' protocol in Creating Fixes 40634. es3139
Add Help text for Closure report is missing Fixes 38241. es3139
Fix IRB - Data Sheet Link goes to Page Not found from Cancer Center Approval Queue Fixes 40620. es3139
Fix Protocol Overview: Closure Approval Date format should be like others on page Fixes 40618. gd2398
Fix Fix a few Closure Related Items in Protocol Overview Fixes 40237. gd2398
Fix IRB Testing Feedback on Closure Report Fixes 40236. gd2398
Add Drugs/Biologics and also Devices Pages: Please add text below the table on-screen Fixes 40304. gc2563
Add Create a new page called Imaging for IRB Fixes 39563. gc2563
Fix Recruitment And Consent: If "Enrollment of non-English speaking..." is checked – choosing “Albanian” records the section as incomplete Fixes 40281. es3139
Fix Update language when detaching an appendice from an irb protocol to use the word detach rather than "delete" Fixes 39938. yi77
Fix IRB Approval Status Report fails with class cast exception Fixes 40467. yi77
Fix Procedures: Update text per IRB final testing/review Fixes 39684. gd2398
Fix Users with Rascal permissions should retain the ability to modify all protocol submissions. Fixes 40534. gd2398
Add Update department lookup on IACUC general information page and remove old servlet code. Fixes 37103. yy229
Fix IRB - Print Menu page, 'IDE Number' is not the right field in the 'Columbia NGS Application Form' Fixes 40589. yi77
Fix Closure not showing on protocol overview page. Fixes 40188. yy229
Fix IRB - Print menu page, attached proposals through 'Funding' page are not showing up. Fixes 40588. yi77
Fix Attributes page: IAA drop-down list is different Fixes 39030. gd2398
Fix Please change new IRB 2.0 table column name to IRBPROTOCOLHEADER_IMAGINGCONTRASTAGENT Fixes 40084. yy229
Add Update list of possible attached document types Fixes 40139. gd2398
Fix On the print menu, the "document type" column is displaying the filetype of the attachment. Not the document type. Fixes 40528. yi77
Add Subjects page: Fix Question Visibility Fixes 39544. gd2398
Fix Fatal error when trying to submit protocol Fixes 40643. gc2563
Add Unanticipated Problem - would like option if keyword isn't in the dropdown Fixes 29224. at2582
Fix Getting No-Access Message for View Datasheet Fixes 40506. es3139
Fix IRB 2.0- Mod- save button notworking on IE Fixes 40223. at2582
Add IRB - Change Data Sheet To Exclude Some Investigational Product Info When Protocol is not "Device Study" Fixes 17875. at2582
Fix Cannot submit protocol exception Fixes 40622. gc2563
Fix IRB - should add validation for 'Space' input in 'back ground','Research Aims & Abstracts'page Fixes 40583. yi77
Fix Attributes: Remove Question re: IAA justification. Fixes 39196. es3139
Fix Attributes: Update Various Text per IRB page review. Fixes 39194. es3139
Fix Attributes Page: Update Hover and Help Text Fixes 39200. es3139
Fix Correct the DB and UI conflict for the Protocol Version field. Fixes 39138. es3139
Fix Attributes Page: IRB Protocol Numbers should not be required for Multicenter Studies Fixes 39133. es3139
Add Move IRB landing page over to new framework similar to how IACUC was done. Fixes 39024. es3139
Fix Remove the Bracketed Text from Attributes Page, last question, 2nd option Fixes 39061. es3139
Fix Redirect researcher to NHSR page automatically after save on first page if it should go there Fixes 39047. es3139
Fix General Info Page: Modify various question and help text Fixes 39199. es3139
Fix Copy Protocol on a protocol I initiated giving me 'no access' message Fixes 40491. es3139
Fix Subjects: Large integer fields like Target Enrollment, Enrolled to Date, etc... are not handling errors well Fixes 39623. gd2398
Fix View History - throw exception with attachement Fixes 40451. gd2398
Fix unable to submit existing protocols because of subjects related errors Fixes 40598. gd2398
Fix Move Red PI Text on the personnel page out of the personnel box Fixes 39581. es3139
Fix Null pointer on subject page when submitting old protocol Fixes 40591. gd2398
Fix characters not displaying properly on screen Fixes 40525. gd2398
Add IRB Datasheets should have user answers as normal text and questions / informational text bold. Fixes 40483. yi77
Add Resort Print Menu/Documents Page Fixes 20545. yi77
Add IRB Datasheets should have headers Fixes 40484. yi77
Fix Personnel: Upper case letter in UNI is breaking personnel form Fixes 39306. gd2398
Fix General Information: Incorrect Save Result showing Fixes 40476. gd2398
Add Create new page for General Information Attributes Section Fixes 38952. gd2398
Fix Role Drop Down on Personnel Page should always be the same Fixes 39569. gd2398
Fix Risks, Benefits and Monitoring: No on-Save validations on this page Fixes 40633. es3139
Fix Background: Remove Part of Abbreviated Submission Check Box Text Fixes 39325. es3139
Fix Cannot display datasheet Fixes 40204. gd2398
Fix Procedures: Change Question Text from "Repository" to "Future Use" Fixes 39642. gd2398
Fix Approver links almost certainly broken Fixes 40008. es3139
Fix Permissions exception thrown when attempting to save existing data page. Fixes 40060. es3139
Fix Some course doesn't have a short title and as such looks wrong on the personnel page Fixes 40604. es3139
Fix Backgrounds: Selecting Abbreviated Submission should not populate the text field with the word "Null" Fixes 39362. es3139
Fix Attributes Page: Should have a clickable link to IIA and question that references "Alan" shouldn't exist. Fixes 39023. es3139
Add IRB subjects page incorrect help text Fixes 33807. at2582
Fix Left navigation on closure is odd. Fixes 40187. yy229
Fix Attach HIPAA Page is unbearably slow Fixes 40662. es3139
Fix On the Exp/Exe page, free text boxes should fit the grey box better. Fixes 39016. es3139
Fix General Info Page: Add/Modify Top of Page Instructional Text Fixes 39198. es3139
Fix Role on Personnel Page for an IRB Protocol should be a drop down Fixes 39205. es3139
Fix Personnel: If PI not yet assigned, provide obvious visual (red) that PI is required. Fixes 39297. es3139
Fix Background: No on-Save validations on this page Fixes 40635. es3139
Add Alignment of IRB data security questions should be adjusted to remove unnecessary spacing Fixes 37972. es3139
Fix Add text "UNI Lookup" on Personnel page next uni lookup. Fixes 39582. es3139
Add Renewals: Small Text Changes - One additional Question Fixes 40284. es3139
Add Create a new page called Future Use for IRB Fixes 39777. es3139
Fix Attach Consent/attachment files, doesn't appear in the protocol datasheet Fixes 40379. es3139
Fix Unexpected Problem Page - Large Number TextField Lead to Save page problem - Missing "Other" choice on the dropdown list Fixes 40398. gd2398
Fix Subjects - Target enrollment Demographics - 4 categories appears different on datasheet Fixes 40309. gd2398
Fix Creating Multiple times for the same action on protocol issue Fixes 40402. es3139
Fix Creating Renewal- Renewal section didn't show on datasheet Fixes 40324. es3139
Fix Creating Modification - Modification section didn't show on datasheet Fixes 40323. es3139
Fix Unanticipated Problem - missing help text on "description of the violation(s) being reported" Fixes 40330. gd2398
Fix Unanticipated Problems: Missing "Other" item on "Keyword" drop down list; Missing Char Count on "Subject Identifier" Fixes 40331. gd2398
Add Unanticipated Problems - Help Text on the title Fixes 40327. gd2398
Fix Lead Institution/CoordinatingCenter: Clean up in the database after de-select attributes and make sure text boxes are showing on Data Sheet Fixes 40421. gc2563
Fix IRB - 'Hazardous Materials History' link is broken in the IRB history page Fixes 40601. gc2563
Fix Lead Institution/Coordinating Center - section 3, and 4 's help text half of the end part mistakenly across mixed Fixes 40329. es3139
Fix Link to meeting history failing Fixes 40624. es3139
Fix Attributes: Fix Data Sheet to show only questions seen by researcher on screen Fixes 39365. es3139
Fix Missing Risks, Benefits & Monitoring --- Clean up Lead Institution/Coordinating Center Fixes 40432. es3139
Fix Add reminder prompt that "Existing Data" page (Procedures) will be required. Fixes 39135. es3139
Fix Future use page throwing exception during submission validation Fixes 40487. gc2563
Fix Cached issue on Department and Personnel Approvers table on View History page Fixes 40518. gd2398
Fix protocol AAAA0002 throws illegal argument on the datasheet. (drugs?) Fixes 40524. gc2563
Fix Attaching a uni to a protocol should validate and lookup a uni as it does now on the IRB Personnel page Fixes 39206. es3139
Add Require Initiator Listed in Personnel Before Submission Allowed Fixes 39295. gc2563
Fix IRB - Missing 'View Correspondence', 'Add Correspondence' side links for UP and Closure Fixes 40644. es3139
Fix Spacing off on validation page. Fixes 40512. gc2563
Fix Link to Meeting History should exist on print menu Fixes 40536. yi77
Fix IRB - normal user should not see 'Meeting history' page link in the print menu page. Fixes 40584. yi77
Fix IRB Approval letter was created prior to logging in Fixes 40667. es3139
Fix Risks, Benefits, Monitoring: Help Text should not be on-screen Fixes 40384. yy229
Fix IRB - "Meeting History" is missing on the left hand side link for UP and Closure Fixes 40645. es3139
Add IRB - Unanticipated Problem Report Attachment Page Throws Exception When File Name Exceeds 60 Characters Fixes 16161. at2582
Add Update help text for ionizing radiation question on general page Fixes 34410. at2582
Fix Address "Text Formatting" Widget Issues or Simplify/Remove Widget Fixes 39315. es3139
Add Subjects: Move "Prisoners" question to be the last question in the "Special Populations" block Fixes 39551. gd2398
Fix No Dialog Boxes should have header text. Fixes 40480. gd2398
Fix Approval and Status History Date/Time formatting off on history page Fixes 40446. gd2398
Add Subjects: Remove "Note:" at top of Sub-Study Dialog form Fixes 39548. gd2398
Add Subjects: Fix Java Error in Sub-Study Dialog form Fixes 39549. gd2398
Add Update help text on general information page next to cancer center. Fixes 34412. at2582
Fix Attempting to modify the procedures page results in a hibernate exception Fixes 40167. gc2563
Fix Background: Changes to text as specified in attached document Fixes 39313. es3139
Fix Existing Data: Empty Section Showing up on Data sheet even before Procedures is filled out Fixes 40438. gc2563
Add Clicking Submit Button creates fatal error under certain conditions Fixes 40557. gc2563
Fix Personnel: UNI Lookup Needed Fixes 39299. es3139
Fix IRB - 'Delete Protocol'/'Delete Report' should NOT show up on the left hand sidebar if the event in 'Returned' Status. Fixes 40668. es3139
Fix Renewal page has inconsistent identification of required fields. Fixes 40573. es3139
Fix IRB - 'Status History' in 'Approval Queue' pop up to the wrong page. Fixes 40669. es3139
Add Notify Approvers in IRB hanging in Mac Firefox Fixes 32135. at2582
Fix IRB datasheet attach documents page is displaying users rid instead of uni Fixes 40656. es3139
Fix Print Menu - Missing HIPAA section Fixes 40381. es3139
Fix IRB Datasheet should have footer similar to existing datasheets including page numbers Fixes 39019. es3139
Fix IRB - Submit protocol should validate 'Research Aims & Abstracts' page. Fixes 40594. es3139
Fix Snapshot generation breaking if drugs/devices fields are null Fixes 40629. es3139
Add Upgrade spring integration 4.1.2 to 4.1.3 Fixes 40213. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Security 3.2.6 to 3.2.7 Fixes 40141. at2582
Fix Add hover text to the word "existing" in Category 4 Exemption Question. Fixes 39134. es3139
Fix Current Status in IRB is in small font Fixes 39020. es3139
Fix Privacy & Data Security - 5-Char Text field looks too large Fixes 40293. gc2563
Fix Logger queue broken on test site for alan teller Fixes 40558. es3139
Add After completing a protocol specific COI user should be automatically directed towards the protocol approval page Fixes 34938. es3139
Fix Funding: Choosing Modify On a record that has a PT in it removes the PT from Dialog window Completely Fixes 40638. es3139
Fix Add a little extra padding around the selected item in the dropdown list answers. Fixes 39178. es3139
Fix Answers on the IRB datasheet appear in the same line and same bolding as the question Fixes 39015. es3139
Fix Attach Document Type: File name not showing completely Fixes 40615. gc2563
Fix Originating Department not displaying in header section on protocol. Fixes 39195. es3139
Fix Strikethrough in Rich Text Fields is showing as underline on Datasheet Fixes 40660. es3139
Add Create new page for Modifications Reasons Page Fixes 39878. at2582
Fix Future Use header shows on data sheet even when "No" selected on Procedures Fixes 40655. es3139
Fix The text "ProtocolHeader" randomly displays on the print menu page Fixes 40527. es3139
Fix Delete protocol page has unneccessary text. Fixes 40664. es3139
Add Personnel page COI date table not sortable Fixes 40226. es3139
Fix research aim and abstracts page should allow user to save one text field and not have to require every page to be complete before proceeding. Fixes 40580. es3139
Fix Conditional "Submit [Event Type]" link in Left Navi Fixes 40282. es3139
Fix Backgrounds Page: Un-Bold Instructional Text Fixes 39197. es3139
Fix Document of feedback from the IRB regarding General Information testing Fixes 39250. es3139
Fix IRB - normal user should not see 'Internal Documents ' in the print menu. Fixes 40592. es3139
Add Human Specimen records disappear when checkbox answers on General page changed Fixes 36878. at2582
Add Checking Radiation checkbox in General page wipes out Human Specimens Fixes 31456. at2582
Add IRB Datasheets should download with a Human Readable name rather than edu.columbia...Datasheet Fixes 37698. at2582
Fix Use "Principal Investigator" instead of "PI" Fixes 39584. es3139
Fix IRB Header Record: Display UNIs Fixes 39331. es3139
Add Add/update jsp tags Fixes 39085. gd2398
Add IRB datasheet attachment names run over each other if very long without spaces Fixes 37470. at2582
Add Create a new Procedures Page Fixes 39367. es3139
Add Renewal MULTICENTERREPORTNOTATTACHED field can only take 255 characters. Fixes 30756. at2582
Add Creating new IRB protocol with day of month not filled in breaks Fixes 30861. at2582
Add Create new page for Devices Fixes 39586. gd2398
Add Renewal Oversight Monitoring section Fixes 8715. at2582
Add User should receive notification when selecting submitting as exempt that an exemption declaration is required. Fixes 7669. at2582
Add Investigational Products / Devices should reflect if there's an external company sponsering the project. Fixes 8757. at2582
Add Numbering system for sub-studies Fixes 6378. at2582
Add Remove or replace spell check functionality api Fixes 17619. at2582
Add Modification Study Status Option should offer "study on hold" as an option Fixes 10135. at2582
Add Copying an IRB protocol removes the " Protocol Begin Date" and " Protocol End Date" Fixes 32864. at2582
Add Help file information missing information on protocol renewal page Fixes 14649. at2582
Add Change Research Procedures from checkboxes to yes/no for all Fixes 33335. at2582
Add Create Genetic Research page for researchers to complete Fixes 13095. at2582
Add On general information page, make all fields required and change the selection option to yes/no Fixes 34408. at2582
Add IRB Protocol Modification Reasons Fixes 4786. at2582
Add IRB - Update to Ethnicity Categories on Subjects Data Entry Page Fixes 8730. es3139
Add Enhance questions about collection/using Social Security Numbers Fixes 20648. at2582
Add Enhance/Revise Exempt Declaration Page Fixes 14529. at2582
Add Improve usability of irb protocol validation before submit or notify approvers. Fixes 7737. at2582
Fix IRB - Accessing Subjects page will throw an exception on a newly created Renewal if the user has never saved the subjects page before. Fixes 36840. at2582
Fix Checking the checkbox for Interview/Survey/Questionnaire can't SAVE Fixes 27961. at2582
Fix Apostrophe in abbreviated title breaks on submit Fixes 30290. at2582
Fix Attributes Page: Remove Repository-related Child Question Series and replace with an on-screen text Fixes 39707. gd2398
Add Remove IRB 2.0 Go live message from home page and irb landing page. Fixes 40566. gd2398
Fix Personnel: Entering UNIs in upper case causes error Fixes 40674. es3139
Fix Left Navigation shouldn't look editable to RCT staff. Fixes 40663. es3139
Fix Required document is attached (Information Sheet/Verbal Script) but submission validation message still blocking Submission Fixes 40665. gc2563
Fix Expired protocols pulling approved snapshot from left navigation Fixes 40661. es3139
Fix Need to put fix in place to handle snapshots for protocols that are in IRB review at time of go live Fixes 40627. es3139
Fix Can't Save Subjects Page Fixes 40132. yy229
Fix Change UP Link (in Creating) from "General" to "UP Information" Fixes 40453. yy229
Add Subjects: Fatal Error when saving Fixes 40543. yy229
Fix Biological Specimens: Fix Placement of Validation Text and don't erase the users answer Fixes 40651. yy229
Fix Blank Screen when accessing any page after it's recently been updated/re-deployed Fixes 39298. gd2398
Fix Attributes Page: Question 10.a.1.a missing data for drop-down menu Fixes 39029. gd2398
Fix Procedures: Add checkbox option to child question of stand-alone protocol = yes Fixes 39638. gd2398
Fix Personnel: Dropdown list and Dialog box not working properly when trying to fix entry per a validation message. Fixes 39493. gd2398
Fix Personnel: Left Justify "Add Personnel" and related buttons. Fixes 39296. gd2398
Fix Print Menu: Missing the top navi Fixes 40371. yi77
Add Fix redirect to RSAM on the Data Security/SSN Page Fixes 39674. kt2445
Fix Background Page: Replace word "external' with "stand-alone" Fixes 39498. gd2398
Fix Message saying "please correct errors" remains on the general information page even after fixing said errors Fixes 39014. gd2398
Fix Background: Make Text Box Background White Fixes 39506. gd2398
Fix All Pages - Right margin on the dialog boxes Fixes 39309. gd2398
Fix Not Human Subjects Research Determination page is empty Fixes 39021. gd2398
Fix Personnel: Update PI information in the Header if PI is changed/deleted on the page. Fixes 39550. gd2398
Fix Print Menu: Columns should be same titles and order as currently in prod Fixes 40354. yi77
Fix BiologicalSpecimens - Type - Other - TextField should have limitation 0/50 characters Fixes 40240. at2582
Fix Research Aims & Abstracts/ Also Background: Entries disappeared from Datasheet Fixes 40385. gc2563
Add Investigate (add) the ability to use fonts formatting in the text boxes (bold/ital/ul/bullets) Fixes 39139. es3139
Fix Copy Protocol Acknowledgment page missing IRB Number in message Fixes 40614. gc2563
Fix Using the copy Button on 1.0 Approved Mod b/f Filling out Mod Info results in fatal error Fixes 40576. es3139
Fix Page title should be "Exempt and Expedited" on page and left Navi Fixes 39132. es3139
Add Create a New "Department Approvals" for IRB based on the page currently called "Approvals" Fixes 39880. yi77
Fix Print Menu: Second HazMat Section for Attestation re: Blood, Cells, OPIM Fixes 40356. yi77
Fix Add ACL's for Closures Fixes 40493. es3139
Fix Copy Protocol Should NOT copy IRB ADMIN Only Fields to the new Initial protocol Fixes 40613. es3139
Fix Lead Inst/Coord Center: Make existence of page conditional based on "Attributes" responses. Fixes 40408. gc2563
Fix Remove Lead/Coordinating Center-related question and related hover text from Attributes Fixes 40062. es3139
Add Create a new page called Existing Data for IRB Fixes 39565. gc2563
Fix Add ACL's for Unanticipated Problems Fixes 40492. es3139
Add Create New Page for Child Involvement for IRB Fixes 39522. gd2398
Fix Certain Left Navigation Links (e.g. Attach Consent) should be avail to Admins after submit Fixes 40523. es3139
Add Create new page for Lead Institution/Coordinating Center Fixes 39875. gc2563
Fix Subjects: Implement Text Edits, Testing Feedback, and One Additional Question Fixes 39634. gd2398
Fix Hide Left Navigation Links as Appropriate Fixes 40548. es3139
Fix Subjects: Target Demographics copying to Actual Demographics upon renewal or closure Fixes 40370. yy229
Fix Current functionality regarding Devices and whether or not a Consent Form should be stamped should be brought over Fixes 40308. yy229
Add Move Attach HIPAA Forms to Spring MVC Fixes 39724. yi77
Add Consent Forms: Admin roles listed as personnel should see CF-related stuff as if Researcher Fixes 40546. yi77
Fix Modification Info: Protocol Deviation, limit field to 5 integer or 0-99,999 Fixes 40221. gc2563
Fix Subjects page saying that one or more fields is blank when visually, this doesn't appear to be the case Fixes 40652. gc2563
Fix Aims Page: Add missing paragraph break and remove some help text Fixes 39499. gd2398
Add Create a new page for Aims & Abstracts Fixes 39048. gd2398
Fix Aims Page Text boxes should be rich text boxes. Fixes 39892. gd2398
Fix Research Aims & Abstracts: Changes to text as specified in attached document Fixes 39312. es3139
Add Create new Funding page for IRB Fixes 39136. es3139
Fix Funding Page not saving data re Funding sources Fixes 39268. es3139
Fix Update Hover and Question Text on Funding Fixes 39233. es3139
Fix Funding: Update Text per the Attached Document Fixes 39407. es3139
Fix Unable to generate approval letter Fixes 40549. es3139
Add Create New Page for Locations Fixes 39210. es3139
Fix Locations: Minor Text Modifications Fixes 39594. gd2398
Fix Locations: Fix "Building/Facility" Name text entry box in Add Locations Dialog (for Offsite) Fixes 39552. gd2398
Fix Modify On-Screen Table Layout BiologicalSpecimens; Small Text Changes Fixes 40247. gc2563
Fix Closure/UP/Adverse event approval date different format than other events on protocol overview page Fixes 40625. es3139
Add Personnel Should not list the same person twice Fixes 40541. es3139
Fix UPs should not be included in the Velos feed Fixes 40619. es3139
Fix IRB - RASCAL new authority function is not work for 'Cancer center' role Fixes 40600. es3139
Fix Logged in closures and ups should render snapshots Fixes 40611. es3139
Fix History page not showing status history for renewals Fixes 40603. es3139
Fix IRB - Could not access approved Closure if the recent approved protocol is expired. Fixes 40597. es3139
Fix What new question triggers the attestation during approval? Fixes 39894. yi77
Fix Attach Document Type not displaying on page Fixes 40609. yi77
Add Copy Subjects Data: Do not copy Subjects data any time copy is to an Initial Protocol Fixes 40521. yy229
Fix Privacy and Data Security - should change "and" to "&" Fixes 40287. gc2563
Fix Recruitment and Consent: Message on datasheet incorrectly displays "non-english spkg enrolled" reminder Fixes 40567. es3139
Add The Cat A/B Medicare Letter Section should continue to show on Active/Inactive Consent if protocol previously approved and/or if the document receipt info is in the DB Fixes 40605. yi77
Fix Subjects: Text Edits Required to update page ref to correct new page title Fixes 40286. gd2398
Add Add validation to devices forcing IDE Number to be in format single letter followed exclusively by numbers Fixes 40310. gc2563
Fix IRB - Admin show be able to see 'view correspondence' link at the protocol side bar Fixes 40595. es3139
Fix user tjr2122 sees left navigation that implies that they have write access. but the personnel list says they should only have view access Fixes 40593. es3139
Fix Link to renewals from agenda builder don't render snapshot for submitted protocols. Fixes 40587. es3139
Fix QA for Protocol, Modification, Renewal, Closure, withdraw action Fixes 40441. es3139
Add Make Expiration Date Default to 5 Years for Exempt IRB Protocols and Renewals (not Mods) Fixes 39819. yy229
Fix Subjects Page: Fatal Error Trying to Save Completed page for any protocol getting its data from IRB 1.0 Fixes 40562. yy229
Fix Mod Info Page: Fatal Error if you hit Submit before filling out the Mod Info Page Fixes 40572. es3139
Fix Unable to create a renewal because of subjects page causing fk violation Fixes 40574. es3139
Add Create new page for Recruitment and Consent Fixes 39874. gc2563
Add Turn on debug for org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext. Fixes 40511. es3139
Fix Countdown widgit on registration number field is missing. Fixes 40191. gc2563
Fix lay abstract and Scientific Abstract should be migrated to new questions Fixes 40531. es3139
Fix Protocol Approval Text is Awkward or Needs Formatting Fixes 40503. es3139
Add Unanticipated Problem: Create print menu using Spring MVC Fixes 40360. yi77
Fix History page should properly show Appendix H under Hazardous Materials section Fixes 39218. es3139
Add Add help text for Drugs on the Procedures Page Fixes 40311. at2582
Fix protocol number should always be uppercase on the protocol overview page. Fixes 40461. es3139
Add Fix authorization to in IRB by Migrating to Spring Security ACLs to determine access/roles (permissions) Fixes 28418. es3139
Add Create a new page for Submit protocol for IRB Fixes 39940. gc2563
Add Generate Schema and XML from IRB 2.0 fields for velos feed Fixes 39884. es3139
Fix Left Hand Navigation isn't quite right if your selections allow you to self determine nhsr Fixes 39022. gd2398
Fix Check for attestation code is throwing a null pointer upon submission. Fixes 40464. es3139
Fix Fix all links to go to new irb pages Fixes 39968. yy229
Fix COI Correspondence doesn't appear to be working in 8.0 Fixes 40413. es3139

Release 7.0.1 – 2015-06-01

Type Changes By
Fix Drug Biologic: Introductory text on page should also be on data sheet Fixes 40776. gc2563
Fix Modification submit validation breaks if enrollment status is blank Fixes 40790. es3139
Fix Action button in the Chair's queue throws a class cast exception Fixes 40810. es3139
Fix Link to approval letter should not appear on the print menu page unless the approval letter has been approved. Fixes 40793. es3139
Fix Users without access to an IRB protocol can't access the consent forms associated with that protocol from the consent form module Fixes 40786. es3139
Fix Validation for attached documents and waiver of consent question is incorrect Fixes 40803. gc2563
Fix Privacy and Data Security: System ID field is a weird size and entering a line break causes fatal error Fixes 40783. yi77
Fix Subjects: If Component "enrolled to date" = zero, it should still show the number in the table Fixes 40772. gd2398
Add Subjects: Modify Help Text on Renewals/Closure Question Fixes 40771. yi77
Fix Personnel Submit Validation detail not showing and page link duplicated Fixes 40768. gc2563
Fix Null pointer on funding info on Print Menu page Fixes 40788. es3139

Release 7.0.2 – 2015-06-02

Type Changes By
Fix REGRESSION: Pending protocols should allow the study teammembers with edit access to modify the submission Fixes 40811. es3139
Fix Researcher Search throws Exception when using filter or sort options Fixes 40460. yy229
Fix IRB Chair unable to approve submissions that involve NGS fields. Fixes 40828. es3139
Fix Improperly identifying protocols with multiple submits as being in progress on recent IRB 2.0 submit Fixes 40833. es3139
Fix Print Menu: In IE, links PDFs are not working properly Fixes 40801. gd2398
Fix IRB Overview page user should be able to see all of the events if they have access to one of them Fixes 40825. es3139
Fix Creation of Modification shouldn't copy over the expiration date Fixes 40830. es3139
Fix Saving a Funding record with a PT is throwing access denied if user doesn't have access to the PT Fixes 40819. es3139
Fix Lapse logic seems erroneous if a submission is withdrawn. Fixes 40812. es3139
Fix REGRESSION: IRB History Page hides details of who did what from IRB members Fixes 40809. es3139
Fix Exception downloading documents that are marked as stamped but has no stamped data. Fixes 40813. es3139

Release 7.0.3 – 2015-06-03

Type Changes By
Fix Issues with personnel with view access creating Renewal/Modification and copying Fixes 40781. es3139
Fix Certain People using IE8 cannot see contents of Datagrid under HIPAA Fixes 40815. gd2398
Fix Lapse notification incorrectly not showing in some instances on the protocol overview page. Fixes 40837. es3139
Fix There should not be duplicate entries in the Cancer Center Approval Queue Fixes 40822. es3139
Fix Users with Access to PT record can not Add IRB Protocol for which they do not have access Fixes 40826. gc2563
Fix Rascal Search by Last name results in fatal error Fixes 40608. yy229

Release 7.0.4 – 2015-06-04

Type Changes By
Fix Lapse notification: Still showing incorrectly in certain cases Fixes 40862. es3139
Fix Consent forms are showing as inactive on "Open to Enrollment" studies (should be active) Fixes 40821. yy229
Fix Recruitment and Consent: Datasheet Doesn't show all questions/answers Fixes 40856. es3139
Fix Certain People using IE8 cannot see contents of Datagrid under 'Hazardous Materials Attestation" Fixes 40849. gd2398
Fix Velos: Fix event status name and date in XML and include the text value of enrollmentStatus on modifications and Renewals instead of a number Fixes 40845. gd2398
Fix Attaching IACUC protocol to a PT is throwing access denied error Fixes 40854. es3139
Fix Department Admins not granted read access to protocols as part of the migration. Fixes 40834. es3139

Release 7.0.5 – 2015-06-07

Type Changes By
Fix IRB - Copy function is not correct for Attached Consent Form. Fixes 40866. yy229
Fix Under Active/Inactive Consent Forms in the “History” field, it does not display the history Fixes 40859. yy229
Fix Remove session store on protocol overview page Fixes 40879. gd2398
Fix Header sections don't display on Personnel page in IE 9 and IE8 Fixes 40818. gd2398
Fix Protocol Overview throwing nullpointer when there is a lapse in some instances. Fixes 40832. es3139
Fix Closure Report: Subjects data not being validated/checked on submission Fixes 40852. es3139
Add Print Menu should have documents in chronological order with newest at the top. Fixes 40835. es3139
Fix Attach documents should open in a new window. Fixes 40841. es3139
Fix Can not delete Protocol because of legacy IRB Data Security Table Fixes 40863. es3139

Release 7.0.6 – 2015-06-10

Type Changes By
Fix Datasheet should not show sections as redacted Fixes 40877. es3139
Fix Users with many tabs / windows open may shouldn't experience "Expected session attribute" exceptions Fixes 40654. gd2398
Add Remove Training Center outage warning from homepage Fixes 40886. es3139
Fix REGRESSION: Pending protocols should allow the study teammembers with edit access to modify the submission Fixes 40811. es3139
Fix Attach documents active/inactive and a result stamping logic is inverted Fixes 40898. yy229
Fix Chair should not be able to approve a protocol without its having an expiration date. Fixes 40882. yy229
Fix Agenda Search has javascript appearing as text in left navigation Fixes 40861. es3139
Fix Document Identifier Blank for some attachments prior to IRB 2.0 Fixes 40844. es3139
Fix Add meeting notes from agenda results in 404 error Fixes 40860. yy229
Fix IRB Closure subjects page is still having problems saving Fixes 40885. es3139

Release 7.0.7 – 2015-06-11

Type Changes By
Fix Description of Specimen and Method of Obtaining Consent language inconsistent between datasheet and form Fixes 40899. yi77
Fix HIPAA forms that are submitted as part of the protocol submission process aren't showing as being in the submitted state. Fixes 40864. yy229
Fix Radiation Safety - Preliminary Review Queue - View Correspondence not displaying Fixes 40917. es3139
Fix JIT link does not work Fixes 40827. es3139
Fix Closures / Subjects: Subjects Page Won't Save Subject Population (Demographic) Data Correctly (might save once, but won't update) Fixes 40920. es3139
Fix Subjects Page on Closure Report "Target accrual" field not display and Prevents Save Fixes 40893. es3139
Fix People using IE8 cannot see contents of Datagrid in Attach Appendices that shows the Appendices they could attach Fixes 40873. yi77
Fix Devices Header text should be the same on the datasheet as it is on the screen as it is in the spec Fixes 40900. yi77

Release 7.0.8 – 2015-06-14

Type Changes By
Fix Subject question text on datasheet is wrong for sub-study question Fixes 40958. es3139
Fix Ionizing Radiation Validation is not correct Fixes 40950. gc2563
Fix Attached Consent Forms: Losing signature lines when being copied to a new protocol event Fixes 40954. es3139
Fix Renewals with no currently active submissions cannot be submitted Fixes 40911. gc2563
Fix Approval letter link should display if there is an approval letter even if the submission is expired. Fixes 40935. yi77
Fix Unable to access disclosure form Fixes 40894. es3139

Release 7.0.9 – 2015-06-16

Type Changes By
Fix Submit Validation is erroneously asking for an HazMat H to be attached when it is already attached Fixes 40993. gc2563
Fix IRB renewal emails telling people to file their coi needs to be sent to the proper list of staff not all sent to the PI Fixes 40956. es3139
Add Add warning to homepage to reflect July 2nd through July 6th outage. Fixes 40966. es3139

Release 7.0.10 – 2015-06-23

Type Changes By
Fix IRB - The adding NGS watermark logic on the attached consent form is not correct Fixes 41002. yy229
Fix Velos feed needs to be updated to include protocol number in Closures Fixes 41042. gd2398
Fix Chair queue not showing CC for cancer center protocols Fixes 41052. es3139
Fix IRB- Should set Expiration Date when Modification protocol was approved through Agenda meeting Fixes 41014. yy229
Fix Users can't delete events that were created before IRB 2.1 release Fixes 41008. es3139

Release 8.0.0 – 2015-07-04

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC Adverse Events Admin Process screen: Add View History and View Data Sheet to the left Navi Fixes 39353. yy229
Add Make the tables in IACUC pages and datasheet have a default sort. Fixes 40913. yi77
Fix Left navigation section headers gone for top section. Fixes 40049. jh3389
Add IACUC Report: Question VII-7 Fixes 40969. jh3389
Add Apply a default sort for all data shown in tabular format on PDF Fixes 40322. yi77
Fix Selecting "Undo Approval" did not work Fixes 40099. jh3389
Fix IACUC Admin: Admin Staff should never have the "Full Committee Review" button available Fixes 39333. yy229
Fix Adding a new procedure shouldn't carry information from the proceeding procedure forward. Fixes 41094. jh3389
Add Move IACUC Approval Process to Activiti BPM Fixes 28425. jh3389
Fix Last saved date should not copy forward Fixes 39600. jh3389
Fix Reports: Active Protocols Report not displaying on screen Fixes 39597. yy229
Add IACUC Report: Question VII-6 Fixes 40904. jh3389
Add Redo Search for IACUC protocol Fixes 39611. yy229
Add IACUC Report: Question VIII-2 Surgery Fixes 40974. jh3389
Add When Protocol Admin Action Saved, Revert Back to the Protocol (not the Queue) Fixes 40001. yy229
Fix IACUC - phase 2, Move the ‘Protocols Ready to be Transmitted to Granite’ from Admin queue to the main page Fixes 38613. yy229
Add Should have the ability to see and reassign protocols Fixes 37612. yy229
Add Internal Documents link doesn't exist in left navigation Fixes 37570. yy229
Add Add Route of Drug Administration: Intrarenal Fixes 40509. jh3389
Add Allow RascalMimeMessage to include a cc list. Fixes 39622. gd2398
Add Update list of literature search options in Section II-2 Fixes 40430. jh3389
Fix E-mail w/ "Final Approval" task is pulling current status ("Distributed") into text - but purpose of e-mail is to say "Approved" Fixes 41107. jh3389
Add Update text of question IX-1 Fixes 40428. jh3389
Fix DESCOTHERVULNERABLEPOPULATIONS field validation isn't validating prior to submission. Fixes 40967. gc2563
Fix IACUC - phase 2, Admin action page, Will not implement 'Admin approve hazard' function Fixes 38618. yy229
Add IACUC Report: Question VII-8 Fixes 40971. jh3389
Add Ability to Print Correspondence Fixes 40328. jh3389
Fix Department Admins can't see the link to reports from the irb landing page. Fixes 41088. yy229
Add Upgrade org.hibernate:hibernate ..... 4.3.8.Final -> 4.3.10.Final Fixes 40701. at2582
Add Make a form for Approved (Final One) Fixes 39745. yy229
Add IACUC should have the ability to withdraw a protocol if it is more than 3 years old. Fixes 37611. yy229
Add Upgrade net.bull.javamelody:javamelody-core ................. 1.55.0 -> 1.56.0 Fixes 40697. at2582
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration 4.1.3.RELEASE -> 4.1.4.RELEASE Fixes 40696. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.5 to 4.1.6 Fixes 40119. at2582
Add Make a form for Distribute: Designated Reviewers Fixes 39750. yy229
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.7.2 to 1.8.0 Fixes 40098. at2582
Fix IRB Datasheet exception when Document type is null Fixes 41034. yi77
Fix IACUC - Update AnimalOrder SQL, Terminated protocol should not show up in the Animal Order queue. Fixes 41124. yy229
Fix IACUC Correspondence: PIs may e-mail a set list of Admins when protocol is in "Return to PI" Status Fixes 39332. yy229
Fix Task name has a user id displayed in left navigation? Fixes 40152. yy229
Fix IACUC 2.1 feedback: Fixes on Animal Care Committee Fixes 40228. jh3389
Fix user receives unexpected validation message when approving a protocol Fixes 40212. jh3389
Add Move IACUC to the new Spring MVC/ Dojo Framework Fixes 28404. yy229
Add Reports: For all reports with Date Filters, default to longest available reporting period, ending today Fixes 39599. yy229
Add Reports: Provide a Report Runtime Timestamp at top of all Reports Pages Fixes 39598. yy229
Fix Cannot Submit a Continuation for Protocol AAEO0000 Fixes 40101. jh3389
Add Upgrade itext com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.5 -> 5.5.6 Fixes 40700. at2582
Fix Validation message for question V-5 should be under V-5 not V-4 Fixes 39775. jh3389
Add Create a Locations Report for IACUC Fixes 40724. jh3389
Fix Committee Queue: Remove Appendix Columns and Combine Table Fixes 39343. yy229
Add Literature search section on Pain Category page throws javascript exception Fixes 40082. jh3389
Fix Change Status ""Vetted by all approver" to "Distributed" Fixes 39952. yy229
Fix Remove status from Manage Reviewer / Reviewer Queue Fixes 39231. yy229
Fix II-2 Pain Category, Copy and Modify Buttons on Records in the Table are not working Fixes 39553. jh3389
Add IACUC Admin Queue: Add column for Primary Site and Remove SRF/XRay Columns Fixes 39347. yy229
Add For the Drugs, Route of Administration, please add: Intracarotid Fixes 40374. jh3389
Add Termination and Suspension Fixes 40878. jh3389
Add The fact that a researcher is on a protocol should trump any administrative access with regards to the history page and they should not see detailed history. Fixes 11280. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Put the 'once run' ACL entry for Safety Officers in the Liquibase Fixes 41117. yy229
Fix Appendix E Permissions: Should use new IACUC 2.1 tags Fixes 40685. jh3389
Add Make a form for Return To Pi Fixes 39744. yy229
Fix Cannot do any admin actions, failing on snapshot creation Fixes 41110. jh3389
Fix Safety Officer cannot approve appendices. Fixes 41048. gc2563
Add Make IACUC Protocol Distributable to more than 2 People Fixes 37621. yy229
Add Print Menu Attached Docs table not showing "Attached by" Fixes 40041. yy229
Fix Lapses should not show when approval happens same day as expiration Fixes 41079. yy229
Add Reports: Remove PDF links Fixes 39596. yy229
Add Link to Reports Page should have some Authority check Fixes 40047. yy229
Add Sorting by expiration date on "My Animal Care Protocols " results in indeterminate behaviour Fixes 40046. yy229
Add Move "My Protocols" to use controllers not old servlets. And remove the frame hackery. Fixes 37564. yy229
Fix indicating what personnel will be handling hazmats seems to not persist Fixes 41000. gc2563
Add Reports: For All Reports, Use text "Run" (not "Save") for the button that runs the report Fixes 39595. yy229
Fix Print menu document identifiers showing up blank Fixes 41041. es3139
Fix Footer formatting off and not showing consistently across iacuc pages. Fixes 40051. jh3389
Fix In Admin Queue and Manage Reviewers Queue, initial default sort on screen should be by Protocol Number, ascending Fixes 41027. yi77
Fix Designated Reviewers names should be listed in alpha order by last name Fixes 41031. yi77
Add Add Number of Animals to IACUC header Fixes 40887. jh3389
Fix Why does https://wwwdvlp.rascal.columbia.edu/iacuc/protocol/overview/ACDP0000 redirect to https://wwwdvlp.rascal.columbia.edu/iacuc/protocol/19450/history?deptName=NUR+General Fixes 39956. yy229
Fix In Admin Queues, list PI name as "Lname, Fname (uni)" Fixes 41026. yi77
Fix Copy protocol gone? Fixes 40050. yy229
Add IACUC Report: Question VII-9 Fixes 40972. es3139
Fix IACUC Admin Queue: Fix Pre-Approve column header Fixes 39576. es3139
Fix AGENDA Detail Report - link not working Fixes 40782. yi77
Fix IACUC View History: Should not show detail in the HazMat Table Approval History column - esp when logged in as researcher Fixes 41056. yi77
Fix Attach External Document Page not displaying list in IE8 Fixes 41078. es3139
Fix Submission Rule: Requirement for attaching FDA Forms/Documentation pointing to the wrong field in Devices Fixes 41101. yi77
Fix IACUC History should not show Designated Reviewer names/unis in "Other Info" column Fixes 40983. es3139
Fix Correspondence that contains a template also contains html characters. Fixes 41071. es3139
Fix Footer overlapping personnel information when very small amount of personnel listed. Fixes 40105. jh3389
Fix Issue with Replace Reviewer Function Fixes 40106. jh3389
Fix Clicking the Protocol link in Appendix H is causing access denied error Fixes 41038. es3139
Add IACUC - copy/mod/renewal should not copy the attached admin internal document Fixes 40059. yy229
Add Left Navigation Updates: Child Involvement Page Fixes 41072. gc2563
Fix Redistribute and Replace Reviewer correspondence contain html characters Fixes 41105. gc2563
Fix Browser cache issue for iacuc admin/committee/reviewer queue makes statuses update slowly Fixes 41047. jh3389
Add IACUC Admin Queue: Make this table (and others in IACUC ADMIN side) behave like IRB Personnel Table Fixes 39348. es3139
Fix IACUC Admin: Modify History Grid so that no rows have merged cells Fixes 39328. jh3389
Fix Unable to approve appendices attached to an animal care protocol Fixes 40963. gc2563
Fix IACUC - phase 2, In the view history page, Merge Correspondence table with the protocolStatus table Fixes 38614. jh3389
Fix Message during Admin Queue Load is confusing/misleading Fixes 40272. jh3389
Fix IACUC History no longer allows comparison against previous approved submission Fixes 40942. jh3389
Fix Add submission date to admin queue Fixes 40960. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Rascal role should be able to see all reviewers queue Fixes 41015. jh3389
Fix The sort feature in the two different queues should default sort by protocol number Fixes 41051. es3139
Fix Designated Reviewers names should be listed in alpha order by last name Fixes 41050. es3139
Fix Suspension should apply to the protocol - not an individual submission. Fixes 40889. jh3389
Fix History page has no order Fixes 40962. jh3389
Fix Change all of the new dgrid grids so that users can select text in the grid rows Fixes 41022. es3139
Fix Left navigation should not show "protocol action" section of there are no possible protocol actions. Fixes 40921. gc2563
Fix The text box area when replacing a reviewer is 3 character wide. Fixes 41070. es3139
Fix Exempt and Expedited Page: Datasheet showing incorrect answer Fixes 41093. yi77
Add Allow Query by specific IACUC Question Number Fixes 40719. jh3389
Fix History Page is showing a max of 25 rows in the Approvals Table - Need to show full list of "Approvers" from Personnel Fixes 40949. yi77
Fix Hazmats should show on the print menu page. Fixes 40998. yi77
Fix Apply correspondence spacing fix to all places where correspondence is entered in IACUC Fixes 41049. es3139
Fix IACUC admin areas can't have editor text areas because pasting from Word doesn't work Fixes 41017. es3139
Fix Remove or explain the "N" showing up in IACUC admin queues under Appendices Fixes 41018. es3139
Fix Personnel record cannot be deleted due to related/foreign-key record needing cleanup Fixes 41074. gc2563
Add Left Navigation updates Fixes 40641. gc2563
Fix Feeback for IACUC 2.1 Distribute process Fixes 40251. jh3389
Add Add Default Sort to Personnel to make PDF Compare work better Fixes 40362. yy229
Fix IACUC admins don't have access to adverse events Fixes 41029. yy229
Add Validation message when attempting to create a mod without an approved submission nonsensical Fixes 40057. yy229
Fix Undo Approval: The "just approved" expiration date stays after UNDO Fixes 40261. jh3389
Fix DATAOBTAINEDOUTSIDESOURCE field validation isn't validating prior to submission. Fixes 40979. gc2563
Add IACUC Committee Queue: Change Column Name to “Maximum Pain/Distress” Fixes 40263. yy229
Fix INC0589454 - add links to Section II-2 Fixes 40368. yy229
Add Snapshot not being created for return to pi. Fixes 40100. jh3389
Fix Population Justification field validation isn't validating prior to submission. Fixes 40934. gc2563
Fix IACUC 2.1 Admin Queue Load is Slow Fixes 40273. es3139
Add Add PDF comparison tool to the new IRB snapshots Fixes 39320. gd2398
Fix Remove Link "Rascal IRB Manual" Fixes 41007. es3139
Fix The Attach HIPAA tables got transposed - the attached ones and the submit button should be on top Fixes 40991. es3139
Add Downloading an inactive document from the print menu should inform the user that they shouldn't use that document. Fixes 40679. yi77
Fix Subjects Page - Compensation justification field validation isn't validating prior to submission. Fixes 40800. yi77
Add Adding department approver should do an ldap lookup and create a user if it doesn't exist Fixes 40579. yi77
Add POs should be able to add departmental approvers up to the point of signed off. Fixes 40255. gc2563
Fix IACUC - Reports - Department Report:Animal Care Protocols Submitted - Run Btn clicked, Crashed Fixes 40184. yy229
Fix Chair Queue for closures should link to the closure rather than going through servlet code Fixes 40537. yy229
Fix Random blue colors for headers on datasheet. Fixes 40846. yi77
Add Recruitment and Consent: Red asterisk missing next to a few required fields Fixes 40806. yi77
Add Remove IACUC Protocols in Progress Report from PT Admin Reports Fixes 39572. at2582
Add Personnel Page: Person should not be able to delete herself from Personnel Fixes 40795. es3139
Fix Spelling issue on session time out page Fixes 40125. yi77
Fix NHSR "Not Submitted status is showing "Admin Action" label ( but no admin actions)in left nav to researcher Fixes 40870. gc2563
Fix IRB - Attached Consent Form history data may need to be clean for those created after 7.0 go to live. Fixes 40883. yy229
Add IACUC - Expand department Name size to 60 in the IacucToGranite table Fixes 40867. yy229
Add If the safety officer returns an appendix, the DR does not need to reapprove Fixes 40383. jh3389
Add IACUC correspondence email has HTML escaped characters Fixes 38685. jh3389
Add Remove granite classes Fixes 40703. jh3389
Add Make the tables on the IACUC Personnel Page and datasheet have a default sort. Fixes 40465. jh3389
Add Migrate Existing Users to New Groups Fixes 39751. jh3389
Fix Approved protocols are not added to Atunes queue Fixes 40761. jh3389
Add Only devs should have the ability to add notes to IACUC protocols. Fixes 37788. jh3389
Add IACUC - Should migrate HM_SAFETY_APPROVE_X_HS ( X=A/B/C,...) in Authorities table to the Groups Authority Fixes 38640. yy229
Fix Safety Officer Pre-Approve/Hold for Appendix Buttons in Left Navi going to page not found Fixes 40495. jh3389
Add Make a form Add Correspondence Fixes 39758. yy229
Add Add Correspondence (Admin): Body not required and can remove self from cc list Fixes 40276. jh3389
Add Make Left Navigation pull activiti tasks. Fixes 39743. yy229
Add Change Left Navi Text to "Protocol History" and look at Leap Year Issue Fixes 40278. yy229
Add Apply default values to Protocol Expiration Date Fixes 39682. yy229
Fix IACUC - If researcher submitted a modification, admin should not have ability to UNDO approve. Fixes 40005. jh3389
Add Make a form for Post Approval Actions (Terminate and Suspend) Fixes 39748. yy229
Fix IACUC - Admin could not approve a protocol if the number of reviewers was changed Fixes 40004. jh3389
Add Create a Form for "Reviewed" Adverse Event Tasks. Fixes 39753. jh3389
Add Create an activiti process definition for Adverse Events. Fixes 39752. jh3389
Add Create Task for Add Note Fixes 39759. jh3389
Add Remove old IACUC Adverse Event non-ACL code and correct method calls in PDF and Datasheet Controllers Fixes 39417. yy229
Fix Implement Admin Queue Fixes 39756. es3139
Add History Page for SO should include existing information only. Fixes 40073. jh3389
Add Create an authority that can only see approval history page but not actual protocol information Fixes 38008. yy229
Fix Permissions issues with Attach Documents? Fixes 40043. yy229
Fix IACUC - Safety officer could not retrieve Old Iacuc protocol with attached Appendix Fixes 40373. yy229
Add Make sure no redundant data between Activiti data (new) and old data structure Fixes 39639. jh3389
Fix IACUC - Submit action skipping to verify 'Is this a triennial protocol' in the General information page Fixes 39958. yy229
Add IACUC Admin: Return to PI Action and Notification Should be Combined into Single Step Fixes 39349. jh3389
Add Make a form for Distribute: Sub-Committee Fixes 39747. yy229
Fix IACUC Admin: Add Distributed-To to Protocol Action Detail, Fix Ordering of Events on History Table, On Mods do not allow Exp Date entry Fixes 39357. jh3389
Add Move IACUC 2.1 to new group_authority structure Fixes 39735. yy229
Add Create a form for Add Note Fixes 39762. jh3389
Add Route appendices routed to EH&S and Radiation Safety once a protocol is submitted rather than manually distributed Fixes 38590. yy229
Add Iacuc emails are not handling encoded characters properly. so quotes look like '&quote;' Fixes 36988. es3139
Add Migrate from Granite to A-tunes Fixes 36974. gd2398
Fix IACUC - phase 2, Admin action page, all dates under 'Protocol Dates’ are read only, admin could not update those dates. Fixes 38619. yy229
Fix IACUC Admin: Specify Designated Reviewer Action, Allow Copy/Paste from Notes and other Dialog Boxes Fixes 39346. jh3389
Add Protocols for Granite Page should use IACUC template Fixes 40055. yy229
Add Create Task for Add Correspondence Fixes 39760. jh3389
Add Move Transfer to Animal Ordering Software Task into Activiti Fixes 39757. jh3389
Fix Fix text on a few Confirmation Dialog Boxes Fixes 40044. yy229
Fix IACUC Admin: Improve Content History Table Design and Add History to More screens, Add Missing Approve Button Fixes 39345. yy229
Add Allow SimpleEmailImpl to send an email without a template Fixes 39547. gd2398
Add Fix Permissions on View Datasheet Fixes 39410. yy229
Add Move snapshots into Task attachments? Fixes 39755. jh3389
Add Make a form for Undo Approval Fixes 39746. yy229
Add Create a way for IACUC staff to work with reviewers queues, similar to IRB functionality Fixes 11279. at2582
Fix IACUC - phase 2, ‘Protocol Action Information’ page will not show appendix/history/correspondence information since admin could find them in the view history page. Fixes 38620. yy229
Add Change of the Investigator's Assurance Statement Fixes 40457. jh3389
Add Remove all of the old IACUC servlet code Fixes 39488. es3139
Fix IACUC History Page: Upon Re-Distribute a Row with Event=Distribute and link to Action Detail is confusing Fixes 39602. jh3389
Add Send an E-mail upon submission of Adverse Events Fixes 39412. jh3389
Add Predefined text when a protocol is reassigned to different reviewer(s) Fixes 40145. jh3389
Fix IACUC protocol is allowing approvers to approve despite the status being Return to PI Fixes 38682. yy229
Add Dubious logging configuration? Errors? Fixes 40087. jh3389
Add IACUC - phase 2, Convert nightly auto sending emails 'dailyIacucRenewalNotification' from Servlet code to Spring MVC. Fixes 39621. jh3389
Fix Update the Admin Queue to be pulling based on tasks - not current status Fixes 39763. yy229
Fix Add Request Full Review as a status once all reviewers have identified a protocols as "Request Full Review" Fixes 40151. jh3389
Fix Reviewer queue shouldn't include open timered tasks. Fixes 40127. jh3389
Add Finalize History Page "Event", "Reviewer" and "Action Detail" terminology Fixes 39613. kt2445
Add IACUC - remove effectiveDate in the Iacuc phase 2 Fixes 40297. yy229

Release 8.0.1 – 2015-07-06

Type Changes By
Add Remove July 4th outage notice from homepage Fixes 41145. es3139
Fix A-tunes webservice has incorrect credentials resulting in access denied exceptions. Fixes 41152. jh3389
Fix Change velos run frequency to be every 2 hours rather than every 10 hours. Fixes 41157. gd2398
Fix Logging at inappropriate level for IACUC AttachmentService Fixes 41143. es3139
Fix Suspicious exception in IACUCProcessService Fixes 41144. es3139

Release 8.0.2 – 2015-07-07

Type Changes By
Fix Velos feed cron set to run once daily at 4am rather than hourly Fixes 41175. gd2398
Fix Various IRB related queues are very slow since IRB 2.0 was released. Fixes 41165. es3139
Fix Expiration Emails for IACUC should include the IACUC office as a CC. Fixes 41167. jh3389
Fix Left Navigation: Attach HIPAA link missing for Researchers Fixes 41155. gd2398
Fix Null pointer and spelling error in iacuc search controller. Fixes 41153. yy229
Fix IRB attach document successful message appears twice Fixes 41154. es3139

Release 8.0.3 – 2015-07-08

Type Changes By
Add Print menu link on UP's and Closures throwing Access Denied Error for researchers Fixes 41176. es3139
Add Approval Date should not have validation. Fixes 41169. jh3389
Fix IRB Exp chair queue is showing cc protocols that are not cc. Fixes 41174. es3139

Release 8.0.4 – 2015-07-09

Type Changes By
Fix Cancer Center approvals are getting wiped out if done prior to protocol Log In Fixes 41181. es3139
Fix Velos feed cron set to run once daily at 12am rather than 4am Fixes 41186. gd2398

Release 8.0.5 – 2015-07-15

Type Changes By
Fix IRB - auto expire protocol checking function stopped since 6/1/2015 Fixes 41199. yy229
Fix Cancer Center approvals wiped out by protocol Log In need to have approvals replaced Fixes 41194. yi77
Fix Add missing indexes and reduce queries Fixes 41203. gd2398
Fix IACUC - Create an new Group, who can view and search protocol. Fixes 41236. yy229
Add TC0068 is no longer linking to external server, remove code that displays pop-up msg Fixes 41206. gc2563

Release 8.0.6 – 2015-07-16

Type Changes By
Fix Reduce queries on IrbDataSecurity table Fixes 41247. gd2398
Fix Change velos run frequency to be every 4 hours rather than nightly. Fixes 41210. gd2398
Fix Regression: IACUC - Create an new Group, who can view and search protocol Fixes 41246. yy229

Release 8.0.7 – 2015-07-20

Type Changes By
Fix Renewal Information Page: DMC/DSMB discrepancies on Data Sheet Fixes 41214. gc2563
Fix Renewal Information Page: "Progress Report" question missing on Data Sheet Fixes 41195. gc2563
Fix Access Denied erroneously received upon new JIT creation when PT record missing PT_VIEW_PROPOSAL_ONLY Fixes 38425. es3139
Fix IRB - nightly Renewal notification email has stopped working since 5/31/2015 Fixes 41256. yy229

Release 8.0.8 – 2015-07-21

Type Changes By
Add Check the 'old code' being used for Approval action for any special rules re: IDE Starts with G; if exists point it to the new field/logic Fixes 41240. yy229
Fix Consent Expiration Stamp is showing before protocol officially expires at midnight Fixes 41285. yy229
Add Update IRB Expiration emails to include protocol short title Fixes 41209. yy229
Fix IRB - dailyIrbExpirationNotification function did not send email since 11/21/2014 Fixes 41245. yy229
Fix Sort on Funding Information throws exception when rendering the datasheet in some circumstances. Fixes 41276. es3139
Fix IrbApprovalService.newApproval is likely to fail since it's not transactional. Fixes 41277. es3139
Fix IRB Closures for cancer center protocols don't have ACL's set up Fixes 41196. gc2563

Release 8.0.9 – 2015-07-27

Type Changes By
Fix Add all departments that are in master list and missing from Rascal Fixes 41307. es3139

Release 8.0.10 – 2015-07-28

Type Changes By
Fix Documents marked for stamping are not getting stamped if approved using an Agenda. Fixes 41306. gd2398

Release 8.0.11 – 2015-08-02

Type Changes By
Fix "Held by Reviewer" Status for Submitted protocols preventing protocols from showing in Safety Officer Queue Fixes 41327. jh3389

Release 8.1.0 – 2015-08-09

Type Changes By
Add One sentence to be added to instructions in COI annual forms (R and RC) Fixes 40734. gc2563
Fix Reviewer reminder emails aren't being generated. Fixes 41216. jh3389
Add Delete Question 8 from the protocol-specific COI form. Fixes 40031. gc2563
Fix Prohibit stamping Inactive and Archived documents Fixes 41335. gd2398
Fix HIPAA Logger Queue passing wrong protocol OID Fixes 41333. es3139
Fix Iacuc Expedite Review blocked by an invalid condition Fixes 41352. jh3389
Fix IACUC Paralytic Drugs Report: Select for Active Protocols at run time (remove approval date range) Fixes 41345. es3139
Fix IACUC Survival Surgery Report: Select for Active Protocols at run time (remove approval date range) Fixes 41338. es3139
Add IACUC Report: Question V-4 - Paralytic Drug Fixes 40976. yi77
Add Update IRB "Returned", "Approved", "Pending" emails to include protocol short title Fixes 40875. yi77
Add upgrade javax.mail from 1.4.2 to 1.4.7 Fixes 18865. es3139
Fix Minimize queries related to IrbProtocolHeader Fixes 41268. gd2398
Add Update attach document stamping / needs to stamp rules as it relates to copy. Fixes 41076. gd2398
Fix Regression of bug 38864: Encrypted documents give misleading exception when stamping (expectedly) fails. Fixes 41279. gd2398
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.8.0 to 1.8.2 Fixes 41126. at2582
Add Update datasheet logic to show most recent snapshot if protocol is approved. Fixes 40881. yy229
Fix IACUC administrative summary report is doing updates/deletes? Fixes 41278. gc2563
Fix Move IRB widgits to dojox.removeMicrosoftJunk.TextEditor Fixes 40890. gd2398
Fix If Consent Form number not in session, consent form will not load Fixes 41208. jh3389
Add Decommission Velos perl script Fixes 40933. gd2398
Add IACUC Report: Question VII-4 Fixes 40973. gc2563
Add IACUC Report: Question X - hazardous agents or radiation Fixes 40975. yi77
Fix Initiators on protocols approved prior to IRB 2.0 getting access denied error when viewing correspondence Fixes 40915. gd2398
Add Suspending a protocol should allow the person suspending to enter a date of submission Fixes 41043. jh3389
Add IV-4. "In ICM managed facilities" Update Text Fixes 40910. yi77
Fix Datasheet Breaks (fatal error) if Enrollment status is null on a Modification Fixes 41159. gc2563
Fix Fix Titles of New IACUC Animal Use Reports Fixes 41301. es3139
Fix IRB Status History shouldn't be capped at 25 statuses Fixes 41189. yi77
Fix Cannot rebuild local database Fixes 41267. yi77
Fix PREVIOUSEXTERNALPROTOCOLNUMBER is missing correct validation. Fixes 41086. yi77
Fix ASSOCIATEDPROTOCOLNUMBER should validate for fields over size 8 rather than throwing an exception Fixes 41193. yi77
Add Correspondence starts at a very small height Fixes 41054. gc2563
Fix Administrative Summary Report shows incorrect input filters at top of page Fixes 41125. gd2398
Fix The "Search for a Protocol" Filters are not working Fixes 41087. gd2398
Add IACUC Search Page should be bookmarkable Fixes 41045. yy229
Fix CUCENTRALIRBSTUDYSITES isn't validating correctly when size is too large. Fixes 41202. gc2563
Add Upgrade spring security 3.2.7 --> 3.2.8 Fixes 41300. at2582
Fix Section II-2: Literature Search Options listed on the Protocol Data Sheet should match those listed on page Fixes 41151. yi77
Fix Add jot2102@columbia.edu to developer list in maven. Fixes 40897. jot2102
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration 4.1.4.RELEASE -> 4.1.6.RELEASE Fixes 41173. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.6 to 4.1.7 Fixes 41120. at2582
Add Upgrade liquibase 3.3.2 ---> 3.4.0 Fixes 40448. at2582
Add Attach Hazmats section of IRB protocols should include the title of the hazmat. Fixes 41009. gc2563
Add Consent forms listed on the printmenu page should be clickable urls. Fixes 41075. gc2563
Fix Recruitment and Informed Consent Page help text inconsistency Fixes 41020. yi77

Release 8.1.1 – 2015-08-10

Type Changes By
Fix IRB Correspondence pulling wrong value for OID breaking correspondence queue Fixes 41368. yi77

Release 8.1.2 – 2015-08-10

Type Changes By
Fix Cannot delete protocol with ionizing radiation selected. Fixes 41373. es3139
Fix Subjects sub page validator is incorrectly using transactions resulting in lazy initialization exceptions. Fixes 41372. gd2398
Fix Closure general information page has incorrect use of transactions resulting in lazy initialization exception. Fixes 41371. gd2398

Release 8.1.3 – 2015-08-11

Type Changes By
Add Regression:Correspondence starts at a very small height for return to pi. Fixes 41374. gc2563

Release 8.2.0 – 2015-08-21

Type Changes By
Fix General - Could not save General Information page after any changes were made Fixes 41491. es3139
Add Update help text for IRB attach hazmat page. Fixes 41329. es3139
Fix Researcher unable to send IACUC administrative staff correspondence when using the link create correspondence in left navigation. Fixes 41472. yi77
Add Update language for the email sent to remind people to file a coi amendment if they have a conflict related to their irb protocol. Fixes 41457. es3139
Add IRB ACLs should reflect the most recent protocol event Fixes 41187. es3139
Add On submit validation should require that the general information field "protocol version #" be required for protocols using a medical device or drugs/biologics. Fixes 40977. es3139
Fix Consent form detached from protocol ends up with FK of 0 which breaks consent retrieval Fixes 41389. es3139
Add Add "Whale" to the species dropdown list Fixes 41407. es3139
Add Add "horse" to species list Fixes 41443. es3139
Add Approval Letter Generator link should be available to protocols that are approved as NHSR. Fixes 41192. es3139
Fix Datasheet is showing wrong field for Recruitment and Consent question Fixes 41455. es3139
Fix IRB Admins should be able to see protocol overview page even if there are no submitted events. Fixes 40938. es3139
Add PreviousList functionality needs to be restored for IACUC only Fixes 41044. jh3389
Add Disable A-tunes interface from all test environments except wwwtest.rascal.columbia.edu Fixes 41429. jh3389
Fix Reimplement Emails sent to remind researchers that a submission was returned to them and that they need to resubmit. Fixes 41361. jh3389
Fix Protocol Submission and ACL updates are not in a single transaction. Fixes 41100. es3139
Add Notes page from protocol from chairs queue doesn't have protocol number. Fixes 41060. es3139
Fix Text boxes start off at small height Fixes 41384. es3139
Fix Appendix C Haz Mats should not appear as available to be attached to an IRB protocol Fixes 41402. es3139
Add Update new reports to include only currently active protocols Fixes 41358. jh3389
Add Velos process should be able to be disabled more elegantly than just entering a bad address Fixes 40726. gd2398
Fix IrbProtocolPDFDataSheetForDeptAdminView likely shouldn't exist. And if it should, it shouldn't throw a cast exception Fixes 41295. es3139
Add add Diane Ordanes (do2315) to the drop down list of ICM veterinarians in section II-4 Fixes 41418. es3139
Add Add a new department -'4106109-A&S CU Tutoring & Learning Cen' to Rascal Department table INC0654331 Fixes 41425. yy229
Fix Link to datasheet from print menu has the word snapshot it in it. Fixes 41296. es3139
Add Remove IRB 2.0 warning from homepage Fixes 41332. jh3389
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.17 to 5.18.0 Fixes 41331. at2582
Add Addition of hyperlink on Drugs Page Fixes 40447. gc2563
Add Upgrade org.aspectj:aspectjrt ................................. 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6 Fixes 41326. at2582
Add Upgrade liquibase 3.4.0 ---> 3.4.1 Fixes 41325. at2582
Fix OFFSITEBUILDING is missing correct validation. Fixes 41321. es3139
Fix IRB Maintain Committee List adds old authority not new group authority Fixes 41349. es3139

Release 8.2.1 – 2015-09-08

Type Changes By
Fix View datasheet gives incorrect info when appendices are held. Fixes 41499. jh3389

Release 8.2.2 – 2015-09-16

Type Changes By
Fix Duplicate personnel created due to multiple clicks on save button. Fixes 41531. yy229

Release 8.3.0 – 2015-10-05

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC Correspondence shouldn't be limited to one page when printed. Fixes 41272. gd2398
Fix IRB Datasheet Hazmat section has headers switched for PI and creation date Fixes 41409. es3139
Add Add PI's Name and Y##M## to Data Sheet Header Fixes 41452. es3139
Add Protocol Disposition page shows should be ordered the way the normal history page is ordered. Fixes 41364. es3139
Add IRB Administrators should be able to submit Closures Fixes 40009. es3139
Add Upgrade net.sf.ehcache:ehcache ............................... 2.9.1 -> 2.10.0 Fixes 40695. es3139
Fix ConsentForm stamp does not show the correct stamp when the protocol study status is "Study Closed to new enrollement" Fixes 41474. yy229
Fix Exception When Adding Department Approvers to Cancer Center Protocol after the Protocol is returned to PI Fixes 41551. es3139
Fix PT Compliance does not show IACUC protocols whose status has changed recently Fixes 41601. es3139
Add Update Text on "Hazardous Material Appendix Staff Check-Of Page" to include relevant training information for appendices Fixes 41030. es3139
Fix IRB Admins should not have researcher actions available to them from Protocol Overview Fixes 41562. es3139
Fix IRB Approval request email is missing a carriage return between the first and second item on the to do list Fixes 41586. es3139
Add Add a link to the HRPO homepage from the IRB landing page. Fixes 41461. es3139
Fix AppendixH Correspondence not working in IE9 Fixes 41507. es3139
Add Request to add protocol title to Approval Letter email notification Fixes 40472. yi77
Add Explanation of Anesthesia question should be required for any question using the word anesthesia, not just the exact word anesthesia. Fixes 40118. jh3389
Fix Fix stamping for files without lower case extension Fixes 41488. gd2398
Add Correspondence prints to paper with a very small font size. Fixes 41271. gd2398
Fix HIPAA should not be able to be submitted if the protocol is in a creating state. Fixes 41414. yy229
Fix IRB Study Personnel with View-Only Access cannot see an Approve button in left navi Fixes 41503. yy229
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration 4.1.6.RELEASE -> 4.2.0.RELEASE Fixes 41510. at2582
Add Upgrade spring webflow 2.4.1 ----> 2.4.2 Fixes 41487. at2582
Add Protocol Specific Disclosures should not have the phrase View Annual Disclosure in left navigation Fixes 35481. es3139

Release 8.3.1 – 2015-10-09

Type Changes By
Fix Update RASCALDEPARTMENT table with new departments Fixes 41644. es3139
Fix IACUC Emails should send to all personnel not only PI Fixes 41565. es3139
Add Add a red warning to homepage to indicate that Rascal will be unavailable during converged infrastructure migration Fixes 41615. es3139

Release 8.4.0 – 2015-11-09

Type Changes By
Add Increase field size of "Study Content URL" Fixes 41710. gc2563
Fix Correct IRB Drug & Device Report Fixes 41682. es3139
Add Add new departments -'5410212' to Rascal Department table INC0704881 Fixes 41741. yy229
Fix Wrong number appeared in IACUC expiration reminder email Fixes 41740. jh3389
Add Update protocol specific disclosure left navigation to include help text links from annual Fixes 41354. es3139
Fix IRB Datasheet Attached Attestation section not always displayed on datasheet Fixes 41561. es3139
Add Add mateuz to developers list Fixes 41707. es3139
Add Upgrade Spring Framework 4.1.7 to 4.1.8 Fixes 41675. es3139
Add Upgrade org.hibernate:hibernate ..... 4.3.10.Final -> 4.3.11.Final Fixes 41658. at2582
Fix Fix grammar/spelling in withdraw confirmation message Fixes 41465. es3139
Add Add help text for Human Embryonic Stem Cell question on Procedures Page Fixes 41419. es3139
Add Upgrade itext .................... 5.5.6 -> 5.5.7 Fixes 41655. es3139
Add Upgrade net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports .................... 6.1.0 -> 6.1.1 Fixes 41654. es3139
Add Upgrade aspectj ................................. 1.8.6 -> 1.8.7 Fixes 41653. es3139
Add Upgrade java to1.7.0_79 Fixes 41581. es3139

Release 8.4.1 – 2015-11-24

Type Changes By
Fix Update Departments - including updating department name changes Fixes 41818. es3139
Fix Take down maintenance notification on main page Fixes 41812. es3139

Release 8.4.2 – 2015-12-02

Type Changes By
Fix Course content url is appending an ID as a url parameter Fixes 41853. gc2563
Fix Fix notice on homepage - variable needs to be blank not eliminated Fixes 41857. es3139

Release 8.4.3 – 2015-12-08

Type Changes By
Fix IRB expiration emails should be sent to new IRB Personnel roles Fixes 41891. es3139
Fix Unable to attach UPs or Closures to Agenda Fixes 41878. es3139

Release 8.4.4 – 2015-12-15

Type Changes By
Fix Filing Status Report Disclosures by Department incorrectly includes users who have filed an amendment as needing to file. Fixes 41910. es3139

Release 8.4.5 – 2015-12-17

Type Changes By
Add Create new IRB 5 board Fixes 41890. yy229

Release 8.4.6 – 2016-01-05

Type Changes By
Fix IACUC daily expiration reminder emails have not been sending since the new year Fixes 41961. jh3389

Release 8.5.0 – 2016-01-22

Type Changes By
Add Update protocol specific disclosure to allow individuals to file their protocol specific for renewals outside of the approval process Fixes 40689. es3139
Add Update the CUMC Annual Disclosure form equity question to better clarify what equity consists of Fixes 41886. es3139
Add Protocol Specific COI renewal and modification notifications should include PI name Fixes 41706. es3139
Fix The vulnerable populations field in the IRB module doesn't validate maximum size correctly. Fixes 41843. es3139
Fix Protocol specific disclosures have year / mod in the wrong order Fixes 42003. es3139
Add Finalized Proposals Report should not only return proposals that have been signed off Fixes 41642. es3139
Fix Cancer center protocols that are returned cannot have another approver added Fixes 41893. es3139
Add Hide the link to file a protocol specific disclosure if the protocol is a new protocol and the status is creating Fixes 42017. es3139
Add Adding language to the protocol specific COI clarifying potential timing issue resulting from Freestanding Protocol Specific Disclosure Fixes 42016. es3139
Fix IrbReportDepartmentStatusServlet generates an excess number of open cursors Fixes 41650. es3139
Add Fix the IRB Devices Report should be updated to look at new devices questions Fixes 41756. gd2398
Fix IRB Department Report limits result set size in confusing ways Fixes 41631. es3139
Add Revise text on protocol-specific COI form to better clarify what text should go in the explanation box. Fixes 42002. es3139
Fix COI expiration reminder email filing date/time in a grammatically incorrect way. Fixes 42021. es3139
Add Allow protocol specific disclosures to be viewed by IRB staff from within the Protocol Fixes 31347. es3139
Add Provide integration between Rascal training and EH&S laboratory management system Fixes 41249. jh3389
Add Add question of "Do you anticipate that program income will be generated from this project" to Proposal Tracking Fixes 41708. jh3389
Fix Update RASCALDEPARTMENTS with missing departments and department name changes Fixes 41984. es3139
Fix Images not displaying on annual coi certification page Fixes 41995. jh3389
Fix The DESCRIBEEDUCATIONALSETTING field in the IRB module doesn't validate maximum size correctly. Fixes 41844. ma3382
Add Force git to use correct line endings Fixes 41997. es3139
Fix IACUC - Submit a protocol got JasperException, 'View History' is broken Fixes 41908. jh3389
Add Update financial information ranges for RC version of the Annual COI Form Fixes 41590. es3139
Fix IACUC administrators can not see the EH&S Training on EH&S Appendices information when navigating to the appendix through the protocol history page Fixes 41261. es3139
Add Upgrade Spring Security 3.2.x to 4.0.3 Fixes 38816. ma3382
Fix Switch User functionality results in a null pointer Fixes 41918. es3139
Add Allow liquibase to be skipped during the build process Fixes 41962. es3139
Add Delete red help text from protocol specific disclosure. Fixes 41353. ma3382
Add Upgrade org.springframework.integration 4.2.0.RELEASE -> 4.2.4.RELEASE Fixes 41856. at2582
Add Upgrade com.itextpdf:itextpdf ................................. 5.5.7 -> 5.5.8 Fixes 41855. es3139
Add Upgrade org.slf4j:slf4j-log4j12 ............................. 1.7.12 -> 1.7.13 Fixes 41854. es3139
Add Upgrade liquibase 3.4.1 ---> 3.4.2 Fixes 41845. at2582
Add Upgrade maven to 3.3.9 Fixes 41964. es3139
Add Upgrade apache commons lang from 2.6 to 3.4 Fixes 41922. es3139
Add Upgrade Activiti 5.18 to Fixes 41884. at2582
Add Upgrade Spring Data JPA 1.8.2.RELEASE -> 1.9.2.RELEASE Fixes 41846. at2582
Add Add Cotton Rat as a possible selection on the species List Fixes 41799. ma3382
Fix IACUC Enrichment Restriction Report should not remove headers when exported as excel Fixes 41797. jh3389
Fix The help text for IACUC questions V-1 and V-2 are reversed Fixes 41721. ma3382
Fix Spring Integration shouldn't be logging at debug level. Fixes 41432. ma3382
Add Upgrade Spring 4.1.x to 4.2.4 Fixes 40774. ma3382